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R Lalique Express Rolls On: Rene Lalique Train Panels Track Well In Paris With Great Lalique Results

October 1st, 2011

Rene Lalique Panel Figurines Et Raisin In 9 PartsRene Lalique results at Christie’s Paris “L’âge d’or du rail – Souvenirs de la Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-lits” were oriented towards the high end, continuing a long string of generally very strong sales prices at auction for the works of the Great Lalique. This strong price trend has been in place for several years, and the rare Lalique items in this train related sale conducted by Christie’s followed and extended that trend.

Christie’s offered up 12 late 1920’s designed Rene Lalique Architectural Panel Lots and one related lot of a pair of the model of armchairs used for train compartments with fabric by Suzanne Lalique (which made €11,250 all-in, or “all-aboard” *** one might say, which is the case for all prices mentioned in this article). The armchair Lot and Lot 147, the maquette for a compartment for a sleeping car with mahogany and decorative inset panels, both sold to the new Musee Lalique, the latter being pre-empted by the Musee at the low estimate.

The wonderful Rene Lalique wood and glass panels rarely come up at auction, and are usually fiercely competed for when they appear. Sept 27th, 2011 was no exception.

Rene Lalique Panels For An Orient Express Train CompartmentThe intrigue amongst the various competing interested parties for rare and high quality R Lalique at auction is often worthy of Orient Express plot status. In this rare instance some of the offered items themselves can also be said to have reached that plot level as well.

The Lalique train lots were 143 thru 155, and things got rolling right out of the station with Lot 143 (pictured), the 9 piece glass panel Figurines Et Raisins making the high R. Lalique sale price of €133,000. This would prove to be the high price not just of any R Lalique panel in the sale, but the high selling lot of the auction as well.

Rene Lalique Panel Bouquet De Fleurs For The Orient Express Train CarsThis was followed by the decorated wood with glass inserts panel Bouquet De Fleurs which at roughly 32 inches by 15 inches, made €67,000. Lot 148, another slightly different 9 piece Figurines Et Raisins Panel, got what would turn out to be 2nd place in the Lalique high sales compartment at €91,000, and the third high selling lot of the entire auction. Fourth place for R Lalique went to Lot 147 (pictured), a restored maquette for a compartment featuring R. Lalique panels, which made €53,800.

Also pictured is Lot 151, another Bouquet De Fleurs panel version, roughly 3 feet by 1 foot, which sold for €11,875.

In total the 12 Rene Lalique panel lots made €472,225 (roughly $640,000). This was about 40% above the total high estimates of €344,700, with a 100% sales rate, as all 12 lots sold. The average price per lot was €39,352. These totals and averages exclude Lot 145, the pair of related armchairs mentioned above.

Kudos to Christie’s Paris for engineering another great RLalique sales offering!

*** The phrase “all aboard” originated as a train conductor “get on the train, we’re leaving” warning in the United States. The phrase has nautical origins (which makes sense because in the early 19th century, the majority of the European population in the new world likely arrived by boat :), but was first recorded as being used on trains in 1837 in America, and its use has since spread to other forms of transportation.

You got Ghosts – You Know Who To Call! You got R Lalique – You Know Where To Go!

July 11th, 2011

WARNING: Immediately after finishing this report, everyone at World Headquarters will be off to the hospital to fix all the broken elbows that occurred today! So the switchboards will be closed, and the email response team will be much slower than their usual glacial response times!

We were checking around what obviously has become the greatest website on the planet (seriously in case you have any doubts, click on this link: GreatestWebsiteOnThePlanet.com or just copy/paste or type that into the address bar of your browser and see where it takes you … incredible really) … anyway, we were trolling about the site to see which of the tons of pages could use updating, and we realized that we had not updated the Testimonial Page for some time. And coincidentally, while we were all around the big conference table voting on which of the scads** of great comments we have received from readers to include in the update, the following appeared in an auction advertisement:

Auctioneer Testimonial For https://rlalique.com

Now readers, does this auctioneer know or does he know? The “Bulletin” is a direct copy from the auction house ad. And just like the Gettysburg Address***, it’s short and to the point. No longwinded testimonials required when you have the elegance of clear thought demonstrated by the ad writer. That ad is such a great testimonial; we may double the pay of the staffer mentioned in the ad. Heck, we may triple it. But even if we do, it will stay the same of course (something about multiplying zero by a whole number …. it’s pretty confusing high level math stuff but what staffer isn’t happy to hear they got a big raise?).

So, with that gem of a compliment in mind we present a sample of the comments that have just been added to The Worldwide (Planetary?) Gathering Place for Rene Lalique Enthusiasts and R Lalique Collectors Testimonial Page:

Hello, I love your site.

I know well rlalique.com, I often visit it. It is great web site for the passionate persons!

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Every comment on the Testimonials Page was taken from emails flowing in from all over the planet (which ties in pretty nicely with the greatest on the planet thing that we started with :). And all joking aside, we really appreciate our readers taking their valuable time to write us with such great feedback.

And lest anyone be wondering if we ever get critical emails, we should let you know that one of our staff members received an email from an apparently deranged individual stating (in three “words” as shown) that the staff member was a “MEG LOW MANIAC”!**** We couldn’t even make this one up. It’s rich. We were scrambling when this was received trying to figure out just what the writer meant. We know ROB LOWE is sometimes talked about like he is a MANIAC (an opinion we do not share), but we checked and he doesn’t have a sister named MEG. Hmmmmmmmm.

Well, we’re off to see the doctor to get those pesky elbow casts to protect ourselves from further “humerus” damage. Oh, almost forgot. How do you break your elbow? Trying to pat yourself on the back of course. 🙂

Until the next time.

** scads: a large quantity of something

*** The Gettysburg Address, delivered by President Abraham Lincoln on November 19th, 1863, took about 2 minutes and was under 300 words long. Compare that succinct treasure with modern political speeches.

**** MEG LOW MANIAC: This is really true, we actually got an email that said exactly that. Where the confused writer got that idea we are at a total loss to say. Jeepers,***** we hadn’t even written this post yet. Strange.

***** Jeepers is an informal exclamation of surprise or alarm. Maybe a little stronger than “gee” but not as strong as a cuss word.

Musee Lalique: The Lalique Museum Will Open July 2nd As A Museum of France For The Great Rene Lalique

June 12th, 2011

Lalique Museum Becomes A Reality: A Musée de France dedicated to Rene Lalique to Open July 2nd!

Lalique Museum Site in 2003 Before ConstructionIt was over two years ago that we reported the news on these pages that the long awaited ground breaking ceremony for the new Musée Lalique had taken place on November 8th, 2008. How long awaited? Here is a photo* from 2003 of the site which 8 years later is the location for the new Lalique Museum.

We put forth our view in that early 2009 article that an official museum in France dedicated to Rene Lalique would be great news for all R Lalique and Rene Lalique Enthusiasts and Collectors.

Well readers, good news is upon us. For after nearly 2 and 1/2 years of construction, and many more years of planning even before that time, the new Musée Lalique will open its doors to the public on July 2nd, 2011 in the small town of Wingen Sur Moder in the historic glassmaking region of Alsace.

Lalique Museum Site in 2007 Before ConstructionWingen Sur Moder, located in the northeastern part of France near the border with Germany, is also the home of the great Lalique glassmaking factory opened by Rene Lalique in 1921. This factory survived German occupation in World War II, and it still operates today making leaded crystal for the modern Cristal Lalique Company, a company officially called Lalique SA. Just above is a 2007 photo of the future site, this time with a building that has a roof :).**

And during these last couple of years while construction progressed, many supporters, contributors and readers of this website have jumped-in to assist the Musée in various ways as it built its collection, its research library, and its opening exhibition inventory. You can read about a few of the R.Lalique enthusiasts who worked with the Musée on the About Us page at RLalique.com.

Following is a pre-construction design concept for the Musée on the site shown in the two preceding photos. The concept appears to be true to the architecture and history of the area, and to the beauty and rural nature of the natural surroundings. ***

Lalique Museum Site Design Concept

We will publish more information about the Musée Lalique between now and the early part of July. And we thought it would be a good idea in conjunction with this announcement to give you a short introduction to an interview which will form the basis for those upcoming articles.

It was over a year and a half ago, in the cold of winter (not really too cold at World Headquarters, but cold in a lot of other places according to news reports :), that we began interviewing Veronique Brumm, the Project Leader who began working on the Musée Lalique many years ago.

Veronique Brumm - Lalique Museum DirectorVeronique’s involvement with almost all facets of the creation of the Musée over an extended time period made her the best choice for us to bring detailed, informative, and up-to-date information and news to you concerning the Musée now that the opening is imminent. Note that Veronique answered our most recently submitted questions just two weeks ago!

Keep in mind as we go forward the next several weeks that the interview has been slightly edited for all the typical reasons including the flow of the articles, combining answers, and accounting for the different times the questions were asked. However, no facts have been altered. Here is the short intro:

Veronique, what is your official title now (2010) and what will it be when the Musée opens?

Project Leader is my official title, and when the Musée opens, my title and responsibility will be Director.

How long have you been working on the Musée Lalique project?

I’ve been working on the Musée Lalique project since 2004.

Lalique Museum Car Mascot DisplayCan you tell us about your professional background and how you came to your current role with the museum?

A historian by training, I have focused my research on the history of glassmaking in the Northern Vosges, the region where René Lalique decided to build the Verrerie d’Alsace just after the First World War.

Veronique, can you talk a little about the pieces owned by the Musée and also the items in the opening exhibition?

We now own more or less 400 pieces, and for the opening, we will show more or less 650 items.

The second article in this series will appear in coming days.

* Photo Credit: Communauté de Communes du Pays de La Petite Pierre
** Photo Credit: Communauté de Communes du Pays de La Petite Pierre
*** Photo Credit: Wilmotte – Artefactory
**** Photo of Veronique Brumm, Musée Lalique Director
***** Photo Credit of Car Mascot Display: David Desaleux

Rene Lalique Worldwide: R. Lalique Global! Here’s What We’re Talking About: Record! Record! Record!

December 1st, 2010

Rene Lalique Gros Scarabees Vase At Heritage December 4th in New YorkToday, December 1st, 2010, we set the record at RLalique.com for most auctions listed in the Worldwide R. Lalique Auctions Section of the website at one time, with 100 auctions listed coming up around the world that have R. Lalique in them! From Budapest to Boston, and from Melbourne to Manasquan (that’s in New Jersey:), great R. Lalique works coming up for auction such as those pictured here! Global warming has nothing on RLalique.com. At World Headquarters we are HOT!

And, in the don’t break your elbow while patting yourself on the back department (oh yea, we’ve got a department for that too), even more impressive, those auctions are spread around 14 countries! That’s right 14, which is a new record for the number of countries listed at any one time.

Rene Lalique Enfants Statue at Christies December 9th in London at South KensingtonHere’s the country list for inquiring minds:

Great Britain
New Zealand
South Africa
United States

We also set a record in the R. Lalique Police Department this month with 50 active listings on the Police Report Page at one time!

As our reach grows and the popularity of the site continues to grows, more and more information flows into World Headquarters and back out to benefit those of you that follow the site and are involved with the output of Rene Lalique.

Rene Lalique Douze Figurines Vase At Heritage December 4th in New YorkMore bidders, more auction action for the works of the great Lalique, more exposure in the art world, more publicity, better prices: Everyone benefits!

And think about joining the growing list of Collectors and Enthusiasts of the great Lalique that help keep us informed, emailing in auction information, information on fakes news, pricing and results, even condition information if you think it’s important. Pick any email address on the site if you think something will be helpful to the growing worldwide collector community and send it in. You’ll be helping a lot of R. Lalique enthusiasts by getting involved, and you’ll be helping yourself by contributing to the improvement of the collecting and enthusiasts’ field which you have in common with a lot of people you know, and lot more that you don’t.

R. Lalique is setting records. So are we. Spread the word.

R Lalique World Record Prices: Rene Lalique Glass Sales Prices At Auction Reach New Highs

October 15th, 2010

Rene Lalique Vase Blue PerruchesR Lalique Glass has set several world record prices at auction in 2010, as strong auction sales become the norm for the works of Rene Lalique around the world. With some great sales still to come before year end, we thought we’d bring four of these auction prices to the forefront for a variety of reasons, including that as a group, these pieces sit squarely in the mainstay of R Lalique collecting.

In May in London at Christies South Kensington’s traditional semi-annual sale of R Lalique, three Perruches Vases by the great Lalique, sold for top dollar (well, top pound :). A green Perruches made £30,000 all-in, and a Blue Perruches made £32,500 as did an Amber Perruches as well.

Rene Lalique Vase Amber PerruchesWith some research, we were unable to find these three colored Perruches Vases ever making these prices previously at auction!

These sales prices were a bit of a jump from current trends, but they were not unexpected considering the increasing demand for quality colored vases and the short supply, as well as generally strong auction pricing throughout the last several years across nearly the entire spectrum for R Lalique works.

Then at Bonham’s usual sale of Automobilia at Quail Lodge, held this year over two days on August 12th and 13th, where they offered roughly a dozen R Lalique Car Mascots, another world record price was set!

Rene Lalique Coq Nain Car Mascot in Topaz GlassThe high selling Lalique mascot, beating out Victoire (at $14,640 all-in), two different Vitesse (at $10,980 and $8,540 all-in), as well as a Cinq Cheveaux ($9,272), La Grenouille ($9,150), and a good selection of lesser priced mascots, was Lot 507, a dark topaz with red center Coq Nain Car Mascot. The R Lalique Coq Nain made $20,740 all-in! We are unable to find any example of this model and color that has even come close to this price at auction.

Again, not some esoteric one-off piece, but another mainstay R Lalique collectible, a colored version of a somewhat common Lalique Car Mascot. For more information on Lalique Mascots, check-out the R Lalique Car Mascots Section of the Rene Lalique Biography at RLalique.com, where you’ll find links to all the information on the website about the car mascots of Rene Lalique.

Quietly, but consistently, R Lalique has been making firm prices across the board. And in the prime and most popular areas of the collecting field, price are pushing into record territory in many instances.

Rene Lalique Vase Green PerruchesWith over 60 R Lalique Auctions listed in our Worldwide Auction Section as we write this, a record of our own for auction listings in mid-October, over 1000 R Lalique Auctions listed so far this year, and likely at least a couple hundred more to come before we close out 2010, it’s shaping up to be the strongest year yet in a string of strong R Lalique Sales years that were in place before the economic crisis of the past couple of years, that continued unabated during the downturn, and that appear to be getting even stronger as the world slowly tries to put its economic house in order. And no, we are not proud that we have strung together over 100 words in one run-on sentence.

And if you run across a great R Lalique auction price as you pursue your R Lalique interests, please email and tell us about it. We’ll include great auction prices in our auction wrap-ups that we publish from time to time.

Rene Lalique Boxes: R Lalique Box Auctions Online

January 20th, 2010

Rene Lalique Box models in great original condition are hard find at auction. Three great Lalique Glass Box auctions online have appeared at opposite ends of the “original condition” spectrum.

Lalique Box PerlesA clean fresh to market Rene Lalique Box Perles from the Perles Garniture De Toilette Set is at auction on Ebay thru January 24th. The seller states, “Excellent overall condition with no chips, cracks or dings”. The Catalogue Raisonne model number is 603 and it’s circa 1926. The Dallas Texas seller has a reasonable shipping cost in the U.S. of less than $10, and will ship worldwide. The UK rate is $31.50.

This great Lalique box started out at $9.99 with no reserve, and has worked it’s way up to around $200 as of this writing. Still not all the money by our thinking.

Here is a link to a saved/cached image version of the original 200421594614 listing online. You may have to use the zoom function of your browser (or whatever program opens images for you) to get the cached image to expand in the window if it does not appear full size. After clicking on the link to the item, a new window will open with the cached image in it. On a Mac, just click on the image and see if that expands it. If not, press the apple key and click on the cached image in your browser window. On a PC, hold down the alt key while clicking on the cached image.

Lalique Box FontainebleauThe other box item online of interest is just the top to the Rene Lalique Box Fontainebleau, model number 59 and circa 1924. The top by looks and description appears to be in good order. With a starting price of $9.99, it currently is around $45.00 and the auction also goes until January 24th. Typically, it’s the top that gets broken when it slips out of your hand after being removed from the bottom, and we know there are collectors out there with topless bottoms, if you know what we mean. The bottom for the Fontainebleau is a standard bottom that can go with many of the R Lalique boxes and this seems to represent a good opportunity to pair up an orphan bottom.

In addition the molded signature on the side of the cover, the inscription #59 is engraved in tiny numerals on the bottom of the rim of the cover. The Ebay Item Number (cached version) is 330396557189.

Lalique Box CoquillesThere is also a clean looking Coquilles Box Model No. 71 circa 1920 coming up at Harlowe-Powell Auction House in Charlottesville, Virginia on January 23rd. You can bid online for this box at their website. A link and auction details are listed in the Lalique Auctions Worldwide Section where you will find information on all three of these Lalique boxes.

You can also read all the R Lalique box related articles we’ve written at Lalique Boxes.

Lalique Auctions: Music To Our Ears – Rene Lalique Items in 76 Future Worldwide Auctions Here At RLalique.com

November 19th, 2009

What do RLalique.com and The 1957 Musical Play “The Music Man” have in common today? Well, we’ve set a record with 76 current Rene Lalique Auction Listings Worldwide today, November 19th, easily surpassing last year’s record of 68 auctions listed at any one time! Our current listings dropped off by several auctions that occurred yesterday, but today we added a record 14 upcoming Lalique auctions to the list! There are untold hundreds of great Rene Lalique Auction items to peruse, with auction listings from many continents and countries as far flung as China, Italy, Australia, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, France and the U.S. Eerily, one of those auctions (Jacksons) is very close to the home town setting for the play, which as everyone knows (well, everyone where we live knows), is River City, Iowa.

And how you might ask; how does this all relate to Meridith Wilson’s great musical play featuring an amazingly long lived and popular American song? Well, check out the video below of the Finale from The Music Man and think about how we are trumpeting our own success!

And on a more serious note (OK, not that serious but follow along anyway), those of you that know the story know that Professor Harold Hill, the Music Man, changed his world by bringing a band to River City of course :). That might tie in a bit as well!

No, we are not starting a band. But nowhere, and at no time in the history of the planet could you find information in one place, or in any place, on 76 upcoming auctions featuring the works of the great Rene Lalique! That is of course, until today!

Trombone - Just One of 76!

And if you’re wondering, the great song in the video is how we plan to remember the new record when next year rolls around, unless of course we add a net of 6 more Rene Lalique auctions tomorrow, which would mean we’d have to find a song that has an 82 in it and which is performed by the brass section of a marching band! 🙂 Tough act to follow.

If we could ever get up to 110 listings, then those of you that know the words to the music, know we can stick with the same song. For those of you that had this particular song and story omitted from your upbringing, here are the words to the song. Feel free to sing along in the privacy of your own home when no one else is listening.

Seventy six trombones led the big parade,
With a hundred and ten cornets close at hand.
They were followed by rows and rows of the finest virtuosos,
the cream of ev’ry famous band.

Seventy six trombones caught the morning sun,
With a hundred and ten cornets right behind.
There were more than a thousand reeds springing up like weeds,
there were horns of ev’ry shape and kind.

There were copper bottom tympani in horse platoons,
thundering, thundering, all along the way.
Double bell euphoniums and big bassoons,
each bassoon having his big fat say.
There were fifty mounted cannon in the battery,
Thundering, thundering, louder than before.
Clarinets of eve’ry size and trumpeters who’d improvise
a full octave higher than the score.

Seventy six trombones led the big parade,
when the order to march rang out loud and clear.
Starting off with a big bang bong on a Chinese gong,
by a big bang bonger at the rear.

Seventy six trombones hit the counter point,
while a hundred and ten cornets played the air.
Then I modestly took my place as the one and only bass,
and I oompahed up and down the square.

UPDATE: November 20th – We’re at 77 Auctions! Anyone have a song? 🙂
UPDATE: November 21st – We’re at 83 Auctions! Anyone have a song? 🙂
UPDATE: November 26th – We’re at 83 Auctions! Still hunting for a new song 🙂

RLalique.com Anniversary Sale – 25% off Library Items for 10 Days

February 10th, 2009

BonhamsFebruaruy 10th marks the 6 month anniversary of RLalique.com! We decided that a hefty discount on library items in the RLalique.com Library would be a great way to highlight the special occasion (well, special at least to those of us at RLalique.com World Headquarters:), and also to encourage users of the website to take a look at the nearly 1000 great items offered in the Library. Everything from posters (like the great Bonhams Poster pictured here), to biographies, and auction catalogs and original period material is available in the Library. There’s more R Lalique stuff by a country mile than you could ever find in one place anywhere on the planet. Whether your aim is education, decoration, scholarly collecting of important period material, a gift for a fellow collector or friend, or if you just want a few rare odds and ends to add some gravitas to your collection of the works of Rene Lalique, the RLalique.com Library has the goods. We don’t have multiple numbers of many of the items, so as you might imagine, it’s first come first served. And a reminder that we do have around 500 more items that are not yet listed in the Library due to time constraints. So if you are looking for something specific that you don’t see; it can’t hurt to ask! Ordering and payment details are listed on the main Library Page. The Library has been one of the unsung success stories of RLalique.com, providing a central place for anyone interested in R Lalique, Rene Lalique, and the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods, to discover an exhaustive inventory of reference, collectible and original material, much of which can be found nowhere else except here, at RLalique.com. The sale runs thru the 20th of February, 10 days total. We have never discounted Library items before, and we don’t know if we ever will do so again. We hope you take the time to check it out.

Back where I come from……….

January 4th, 2009

Red Heart……………………..there are men who do nothing all day but good deeds. They are called phila…er — er — philanth-er — er, yes…er …..good-deed-doers! And their hearts are no bigger than yours. But! They have one thing you haven’t got! A Testimonial!

The Tailor Shop – Another Great New Section At RLalique.com

December 20th, 2008

Picture of Various Items Used To Make AlterationsWe’ve added another great new section to the website this week, The RLalique Tailor Shop, a place where you can get information about common alterations of R Lalique items. We’ve started with two subsections of the shop. The first one discusses missing material, where broken R Lalique items are cut down or hemmed up or taken in, to eliminate obvious damage in an attempt to make them look better. The second subsection details the change from cendrier to seal, something we see quite often as a way to salvage a broken ashtray. As we explain on the main Tailor Shop page, it’s our current plan to stick to discussing items that can be easily described, shown in photos, that are reasonably common, and that result in a change in the shape of the original R Lalique item. We don’t have a home page box set-up for this section, but you can get to it from any navigation bar on the site, including the one on the right hand side of every Blog page. Suggestions for future topics you’d like to see covered in the Tailor Shop, additional photos of items that are already covered, and any comments or suggestions about our information are welcome and appreciated.

The First Ever Ad For THE R. Lalique Gathering Place Appears In The Mastro Live Auction Catalogue

December 8th, 2008

RLalique.com Mastro Ad

We’ve come a long way in a short time here at RLalique.com, and with the release of the catalogue for the December 13th Mastro Live Auction featuring roughly 200 great R Lalique items, we’ve reached another important milestone. Our first ever advertisement has hit the streets! The inside back cover of the Mastro Catalogue features the elegant and simple ad shown here. As you can see, the ad contains a complete image of the great RLalique Wasps Cire Perdue Vase that graces the top of every page of this website. The sale is also listed on Ebay Live as well, although there is a higher buyer’s premium for bidding on Ebay than for bidding directly with Mastro. Check out the great R.Lalique items in the sale, and even more importantly :), check out our ad! This is the biggest auction of R Lalique anywhere in the world this year, and the perfect place for us to spread the word.

Reality Check – Corrections And Fact Check Thread – RLalique.com

October 30th, 2008

RLalique.com Reality Check GraphicThis is the place for readers and users comments:

1. To question the accuracy of any fact or statement on our website! You say we have something wrong, or even a little different shade of reality, let us know your facts!

2. To question the completeness of any fact of statement on our website! If you have information to add to what we’ve said, either that would create a different impression, a different reality than we may have, or just to make our information more complete, let us know your facts!

This is not an “I love your website” or “I hate your website” thread. It’s a chance to amend or correct the information we present if you think we got it wrong. This should be to the greater good of the entire RLalique community and if we’re wrong about something, we will gladly be corrected. We only ask that you keep in mind the enduring words of Dragnet’s Joe Friday: “Just the facts ma’am!”

Hopefully there won’t be too many corrections! But come what may, we welcome your input and information.

New Features – RLalique Police and RLalique Wanted

October 17th, 2008

RLalique Police Badge
A great day here at RLalique.com. Today we launch two new sections adding major new features for the entire RLalique community. First, the RLalique Police! The purpose of this section is to give users of our site a place to tell the community about suspicious RLalique items in online auctions, and to give everyone a chance to talk about the items, make comments and observations, and share their knowledge about the actual identity of the suspicious items. There are two parts to this new feature; the RLalique Police Blog Thread that is the place where you can leave a comment pointing to a suspicious listing, or comment on previous listings reported by other users. We will copy those listings to the new RLalique Police Section, which will simply have a list of suspicious RLalique items at auction reported by users in the RLalique Police Blog Thread. The point of the section is to sort out the actual suspicious listings from the blog comments for easy and fast reference by users concerned about particular items online that they might be considering. The RLalique Police Blog Thread is just below this announcement, and that thread is linked from the RLalique Police Section. This has been our most requested feature since the inception of RLalique.com and we have high hopes for users to have a chance to contribute to the greater pool of information for the entire RLalique community through the new RLalique Police Blog Thread and RLalique Police Section.

RLalique Wanted To Puchase PosterThe second new feature is the RLalique Wanted Section, where users can list specific RLalique items they are looking to add to their collections. This should provide a way for active collectors to get the word out about items they want to find, and it’s also a great way for collectors that have a matching piece, to have a chance to make a sale to someone they know is looking for the item they have, at a reasonable commission rate, and where both parties’ identify is kept confidential. A Win-Win-Win situation.

Please take a minute to check out our new features. We hope you will participate in listing any RLalique items you are seriously looking for in the RLalique Wanted Section, and that you will take the time to point out suspicious RLalique online auction listings, and share whatever knowledge you have about these items as they appear.

Finally, we’ve added another row of picture links near the bottom of our Home Page, to link these two new sections directly from the graphics area of the Home Page. And we’ve added these additional links to all of the navigation bars throughout RLalique.com. We pride ourselves on the ease of use of RLalique.com, and we hope you find these additions and improvements to your liking. As we might have mentioned before, we know your time is valuable, and we appreciate the time you spend here with us at RLalique.com. We are working hard to ensure that your time is well spent and we appreciate any and every contribution you are willing to make to help improve the overall RLalique community.

A Few Great Library Additions

September 18th, 2008

Nil Melior Pre-War Auto Accessory Brochure Featuring Rene Lalique Mascots at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York CityCheck out our New Arrivals Section in the RLalique Library. We’ve added a few great items, including three wonderful Japanese Exhibition Catalogues and a pre-war sales brochure by Nil Melior. Nil Melior sold high end auto accessories and had a retail shop in New York City at the Waldorf-Astoria at Park and Lex. This 24 page brochure shows 8 different RLalique mascots including Victoire, and has the prices that were being charged at the time for each item. We have another very similar but not identical pre-war Nil Melior brochure also listed for sale in the Library. Period material from RLalique retailers is extremely rare, especially priced brochures. Who would have thought you could go to the Waldorf to buy RLalique mascots?

New RLalique At Auction Section Layout

September 17th, 2008

We are moving to a new and better looking RLalique at Auction Section, that allows us to feature some items at the top, and also gives us the option to put a picture next to the description of the upcoming RLalique items. The descriptions of each upcoming auction contains identical information to the old layout, it’s just not segregated into a bunch of little cells. This new layout is a work in progress in that we have not added any auction photos next to the listings as of this morning. The revision is the result of several user requests to make the upcoming auction information less busy looking, and also to make the links at the top which take you to a featured upcoming item, or to the Lalique Auctions Past Page, or whatever else we might want to point out to you, to be more recognizable. Hopefully you will like the changes, but either way, if you have a strong opinion, please let us know. Both the text and the photos of the featured items at the top are clickable links that will take you to the relevant item. The one drawback to the new layout is that it takes a little longer to scroll thru the auctions, as the auction info is in bigger cells so that photos can be added when/if desired. Also, we reprogrammed the Lalique Auctions Past Page of sold auction items, adding customized searches, small views of the most recent auctions past, and a link to the entire history we have of past auctions in date order. Again, this was a user request. RLalique.com is the best source of information on RLalique anywhere in the world, and we are working hard to make it even better. There will be further enhancements over the next couple of months, including up to two new sections to further guide RLalique collectors and enthusiasts and to bring you even more helpful and unique information about our mutual passion for the works of Rene Lalique. We know your time is valuable, and we want to make sure that the time you spend with us is well spent. Thanks to all of you for your support, and we hope to see you hanging around the Blog from time to time.

UPDATED April 9th, 2010 to reflect recent improvements in the Lalique Auctions Past Section


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