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Rene Lalique Cased White Opalescent Glass Domremy Vase
Rene Laliquee Strasbourg Glass Close-Up Of Stem Decoration
Rene Lalique Opalescent Vitesse Hood Ornament
Rene Lalique Fox Car Mascot Close-Up Of Head
R.Lalique At Auction: 28 Auctions Listed
Rene Lalique Morsbronn Decanter

2016-07-30 - Rene Lalique Morsbronn Decanter: 31 cm tall clear footed and shouldered container with a design of hand etched storks under the long neck and stemmed bullet shaped stopper R. Lalique Decanter. Lot 742 Est: €90. Model: 5166 Circa 1923. EU - Germany - Bamberg - Karolinenstraße info@kunstauktionshaus-schlosser.de +49 (0)951 20850-0 Joseph Schlosser is your contact at the auction.

http://www.kunstauktionshaus-schlosser.de   Schlosser

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Rene Lalique Strasbourg Champagne Glass

2016-07-30 - Rene Lalique Strasbourg Champagne Glass: A set of 12 matching model clear with a frosted depiction of two males holding hands and stomping on grapes incorporated into the stems of the R. Lalique Champagne Glasses. Lot 500 Est: $1000 - $1200. Model: 5086 Circa 1926. USA - Tennessee - Knoxville - Historic Cherokee Mills - Sutherland Avenue jdcase@caseantiques.com 865-558-3033

http://www.caseantiques.com   Case

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Rene Lalique Jaffa Plate

2016-07-30 - Rene Lalique Jaffa Plate: 21 cm wide rows of leaf tips motif surround the clear center of the R. Lalique Plate. Lot 183 Est: SAR1500 - 2500. Model: 3054 Circa 1931. Note: The photo makes it look more like an ice cream plate (not recorded as existing), so we are not too confident in our model number. South Africa - Johannesburg - Corner of Garden & Allan Roads rka@global.co.za +27 11 789 7422 Russell Kaplan is your man at the sale.

http://www.rkauctioneers.co.za   Russell Kaplan

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Rene Lalique Archers Vase

2016-07-30 - Rene Lalique Archers Vase: About 26 cm tall dark amber mold-blown glass decorated with archers shooting at birds R. Lalique Vase that is cracked. Lot 405 Est: €30 - €40. Model: 893 Circa 1921. EU - France - Bayeux - Bd Eindhoven bayeuxencheres@orange.fr +33 02 31 92 04 47

Bayeux Encheres

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Rene Lalique Muguet Vase

2016-07-31 - Rene Lalique Muguet Vase: 6 inches tall nearly cylinder shaped frosted glass with a blue patinated mistletoe decoration descending from the rim of the R. Lalique Vase. Lot 97 Est: $800 - $1200. Model: 933 Also Lot 95 is the bottom only to the Du Barry Box Model No. 56 that is missing the lid. USA - New York - Flushing - College Point Blvd. info@rlalique.com 718-661-2400

http://www.antiquereader.com/   Antique Reader

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Rene Lalique Colmar Cendrier

2016-07-31 - Rene Lalique Colmar Cendrier: 9 cm square clear and frosted leaves motif thick glass R. Lalique Cendrier. Lot 43. Model: 337 Circa 1942. EU - France - Deauville - Rue Du Général Leclerc deauville.encheres@gmail.com +44 02 31 88 42 91

Deauville Encheres

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Rene Lalique Fleurs De France Flacon

2016-08-01 - Rene Lalique Fleurs De France Flacon: 9 cm total height by 6 cm wide clear square glass container with a decorative simple repeating small bead border trim on both sides under a high relief floral motif frosted rectangular stopper R. Lalique Flacon. Lot 135 Est: AUD150 - 200. Model: D'Orsay-Perfume-11 Circa 1919. Australia - Victoria - Melbourne - Kew valuations@bigpond.com +61 03 9855 2255 David Freeman is your man at the sale.

http://www.aaauctions.com.au/   Amanda Addams

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Rene Lalique Dampierre Tableware

2016-08-01 - Rene Lalique Dampierre Tableware: A set of five 11.5 cm high clear glasses on round bases with a thick stem frosted band of birds decoration R. Lalique Tableware. Lot 735 Est: AUD250 - 350. Model: Dampierre-Tableware Circa 1931. Also Lot 736 is a blue patinated 32 cm wide Ormeaux Bowl, and Lot 739 contains a plain perfume bottle described as Lalique and of unknown age. Australia - Victoria - Melbourne - Armdale - High Street jennifer.gibson@mossgreen.com.au +61 3 9508 8888 Jennifer Gibson or Sandy Bruce are your contacts at the sale.

http://mossgreen.com.au/   Mossgreen

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Rene Lalique Coquilles Bowl

2016-08-01 - Rene Lalique Coquilles Bowl: A pair of opalescent shells decorated round glass R. Lalique Bowls. Lot 7309027 Est: €140 - €160. Model: 3204 Circa 1924. Also Lot 7309021 is the 2004 red 3rd edition of the Catalogue Raisonne and Lot 7422004 is a Trois Figurines Box for D'Orsay. Note: The auction description does not give the diameter of the bowls, so our model number is just an assumption based on the photo that you see here. And the auction starts on July 31st. Be certain to check the date of the lots as it was not obvious from the auction listing. Belgium - Saint Servais - Chaussée de Waterloo rops@rops.be +32 (0)81 74 99 88

http://www.rops.be   Rops

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Rene Lalique Coquilles Plate

2016-08-01 - Rene Lalique Coquilles Plate: 30 cm wide shells motif opalescent glass R. Lalique Plate. Lot 244 Est: £180 - £280. Model: 3009 Circa 1924. UK - England - Devon - Seaton - Harepath Road info@lymebayauctions.co.uk +44 01297 22453

http://www.lymebayauctions.co.uk/   Lyme Bay

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Rene Lalique Fleurs De France-2 Perfume Bottle

2016-08-03 - Rene Lalique Fleurs De France-2 Perfume Bottle: 7.4 cm high by 6 cm across square clear glass container with a small pearls border trim and matching rectangular stopper R. Lalique Perfume Bottle. Item: 222200573202. Model: D'Orsay-Perfume-23 Circa 1919. EU - France - Aire Sur La Lys

Consulting Inquiry

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Rene Lalique Deux Figurines Menu Holder

2016-08-05 - Rene Lalique Deux Figurines Menu Holder: 2 inches tall frosted glass with a nude kneeling figure on either side of the a stantion under a grapes decorated globe R. Lalique Menu Holder. Lot 1069 Est: $50 - $100. Model: 3500 Circa 1924. USA - New Jersey - Stewartsville info@dennisauction.com 908-859-3424

http://www.dennisauction.com   Dennis

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Rene Lalique Poissons Broche

2016-08-06 - Rene Lalique Poissons Broche: 4.5 cm wide green three frogs motif round glass in a metal pinned backing R. Lalique Broche. Lot 200 Est: €70 - €80. Model: 1358 Circa 191. Also Lots 288 and 289 are each a single Hesperides Glass. EU - France - Saint-Malo - Rue Alphonse Thébault contact@emeraude-encheres.fr +33 02 99 56 46 18

http://www.emeraude-encheres.fr   Emeraude Encheres Saint-Malo

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Rene Lalique Oeillets Bowl

2016-08-07 - Rene Lalique Oeillets Bowl: 35.5 cm wide carnations decorated "coupe-ouverte" form glass R. Lalique Bowl. Lot 138 Est: €100 - €150. Model: 422 Circa 1932. Also Lot 136 is a Pintade Car Mascot with issues. EU - France - Cherbourg - Rue Noyon boscher.s@wanadoo.fr +33 02 33 20 56 98


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Rene Lalique Faucon Hood Ornament

2016-08-07 - Rene Lalique Faucon Hood Ornament: 19.5 cm tall clear glass with amethyst tint standing falcon figure on metal base R. Lalique Hood Ornament. Lot 297 Est: AUD3000 - 5000. Model: 1124 Circa 1925. Australia - VIC - Melbourne - Richmond - Bridge Road sales@ainger.com.au +61 3 9428 2850

http://www.ainger.com.au   EJ Ainger

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Rene Lalique Poissons Plate

2016-08-09 - Rene Lalique Poissons Plate: 26 cm wide coupe-plate form opalescent fish decorated glass R. Lalique Plate. Lot 212 Est: £250 - £300. Model: 3057 Circa 1931. UK - England - Gloucestershire - Cheltenham - Chapel Walk info@cotswoldauction.co.uk +44 (0)1242 256363

http://www.cotswoldauction.co.uk   The Cotswold

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Rene Lalique Ceylan Vase

2016-08-10 - Rene Lalique Ceylan Vase: An apparent re-offer from March 10th, 2016. Now Lot 322 Est: £800 - £1200. Also offered in this sale is Lot 325, a 29.5 cm wide opalescent Poissons Coupe Ouverte Model No. 3262.

24 cm tall opalescent pairs of facing perched birds motif R. Lalique Vase. Lot 400 Est: £1200 - £1500.

Model: 905 Circa 1924. UK - England - Gloucestershire - Cheltenham - Grosvenor Street cheltenham@mallams.co.uk +44 (0) 1242 235712

http://www.mallams.co.uk   Mallams

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Rene Lalique Coquilles Coupe

2016-08-11 - Rene Lalique Coquilles Coupe: Just over 5 inches wide and 2 inches high shells decorated molded round opalescent glass R. Lalique Coupe. Lot 42 Est; ZAR3000 - 4000. Model: 3204 Circa 1924. South Africa - Cape Town - Church Street info@ashbeys.co.za +27 (021) 423 8060

http://www.ashbeysgalleries.co.za/   Ashbey's

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Rene Lalique Cusenier Decanter

2016-08-11 - Rene Lalique Cusenier Decanter: About 25 cm tall clear undecorated glass container with frosted and heavily patinated satyr motif handle and stopper R. Lalique Decanter. Est: €80 - €120. Model: 3167 Circa 1923. Also a white opalescent Domremy Vase. EU - France - Aurillac - ZI de l'Escudillier - Rue Denis Papin cantalenchere@yahoo.com +33 04 71 48 08 23 Wilfrid Goolen is your contact at the sale.

Cantel Encheres

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Rene Lalique Chevreuse Vase

2016-08-11 - Rene Lalique Chevreuse Vase: 18 cm tall tapering frosted glass ribbed container with 4 flower head decorated patinated rings spaced down the vase. Model: 1081 Circa 1930. Note: The 5th (bottom) ring is missing. UK - England - Devon - Honiton - Dowell Street info@whittonsauctions.co.uk +44 01404 517000

http://www.whittonsauctions.co.uk   Whittons

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Rene Lalique Eglantine Clock

2016-08-14 - Rene Lalique Eglantine Clock: An apparent re-offer from July 10th, 2016. Don't have a new lot number or estimate yet.

4 and 1/2 inches tall and wide by just over 3 and 1/2 inches deep dome shaped frosted wild roses motif glass tapering to base and surround the relatively large ATO face R. Lalique Clock. Lot 126 Est: $700 - $1000. Model: ATO-2 Circa 1926. USA - New York - Larchmont - Post Road info@clarkeny.com 914-833-8336

http://www.clarkeny.com   Clarke

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Rene Lalique Poivre Vase

2016-08-16 - Rene Lalique Poivre Vase: 9 and 1/2 inches both tall and wide clear glass with a frosted pepper decoration R. Lalique Vase. Lot 73 Est: $300 - $500. Model: 901 Circa 1921. Also Lot 71 is an opalescent Plumes Vase, and Lot 72 is a Malines Vase. USA - Florida - Dania Beach - North Federal Highway akibaantiques@gmail.com 305-333-4134

http://www.akibaantiques.com/   Akiba Antiques

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Rene Lalique Sirenes Perfume Burner

2016-08-18 - Rene Lalique Sirenes Perfume Burner: 10 inches total height frosted glass mythical Sirens decorated bottom container only to the perfume burner later fitted as a lamp. Lot 78 Est: $500 - $1000. Model: 2651 Circa 1920. USA - Delaware - Newark - East Main Street info@christianaauctiongallery.com 302-289-0306

http://www.christianaauctiongallery.com   Christiana

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Rene Lalique Moissac Vase

2016-08-24 - Rene Lalique Moissac Vase: An apparent re-offer from July 5th, 2016. Now in their Bourne salesroom as Lot 27 Est: £300 - £400.

12.5 cm tall press-molded leaves decorated opalescent tapering glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot 721 Est: £400 - £600.

Model: 992 Circa 1927. UK - England - Lincolnshire - Bourne - Spalding Road bourne@goldingyoung.com +44 (0) 1778 422686

http://www.goldingyoung.com   Golding Young & Mawer

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Rene Lalique Telline Flacon

2016-08-28 - Rene Lalique Telline Flacon: 4 inches tall shell shaped thin ribbed frosted glass with matching stopper R. Lalique Flacon. Model: 508 Circa 1920. Also there is a 5 inch tall Dahlia Flacon. USA - California - Ventura - North Ventura Avenue info@calauctioneers.com 805-649-2686

http://www.californiauctioneers.com   California Auctioneers

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Rene Lalique Tete D'Aigle Car Mascot

2016-09-10 - Rene Lalique Tete D'Aigle Car Mascot: 11.5 cm high y 14.5 cm long eagle head with feathered partial neck clear and frosted glass R. Lalique Car Mascot. Lot 39 Est: €500 - €600. Model: 1138 Circa 1928. Eu - France - Versailles - Rue D;Angoulême contact@lechesnayencheres.com +33(0)1 39 43 52 44 Alexis Guinot is your contact.

http://www.lechesnayencheres.com/   Le Chesnay

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Rene Lalique Vitesse Car Mascot

2016-09-19 - Rene Lalique Vitesse Car Mascot: 18.5 cm high opalescent glass sensuous nude female figure R. Lalique Car Mascot. Est: £2000 - £3000. Model: 1160 Circa 1929. UK - England - London - New Bond Street motorcyclememorabilia@bonhams.com +44 20 7447 7447

http://www.bonhams.com   Bonhams

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Rene Lalique Coquilles Bowl

2016-10-16 - Rene Lalique Coquilles Bowl: 24 cm wide round standard form opalescent shells motif glass R. Lalique Bowl. Est: €150 - €250. Model: 3200 Circa 1924. EU - France - Chalon-Sur-Saône -Avenue Boucicaut bdessaut@orange.fr +33 03 85 46 39 98

Société de Ventes Volontaires de Bourgogne

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