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René Lalique Lalique Muguet Pendant Close-Up
René Lalique Decorated Box For Sauze Freres With Same Design as the later Maison Lalique Une Figurine Et Bouquet Box
René Aigrettes Vase Close-Up
Rene Lalique Fox Car Mascot Close-Up Of Head
R.Lalique At Auction: 24 Auctions Listed
Rene Lalique Quatre Tetes Femmes Et Raisins Vase


2024-06-20 - Rene Lalique Quatre Tetes Femmes Et Raisins Vase: 5 and 1/2 inches tall R. Lalique Vase decorated with bunches of grapes around the outside of the rim and 4 female heads just above the base. According to the lot description the vase bears the acid etched signature R. LALIQUE FRANCE. Lot No. 204. Model: Vase-2 Circa 1939. Also a standard form opalescent glass 9 and 1/2 inch wide Poisssons Bowl as Lot 203, and a 12 and 1/2 inch wide opalescent glass Poissons Plate as Lot 208. USA - Florida - Dania Beach - North Federal Highway info@akibaantiques.com 305-332-9274

https://www.akibaantiques.com/   Akiba Galleries

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Rene Lalique Libellules Box


2024-06-20 - Rene Lalique Libellules Box: 17 cm diameter 2 parts opalescent glass R. Lalique Box decorated with 3 dragonflies on the top of the lid. Lot No. 176 Est: €250 - €350. Model: 51 Circa 1921. Also a Nefliers Vase as Lot 174, a standard form Vases Bowl as Lot 175, and s Six Figurines Shot Glass as Lot 187. EU - France - Bordeaux - Rue Peyronnet contact@briscadieu-bordeaux.com +33 05 56 31 32 33+33 05 56 31 32 33

https://www.briscadieu-bordeaux.com/   Briscadieu Bordeaux

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Rene Lalique Sophora Vase


2024-06-26 - Rene Lalique Sophora Vase: 10 and 1/4 inches tall large leaves on stems decorated gray glass R. Lalique Vase signed in script R. Lalique France No. 977 to the underside. Lot No. 10 Est: $6000 - $8000. Model: 977 Circa 1926. They also have a 16 cm Requete-1 Perfume Bottle for Worth of unknown age as Lot 22. We've inquired and we'll update here if/when. USA - Florida - Lake Worth - North Dixie Highway info@marketauctionsinc.com 561-237-5222

https://www.marketauctionsinc.com/   Market Auctions

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Rene Lalique Sauterelles Vase


2024-06-27 - Rene Lalique Sauterelles Vase: 26 cm tall later blue patinated grasshoppers motif glass R. Lalique Vase bearing the classic wheel-cut LALIQUE signature on the lower outside just above the base as shown in the 2nd photo in the listing. Lot No. 32 Est: $4000 - $6000. Model: 888 Circa 1912. USA - Colorado - Louisville - South Taylor Avenue info@artemisgallery.com 720-890-7700

https://www.artemisgallery.com   Artemis Gallery

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Rene Lalique Marienthal Tableware


2024-06-16 - Rene Lalique Marienthal Tableware: A single 8 and 1/2 inches tall amber glass decanter with grapes motif stopper, selling together with 5 3 and 1/8 inches tall matching model amber glasses. Lot No. 380 Est: $1200 - $1500. Model: Marienthal-Tableware Circa 1931. Note: The lot description from the auction house says 4 glasses, but the picture shows 5 glasses, so we are assuming the 4 is a typo. Also Note: This is the only R. Lalique lot in the sale. USA - California - Los Angeles - West Pico Boulevard louvreantiqueauction@yahoo.com 310-592-5664 / 310-855-4184 Daniel Molayem is your contact at the sale.

https://www.liveauctioneers.com/auctioneer/5260/louvre-antique-auction/   Louvre

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Rene Lalique Six Dahlias Box

2024-06-14 - Rene Lalique Six Dahlias Box: 21 cm wide by 5 cm high dahlias decorated opalescent glass R. Lalique Box that has a glass bottom. Lot No. 329 Est: $200 - $300. Model: 47 Circa 1922. Also a Druide Vase as Lot 327. South America - Uruguay - Montevideo - Soriano 990 info@zorrilla.com.uy +598 29 027 337

http://www.zorrilla.com.uy   Zorilla

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Rene Lalique Rampillon Vase

2024-06-15 - Rene Lalique Rampillon Vase: 12.7 cm tall press-molded cabochons decorated opalescent glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot No. 118 Est: £300 - £500. Model: 991 Circa 1927. Also an opalescent Poissons Coupe Ouverte as Lot 119, a Honfleur Vase as Lot 120 that is a likely re-offer from March 2, 2024, a 21 cm Coquilles Bowl as Lot 121 also a likely re-offer, a 20 cm Coquilles Plate as Lot 122 also a likely re-offer, and a 25.5 cm Fleurons Coupe Ouverte selling in the same Lot 123 with a modern crystal Marguerites Bowl. UK - England - North Yorkshire - Leyburn - Harmby Road enquiry@tennants-ltd.co.uk +44 (0)1969 623780

https://www.tennants.co.uk/   Tennants

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Rene Lalique Statuette De La Fontaine Cendrier

2024-06-15 - Rene Lalique Statuette De La Fontaine Cendrier: 11.5 cm tall by 12 cm wide R. Lalique Cendrier having a water motif female figure affixed to the center. Lot No. 65 Est: €80 - €150. Model: 288 Circa 1925. EU - France - Carcassonne - Avenue Franklin Roosevelt hdv@carcassonne-encheres.com +33 06 42 92 94 55

https://www.interencheres.com/commissaire-priseur/selarl-charlotte-pascal-commissaire-priseur-judiciairecommissaire-de-justice-et-carcassonne-encheres-400/   Hôtel des Ventes Carcassonne

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Rene Lalique Medicis Ashtray

2024-06-16 - Rene Lalique Medicis Ashtray: 5 and 7/8 inches long oval shaped topaz glass R. Lalique Ashtray decorated with back-to-back sitting nudes at both ends of the elevated rim. Lot No. 142A Est: $400 - $600. Model: 280 Circa 1924. They also have a green Marguerite Pendant as Lot 23, an Esterel Vase as Lot 142, and a Camaret Vase as Lot 143. USA - California - Pasadena - West Bellevue Drive info@treasureseekerauction.com 626-529-5775 Rick is your man at the sale.

https://www.treasureseekerauction.com/   Treasureseeker

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Rene Lalique Ronces Vase

2024-06-18 - Rene Lalique Ronces Vase: Red glass briars motif R. Lalique Vase Lot No. 216 Est: $1500 - $2500. Model: 946 Circa 1921. They also have a green Sauge Vase as Lot 218 that is missing part of the top rim and so should be avoided, and a blue glass Soucis Vase as Lot 215. USA - Florida - Palm Beach - South Dixie Highway - ONLINE palmbeach@hindmanauctions.com 312-280-1212

https://hindmanauctions.com/   Freeman's | Hindman

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Rene Lalique Borneo Vase

2024-06-20 - Rene Lalique Borneo Vase: 24 cm tall by 18 cm wide trumpet form clear glass with the lower part of the vase decorated with red enameled birds in foliage. Lot No. 344-1 Est: €2500 - €3500. Model: 1056 Circa 1930. Also 3 26.5 cm by 11.5 cm by 13.5 cm Noisetier Sconces with some condition issues as Lot 337, and a Perruches Bowl with chips as Lot 341. EU - France - Paris ajacquemard@millon-associes.com +33 07 70 33 09 42 Alexis Jacquemard is your sale contact

https://www.millon.com/   Millon & Associes

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Rene Lalique Campanules Fleurs Gravees Vase

2024-06-21 - Rene Lalique Campanules Fleurs Gravees Vase: 22 cm footed undulating clear glass R. Lalique Vase decorated with engraved bellflowers. Lot No. 339 Est: €1000 - €1200. Model: 10-932 Circa 1938. Note: This is a great sale with the other lots listed here under the Bague Serpent Lamp listing. EU - France - Paris - Drouot mail@tessier-sarrou.com +33 01 40 13 07 79 Note: Register to bid at this sale on the drouot.com website.

https://www.tessier-sarrou.com   Tessier & Sarrou et Associés

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Rene Lalique Bague Serpents Lamp

2024-06-21 - Rene Lalique Bague Serpents Lamp: 44.5 cm tall three parts glass R. Lalique Lamp having the base and shade separated by a ring of snakes. Lot No. 336 Est: €20,000 - €30,000. Model: 2151 Circa 1912. Also in this sale is the vase Campanules Fleurs Gravées Model 10-932 as Lot 339 that is listed separately, a Perruches Atomizer from 1929 for Marcel Franck as Lot 335, 2 different cast-iron work pieces for jewelry designs, one having two veiled women, the other a beetle as Lots 337 and 337.bis, a pair of cane handles as Lot 341, a Six Figurines Carafe without a stopper as Lot 340, and a Le Poilu Tie Pin as Lot 338. EU - France - Paris - Drouot mail@tessier-sarrou.com +33 01 40 13 07 79 Note: Register to bid at this sale on the drouot.com website.

https://www.tessier-sarrou.com   Tessier & Sarrou et Associés

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Rene Lalique Graines Vase

2024-06-21 - Rene Lalique Graines Vase: 20 cm tall tapering glass R. Lalique Vase decorated with encircling relief rows of opalescent seeds above the base. Lot No. 283 Est: €400 - €600. Model: 1042 Circa 1930. Aside from this vase, the only other R. Lalique lot in the sale is a set of six small Nippon Bowls Model 3903 as Lot 281. They also have a post-war Imprudence Perfume Bottle titled for R. Lalique as Lot 267 that should be avoided, and a pair of post-war blue Worth Perfume Bottles selling together in Lot 278 that is also titled for R. Lalique and that should be avoided. EU - France - Toulouse - Rue Urbain Vitry ventes@artcurial-toulouse.com +33 05 62 88 65 66

https://www.interencheres.com/commissaire-priseur/artcurial-toulouse-jean-louis-vedovato-me-jean-louis-vedovato-193   Artcurial Toulouse Jean-Louis Vedovato

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Rene Lalique Coquilles Vase

2024-06-21 - Rene Lalique Coquilles Vase: 18.5 cm tall shells decorated opalescent glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot No. 299 Est: €200 - €300. Model: 932 Circa 1920. Also a Domremy Vase as Lot 298 and a standard form opalescent Muguet Bowl as Lot 301. EU - France - Paris - Rue de Provence bids@crait-muller.com +33 01 45 81 52 36

https://www.interencheres.com/commissaire-priseur/crait-muller-418   Crait + Müller

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Rene Lalique Tourterelles Vase

2024-06-22 - Rene Lalique Tourterelles Vase: About 28 cm total height soft triangular shaped opalescent glass container supporting a two turtle doves cover. Lot No. 494 Est: €4000 - €6000. Model: 963 Circa 1925. Note: This vase is the only R. Lalique lot in the sale. EU - France - Reims - Rue Gosset pauline@chativesle.fr +33 03 26 47 26 37 Pauline Hyme is your sale contact.

https://www.interencheres.com/commissaire-priseur/chativesle-maison-de-ventes-245   Châtivesle Maison de ventes

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Rene Lalique Cupidon Pendant

2024-06-23 - Rene Lalique Cupidon Pendant: 2.9 cm by 3.1 cm clear heart shaped glass R. Lalique Pendant showing a single cupid figure preparing to shoot an arrow and inscribed R. Lalique to the side. Lot No. 13 Est: 80 - €120. Model: 1646 Circa 1911. Also an opalescent Muguet Pendant Model 1666 as Lot 14. EU - France - Tours - Rue Giraudeau contact@hdv-giraudeau.fr +33 02 47 37 71 71

https://www.hotel-ventes-giraudeau-tours.fr/   Hôtel des Ventes Giraudeau

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Rene Lalique Lausanne Light Shade

2024-06-23 - Rene Lalique Lausanne Light Shade: 15 inches wide fruits and leaves motif bowl form glass R. Lalique Light Shade selling with some later and un-related hardware. Lot No. 420 Est: $1000 - $1500. Model: 2479 Circa 1929. Also a Deux Figurines et Masque Brooch as Lot 419, and Rubans Platter selling together in Lot 421 with a Padoue Glass, USA - Illinois - Addison - South Westgate Street info@leonardauction.com 630-495-0229 Ann Hahn is a good contact at the sale.

https://www.leonardauction.com/   Leonard Auction

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Rene Lalique Vigne Goblet

2024-06-23 - Rene Lalique Vigne Goblet: About 7 inches high by about 4 inches wide grapes-on-vines motif patinated glass R. Lalique Goblet. Lot No. 97 Est: $500 - $800. Model: 3761 Circa 1912. They also have an Inseparables Clock as Lot 95, a pair of Fleurons Dishes as Lot 118, a pair of Coquilles Dishes as Lot 119, and another Coquilles Dish selling with a Volubilis Bowl in Lot 120. USA - New York - East Meadow - East Meadow Ave. worldauctiongallery@gmail.com 516-307-8180

https://www.worldauctiongallery.com/   World Auction Gallery

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Rene Lalique Epsom Bookend

2024-06-26 - Rene Lalique Epsom Bookend: A pair of matching horse head bookends each set in a chrome collar and black glass base. Lot No. 1032 Est: $45,000 - $65,000. Starting Bid $22,500. Model: 1153-Bookend Circa 1929. Note: The auction house is calling out "Loss to corner of black glass base." Also Note: This same auction house has previously sold a different pair of Epsom Bookends on 2013-12-07 for a final bid of $65,000 and an all-in total of $76,375. USA - Virginia - Alexandria - North Fairfax Street info@potomackcompany.com 703-684-4550

https://www.potomackcompany.com/   Potomack

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Rene Lalique Prunelles Carafe

2024-06-27 - Rene Lalique Prunelles Carafe: 28 cm tall blackthorns decorated R. Lalique Carafe. Lot No. 189 Est: €400 - €500. Model: Cusenier-Decanter-1 Circa 1923. They also have a 9.5 cm Les Anemones Flacon for Forvil as Lot 169 that looks like it might have some neck damage. If it does have damage it should obviously be avoided. And there is also a 4.5 cm Galéjade Flacon for Forvil as Lot 196. EU - France - Tarbes - Rue Dr Roux sumannencheres@gmail.com +33 05 62 36 19 85

https://www.interencheres.com/commissaire-priseur/sumann-encheres-tarbes-3052   Sumann Encheres Tarbes

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Rene Lalique Clos Sainte-Odile Ice Bucket

2024-06-29 - Rene Lalique Clos Sainte-Odile Ice Bucket: Lot No. 203 Est: €600 - €700. Model: Sainte-Odile-Ice-Bucket-1 Circa 1922. They also have a Font-Romeu Vase as Lot 207, and a Vichy Vase of unknown age as Lot 206. EU - France - Saint-Dié-des-Vosges - rue de la Prairie maitres.morel@wanadoo.fr +33 03 29 56 13 34

https://www.interencheres.com/commissaire-priseur/hotel-des-ventes-de-saint-die-svv-246   Maitres Morel - Hôtel Des Ventes De Saint-Die

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Rene Lalique Aigrettes Vase

2024-07-03 - Rene Lalique Aigrettes Vase: 25 cm egrets decorated glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot No. Unknown. Model: 988 Circa 1926. EU - France - Bois - Avenue du Maréchal Maunoury blois@poussecornet.com +33 02 54 78 45 58

https://www.auction.fr/_fr/maison-de-vente/pousse-cornet-valoir-blois-1473   Pousse-Cornet - Hôtel des ventes de Blois

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Rene Lalique Noisetier Chandelier

2024-08-04 - Rene Lalique Noisetier Chandelier: About 80 cm wide hazel leaves motif R. Lalique Chandelier. Lot No. 289 Est: €500. Model: 2269 Circa 1924. EU - France - Le Puy En Velay - Rue du Vent l'Emporte secretariat@casal.eu.com +33 04 71 09 03 85

https://www.interencheres.com/commissaire-priseur/maitre-philippe-casal-71   Hotel Des Ventes Du Puy En Velay

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