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Rene Lalique Cerises Red Bakelite Box Signature Close-Up
Rene Lalique Saint-Hubert Jardiniere Close-Up
Rene Lalique Grosses Graines Necklace Green Beads Close-Up
Rene Lalique Fox Car Mascot Close-Up Of Head
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Rene Lalique Domremy Vase


2021-08-15 - Rene Lalique Domremy Vase: 22 cm tall thistle motif wide-mouthed mold-blown R. Lalique Vase. Lot No. 479 Est: AUD600 - 800. Model: 979 Circa 1926. Australia - Victoria - Perth - Armadale - High Street mail@gibsonsauctions.com.au +61 395002607

http://www.gibsonsauctions.com.au   Gibson's

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Rene Lalique Chamarande Vase


2021-08-15 - Rene Lalique Chamarande Vase: 7 and 3/4 inches tall opalescent glass container with opposing briars motif ear shaped protrusions on either side of the rim whose designs extend onto the container. Lot No. 1004 Est: $800 - $1000. Model: 974 Circa 1926. USA - Florida - St. Petersburg - Avenue North jeffb@burchardgalleries.com 727-821-1167

http://www.burchardgalleries.com   Burchard

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Rene Lalique Sorbier Pendant


2021-09-17 - Rene Lalique Sorbier Pendant: 5.1 cm tall by 4.2 cm wide soft-triangle shaped leaves and berries from the mountain ash decorated opalescent glass R. Lalique Pendant molded LALIQUE in relief to the top right of the glass. Lot No. 174 Est: €350 - €400. Model: 1658 Circa 1920. EU - France - Montpellier - Chemin De Poutingon bijoux@hdvmontpellier.fr +33 04 67 47 47 53 The Expert is Mrs. Serru: http://francoise-serru.fr/francoise.serru@yahoo.com

http://www.hdvmontpellier.fr   Hôtel des Ventes Montpellier-Languedoc

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Rene Lalique Artichaut Lampe Berger

2021-08-02 - Rene Lalique Artichaut Lampe Berger: 12 cm total height yellow amber glass artichoke form R. Lalique Lampe Berger. Lot No. 290 Est: €60 - €80. Model: Perfume-Burner-1 Circa 1927. EU - France - Joigny - Rue Aristide Briand joignyencheres@orange.fr +33 03 86 62 00 75

http://www.joigny-encheres.fr/   Joigny Encheres

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Rene Lalique Bammako Vase

2021-08-04 - Rene Lalique Bammako Vase: 18.3 cm tall tapering opalescent glass R. Lalique Vase decorated with 7 declining rows of dome shaped circular cabochons. Lot No. Not Yet Known Est: €500 - €700. Model: 10-882 Circa 1934. EU - France - Nimes - Rue de l'Agau hoteldesventes@hdv-nimes.fr +33 04 66 67 52 74 Thierry Roche is the Expert: rochexpert@wanadoo.fr/+33 (0) 6 80 05 46 68.

https://www.ivoire-france.com/nimes/presentation   Hotel Des Ventes De Nimes - Françoise Kusel et Pierre Champion

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Rene Lalique Cerises Box

2021-08-04 - Rene Lalique Cerises Box: 8 cm square two parts red bakelite R. Lalique Box with a molded long-stem cherries design on the top of the lid. Lot No. 729 Est: £200 - £400. Model: 72 Circa 1923. Also an opalescent Phalenes Box as Lot 730, a pair of Dahlia Candleholders with the bobeches as Lot 731, a pair of William Glasses as Lot 732, a Deux Colombes Seal of unknown age as Lot 733, and a yellow amber Marienthal Finger Bowl as Lot 738. UK - England - East Sussex - Eastbourne - Finmere Road enquiries@eastbourneauction.com +44 01323 431444

http://www.eastbourneauction.com/   Eastbourne

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Rene Lalique Guepes Pendant

2021-08-05 - Rene Lalique Guepes Pendant: About 5.5 cm tall oval shaped wasps decorated glass R. Lalique Pendant. Lot No. 359 Est: £1000 - £1200. Model: 1650 Circa 1920. UK - England - Dorset - Sherborne - Long Street enquiry@charterhouse-auction.com +44 01935 812277

http://www.charterhouse-auctions.com   Charterhouse

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Rene Lalique Dahlia Candleholder

2021-08-07 - Rene Lalique Dahlia Candleholder: 5 and 1/2 inches wide two part flowerhead motif blue patinated glass R. Lalique Candleholders. Lot No. 7 Est: £350 - £450. Model: 2114 Circa 1934. UK - Hampshire - Andover- Weyhill - The Fairground info@amw.auction +44 01264 773686

https://amw.auction/   AMW Auctionsv

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Rene Lalique Bluets Plate

2021-08-08 - Rene Lalique Bluets Plate: 8 inches wide cornflower motif R. Lalique Plate selling together in Lot No. 272 with a Poissons Bowl. Est: $250 - $350. Model: 3073 Circa 1932. Note: It appears the signature photo is slightly distorted by the way the photo was taken. Also a pair of atomizers as Lot 275, a Nonnettes Bowl as Lot 272, a green glass cylindrical Sans Adieu Perfume Bottle as Lot 284, a Saint Francois Vase as Lot 277, and a Nemours Bowl of unknown age as Lot 273. USA - Ohio - Cincinnati - Madison Road info@treadwaygallery.com 513-321-6742

https://treadwaygallery.com   Treadway

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Rene Lalique Pigeon Liege Decoration

2021-08-09 - Rene Lalique Pigeon Liege Decoration: About 6 inches tall and 9 inches long glass pigeon posed as if floating on water R. Lalique Decoration. Ebay Item: 133813950532. Model: 1199 Circa 1931. USA - New York - Great Neck

Consulting Inquiry

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Rene Lalique Actinia Bowl

2021-08-10 - Rene Lalique Actinia Bowl: A pair of 25.5 cm wide sea anemone motif opalescent glass R. Lalique Bowls in the coupe-ouverte form. Lot No. 87 Est: £200 - £300. Model: 10-392 Circa 1933. Note: Our I.D. of the model number is based solely on the photos and measurement you see here. UK - England - Gloucestershire - Cheltenham - Chapel Walk info@cotswoldauction.co.uk +44 01242 256363

https://www.cotswoldauction.co.uk/   The Cotswold Auction Company

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Rene Lalique Grosses Graines Necklace

2021-08-14 - Rene Lalique Grosses Graines Necklace: 12 seeds motif green glass beads on green silk cord R. Lalique Necklace. Lot No. 312 Est: AUD6000 - 8000. Model: 1500 Circa 1920.

Note: There is also a lamp in the sale as Lot 306. That lamp is a damaged shade (missing the bottom part of the shade below the dancer's feet) from a six danseuses lamp model 2179 on the base from a feuillages lamp model 2178.

Australia - Victoria - Melbourne - Armadale - High Street mail@leski.com.au +61 3853 96150

https://www.leski.com.au   Leski

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Rene Lalique Terpischore Vase

2021-08-15 - Rene Lalique Terpischore Vase: 20 cm high by 31 cm long frosted glass oval shaped R. Lalique Vase having a decoration of 2 nude women on each side holding up encircling draped garlands. Lot No. 205 Est: €8,000 - €10,000. Model: 10-911 Circa 1937. Also an Archer Car Mascot as Lot 205bis. EU - France - Cannes - Boulevard de la Croisette besch@cannesauction.com +33 04 93 99 22 60 / +33 04 93 99 33 49

http://www.cannesauction.com   Besch Cannes Auction

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Rene Lalique Saint-Hubert Jardiniere

2021-09-07 - Rene Lalique Saint-Hubert Jardiniere: 48.5 cm total length oval bowl with a large ear shaped protrusion jutting out and up from either end each decorated with a gazelle in foliage selling in the same Lot No. 275 with a couple of modern items. Est: €300 - €400. Model: 3461 Circa 1927. EU - Belgium - Brussels - Avenue de Roodebeek desk@horta.be +32 2 741 60 60

http://www.horta.be/   Horta

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Rene Lalique Coty Eau De Toilette Perfume Bottle

2021-09-17 - Rene Lalique Coty Eau De Toilette Perfume Bottle: 6 inches tall rectangular shaped clear glass R. Lalique Perfume Bottle with a frosted dome shaped briar motif stopper and bearing the intaglio molded long-tail-L Lalique signature to the center of the underside. Lot No. 139 Est: €20 - €30. Model: Coty-Perfume-4 Circa 1911. EU - France - Mâcon - Avenue Edouard Herriot contact@quaidesencheres.fr +33 03 85 38 75 07

http://www.quaidesencheres.fr   Quai Des Encheres

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Rene Lalique Violette Scent Bottle

2021-10-19 - Rene Lalique Violette Scent Bottle: 8 cm tall square clear, frosted, and patinated glass R. Lalique Scent Bottle decorated on the front with a basket-weave pattern that leaves space for an applied label and selling with the original box. Lot No. Unknown Est: €50 - €60. Model: Houbigant-Perfume-1 Circa 1919. EU - France - Rouen - Rue de la Croix de Fer contact@guery-encheres.com +33 02 35 98 73 49

https://www.guery-encheres.com/   Guery Maison De Ventes - Rouen

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Rene Lalique Aras Vase

2021-10-20 - Rene Lalique Aras Vase: About 9 inches tall macaws in foliage decorated bulging glass R. Lalique Vase. No Lot No. or Est. yet. Model: 919 Circa 1924. Also an opalescent Gui Vase. EU - France - Nantes - Rue Miséricorde contact@encheres-nantes.com +33 02 40 89 24 44

L'Hôtel des Ventes de Nantes - Couton Veyrac Jamault

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