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Rene Lalique Violette Perfume Bottle For Houbigant Close-Up
Rene Lalique Gui Vase In Teal Glass
Rene Lalique Celle Que Mon Coeur Aime Flacon Close-Up
Rene Lalique Fox Car Mascot Close-Up Of Head
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Rene Lalique Sauterelles Stickpin


2021-09-28 - Rene Lalique Sauterelles Stickpin: 4.4 cm wide grasshoppers motif glass medallion mounted in a pinned and decorated round metal back R. Lalique Stickpin together in Lot No. 89 with a large number of unidentified epingles à chapeau. Est: €300 - €500. Model: 1554 Circa 1911. EU - France - Paris - Rue Vivienne - Online ferri.cp@ferri-drouot.com +33 01 42 33 11 24

http://www.ferri-drouot.com/   Ferri & Associés

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Rene Lalique Autumn Pendant

2021-09-22 - Rene Lalique Autumn Pendant: 10.1 cm long generally triangular in shape 18 K gold frame with gold leaves and incorporating a maiden's face in profile amongst fall themes that are highlighted by brown and orange enamels. Lot No. 125 Est: £10,000 - £15,000. Model: Pendant-104 Circa 1900. UK - England - London - New Bond Street emily.barber@bonhams.com +44 20 7468 8284 Emily Barber (info preceding), Jennifer Tonkin: jennifer.tonkin@bonhams.com/+44 20 7393 3972, and Kate Flitcroft: kate.flitcroft@bonhams.com/+44 20 7468 8286 are your specialists at the sale.

https://www.bonhams.com   Bonhams

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Rene Lalique Bambou Pichet

2021-09-22 - Rene Lalique Bambou Pichet: 19 cm tall clear glass bulbous R. Lalique Pichet with a short round base, a handle, and a tiered layers of bambou motif cover selling in the same Lot No. 260 with two matching model glasses. Model: 3174 Circa 1930. EU - France - Pantin - Avenue Edouard Vaillant contact@ogerblanchet.fr +33 01 42 46 96 95

http://www.ogerblanchet.fr   Oger-Blanchet

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Rene Lalique Coq Nain Car Mascot

2021-09-22 - Rene Lalique Coq Nain Car Mascot: 20.5 cm tall rooster on incorporated round base R. Lalique Car Mascot. Lot No. 291 Est: £200 - £400. Model: 1135 Circa 1928. Note: The mascot has a Christie's sticker to the underside for an auction on 14th May 2003, lot number 150, sale number 5339. UK - Scotland - Glasgow - Dumbarton Road info@greatwesternauctions.com +44 (0)141 954 1500

https://www.greatwesternauctions.com/   Great Western

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Rene Lalique Pavots d'argent Flacon

2021-09-22 - Rene Lalique Pavots d'argent Flacon: 11 cm tall silver poppies motif nearly oval glass R. Lalique Flacon signed R. Lalique in relief to the underside. Lot No. 253 Est: €200 - €300. Model: Roger-&-Gallet-Perfume-2 Circa 1927. Also 8 books consisting of R. Lalique and general perfume bottle books as Lot 246, 2 misc perfume bottle groups that contain Lalique bottles of unknown age as Lot 257 and 284, and an Églantines Vase as Lot 290-2. EU - France - Angers - Rue du Maine contact@chauvire-courant.fr +33 02 41 60 55 19 Maîtres Chauvire and Courant are your contacts at the sale.

https://chauvire-courant.fr/   Chauviré Courant

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Rene Lalique Hortense-2 Cake Plate

2021-09-22 - Rene Lalique Hortense-2 Cake Plate: 31.5 cm wide round agriculture motif R. Lalique Cake Plate with scalloped handles on either side. Lot No. 177 Est: €100 - €150. Model: 3918 Circa 1942. EU - France - Versailles - Avenue de Saint-Cloud contact@osenat.com +33 01 39 02 40 40

https://www.osenat.com/   Osenat

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Rene Lalique Tete D'Aigle Car Mascot

2021-09-22 - Rene Lalique Tete D'Aigle Car Mascot: A pair of eagle head motif R. Lalique Car Mascots with molded signatures in metal rings mounted on later unrelated bases as bookends. Lot No. 133 Est: £600 - £800. Model: 1138 Circa 1928. UK - England - Oxfordshire - Oxford - St Michael's Street abingdon@mallams.co.uk +44 0 1865 241358

https://www.mallams.co.uk/   Mallams

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Rene Lalique Cariatides Covered Vase

2021-09-23 - Rene Lalique Cariatides Covered Vase: 8 inches tall and nearly that wide at the shoulder clear glass R. Lalique Vase with a design of Caryatids running from the base to the rim separated by undecorated space and topped by a frosted cover. Lot No. 317 Starting Bid: $1800 Model: 924 Circa 1920. Also a richly colored teal Gui Vase as Lot 316, a butterscotch Ronces Vase as Lot 318, a 30 cm opalescent Coquilles Light Shade as Lot 319, and a Thais Statue as Lot 320. USA - New Jersey - Lambertville info@ragoarts.com 609-460-3619

https://www.ragoarts.com/   Rago | Wright

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Rene Lalique Le Mans Vase

2021-09-23 - Rene Lalique Le Mans Vase: A pair of 4 inch high green opalescent rooster motif glass R. Lalique Vases. Lot No. 310 Est: $400 - $800. Model: 1074 Circa 1931. USA - Maryland - Timonium - Greenspring Drive info@opferauction.com 410-252-5035

http://opferauction.com/   Richard Opfer

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Rene Lalique Acacia Bowl

2021-09-23 - Rene Lalique Acacia Bowl: 26 cm wide by 8.5 cm high acacia leaves motif opalescent notched rimmed glass R. Lalique Bowl. Lot No. 54 Est: SAR2000 - 3000. Model: 3248 Circa 1926. Also an opalescent Bulbes Plate as Lot 53 and a Silenes Vase with base chips as Lot 55. South Africa - Ferndale - Bram Fischer Driver / Cnr George Street rka@global.co.za +27 11 789 7422 Russell Kaplan is your man at the sale.

http://www.rkauctioneers.co.za   Russell Kaplan

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Rene Lalique Dahlias Bowl

2021-09-24 - Rene Lalique Dahlias Bowl: A re-offer from June 18, 2021. Now Lot 237 Starting Bid: €240.

23.9 cm wide by 9.5 cm tall dahlias decorated standard form clear and frosted glass R. Lalique Bowl. Lot No. 53 Starting Bid: €300.

Model: 3210 Circa 1921. EU - Germany - Königstein im Taunus - Hauptstraße info@auktionshaus-koenigstein.de +49 0 6174 9694248

http://auktionshaus-koenigstein.de/   Königstein

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Rene Lalique Saverne Glass

2021-09-25 - Rene Lalique Saverne Glass: A pair of 5 inch tall clear and footed R. Lalique Glasses with an opposing rhombus shaped partly frosted protrusion on either side of the flat stem. Lot No. 13. Model: 5071ter Circa 1924. Canada - Quebec - Montreal - De Maisonneuve West info@kavanaghauctions.com 514-244-9556

http://kavanaghauctions.com/   Kavanagh

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Rene Lalique Trois Papillons-3 Encrier

2021-09-25 - Rene Lalique Trois Papillons-3 Encrier: 9.8 cm wide by 5.5 cm high frosted glass R. Lalique Encrier in the form of 3 butterflies. Lot No. 155 Est: €100 - €200. Model: 426ter Circa 1912. EU - France - Montluçon - Rue Pierre Petit dagot@interencheres.com +33 04 70 05 02 66 Thierry Roche is the Expert: rochexpert@wanadoo.fr/+33 06 80 05 46 68.


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Rene Lalique Jaffa Bowl

2021-09-25 - Rene Lalique Jaffa Bowl: 9 and 1/2 inches wide by 4 inches high encircling rows of overlapping leaves motif clear and frosted glass R. Lalique Bowl. Lot No. 139 Est: $200 - $300. Model: 3251 Circa 1931. USA - Texas - Houston - Skyline Drive mail@simpsongalleries.com 713-524-6751 Ray Simpson is your man at the sale.

http://www.simpsongalleries.com/   Simpson

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Rene Lalique Campana Tableware

2021-09-26 - Rene Lalique Campana Tableware: A set of 12 matching model bellflowers decorated plates and bowls. Est: €150 - €200. Model: Campana-Tableware Circa 1943. EU - France - Versailles - Avenue De Sceaux contact@chausselat.com +33 01 39 50 58 08

http://www.chausselat.com   Chevau-Legers

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Rene Lalique Nefliers Vase

2021-09-26 - Rene Lalique Nefliers Vase: 6 inches tall blue patinated frosted medlars motif glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot No. 419 Est: $1000 - $1200. Model: 940 Circa 1923. Also re-offered from 3 previous auctions is a Gui Bowl as Lot 489 and from 2 previous auctions a Vagues Coupe Ouverte as Lot 487. USA - California - Gardena - West Redondo Beach Blvd. info@rlalique.com 310-527-5278 We don't have an email address for this auction house.

https://taylor-harris.liveauctioneers.com/   Taylor & Harris

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Rene Lalique Camaret Lamp

2021-09-26 - Rene Lalique Camaret Lamp: 2 different 14.5 Camaret (vase) Lamp Bases (no hardware, wiring or shades) each with pencil size hole on lower side selling separately. Each Est: €600 - €650. Only one is pictured here. Model: 2167 Circa 1928. EU - France - Uzès - Place de l'Évêché contact@etudedeprovence.com +33 04 96 11 01 10

Hotel Des Ventes D'Uzes - L'Etude De Provence - Ribiere & Associés

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Rene Lalique Jaffa Coupe

2021-09-27 - Rene Lalique Jaffa Coupe: 31.6 cm wide overlapping leaves motif glass R. Lalique Coupe in the coupe-ouverte form. Lot No. 267 Est: £100 - €200. Model: 3273 Circa 1932. UK - Kent - Folkestone - Pent Road info@grandauctions.co.uk +44 01303 220440

https://www.grandauctions.co.uk/   Grand Auctions

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Rene Lalique Trois Branches Raisins Candleholder

2021-09-28 - Rene Lalique Trois Branches Raisins Candleholder: A pair of 44 cm tall three branch grapes and vines motif R. Lalique Candleholders. Lot No. and Est. Not Yet Known. Model: 2100 Circa 1924.

Note: There are some condition issues. Here is the report from the auction house (check directly with them if you are interested in bidding, these reports can change): Chip to the rim on one glass holder, please see photos. Chip and crack to the top of one on the branches beneath the bobeche, some similar losses to the top of the branches below the other bobeches. Small chip to the foot edge on one base, chip to the bottom of one column connecting to the base. Same candelabra has slight wobble to both base and candleholder that bears chip. Slight discolouration to the glass in the decorative detail on same candelabra. 6 cm crack extending from the rim on one bobeche. One bears etched signature to the underside "France Lalique", though likely a later addition. Additional photos available upon request.

Canada - Ontario - Toronto - William Morgan Drive azeifman@ahwilkens.com 416-360-7600

https://www.ahwilkens.com/   A.H. Wilkens

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Rene Lalique 1937 Exposition Internationale Pendant

2021-09-28 - Rene Lalique 1937 Exposition Internationale Pendant: 9.5 cm tall by 3.8 cm wide frosted glass depiction of two facing muscular nude males R. Lalique Pendant. Lot No. 89 Est: €2800 - €3000. Model: 1937-Expo-P Circa 1937. Monaco - Avenue Princesse Grace - Hôtel Le Méridien Beach Plaza info@hermitagefineart.com +377 97 77 39 80

https://hermitagefineart.com/en/   Hermitage Fine Art

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Rene Lalique Tete D'Epervier Car Mascot

2021-09-28 - Rene Lalique Tete D'Epervier Car Mascot: 6.5 cm tall topaz glass hawk head R. Lalique Car Mascot. Lot No. 84 Est: £500 - £800. Model: 1139 Circa 1928. Also a gray Domremy Vase as Lot 82 UK - England - East Sussex - Lewes - North Street clientservices@gorringes.co.uk +44 (0) 1273 472503

http://www.gorringes.co.uk   Gorringe's

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Rene Lalique Poissons Bowl

2021-09-28 - Rene Lalique Poissons Bowl: 30 cm wide packed-fish motif opalescent glass R. Lalique Bowl in the coupe-plate form. Lot No. 377 Est: £150 - £250. Model: 3263 Circa 1931. UK - Cornwall - Penzance - The Quay enquiries@barbarakirkauctions.co.uk +44 (0)1736 361342

http://www.barbarakirkauctions.co.uk/   Barbara Kirk

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Rene Lalique Saint-Gall Candleholder

2021-09-29 - Rene Lalique Saint-Gall Candleholder: A re-offer from December 8, 2020. Now Lot 128 Est: €200 - €300.

14.2 cm wide for the base and 9 cm wide for the bobeche two parts matching strings of pearls motif clear glass R. Lalique Candleholder. Lot No. 145 Est: €200 - €300. Model: 2115 Circa 1934. EU - France - Bordeaux - Quai des Chartrons baratoux@etude-baratoux.com +33 05 57 19 60 00

http://www.etude-baratoux.com   Baratoux-Dubourg Encheres

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Rene Lalique Phalsbourg Glass

2021-09-29 - Rene Lalique Phalsbourg Glass: A re-offer from June 30, 2021. Now Lot 418.

A pair of clear glass R. Lalique Madera Wines with a frosted and later patinated grapes-on-vines-decoration on the stems. Lot No. 282B.

Model: 5061ter Circa 1924. Also newly offered on September 29th are a Les Cinq Fleurs Perfume Bottle for Forvil as Lot 127, an Epines Atomizer as Lot 126, an empty Quatre Flacons Box for Houbigant as Lot 133, and the bottom only to a Sirenes Atomizer that is missing the works and the dome shaped cover.

On June 30, 2021 and not re-offered were a blue glass Je Reviens Perfume Bottle for Worth selling as one of several items in Lot 281, a pair of WW I fundraising items (pendant and hatpin) selling in the same Lot 276C, and an extensive reference Lot 288 having 11 books, 26 magazines, and 3 periodicals mostly about Lalique Crystal and R. Lalique including a 2011 Catalogue Raisonme. USA - Florida - Sunrise - NW 44th Street info@hillauctiongallery.com 954-741-7164

https://hillauctiongallery.com/   Hill Auction Gallery

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Rene Lalique Dahlias Vase

2021-09-29 - Rene Lalique Dahlias Vase: 5 inch tall enamel highlighted dahlias decorated R. Lalique Vase selling together in Lot No. 188 with a Hesperides Glass. Est: €60 - €80. Model: 938 Circa 1923. EU - France - Paris - Drouot contact@mirabaud-mercier.com +33 01 53 30 90 30

https://www.mirabaud-mercier.com/   Mirabaud - Mercier

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Rene Lalique Gui Bowl

2021-09-29 - Rene Lalique Gui Bowl: 24 cm wide mistletoe decorated standard form glass R. Lalique Bowl. Lot No. 1109 Opening Price: £240. Model: 3223 Circa 1921. Also a 25.5 cm opalescent Volutes Plate as Lot 1101. UK - Scotland - Glasgow - Meiklewood Road auction@mctears.co.uk +44 (0)141 810 2880

http://www.mctears.co.uk   McTear's

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Rene Lalique Dauphins Plate

2021-09-30 - Rene Lalique Dauphins Plate: 31 cm wide dolphins in waves motif glass R. Lalique Plate. Lot No. 1149 Est: €300 - €800. Model: 423 Circa 1932. Also a 20 cm Coquilles Plate as Lot 1150. EU - Portugal - Lisbon - Avenida Elias Garcia info@veritas.art +351 217 948 000

https://www.veritas.art/   Veritas

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Rene Lalique Formose Vase

2021-09-30 - Rene Lalique Formose Vase: 17.2 cm tall cased gray opalescent (agate) fish motif glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot No. 386 Est: CAD1200 - 1800. Model: 934 Circa 1924. Also a dark amber Domremy Vase that is missing the entire top rim as Lot 387, a 20.5 cm standard form opalescent Oursins Bowl as Lot 388, a 36 cm opalescent Algues Bowl as Lot 389, and a Moineau Hardi Paperweight as Lot 390, Canada - Ontario - Toronto - King Street E - Online bk@waddingtons.ca 416-847-6189 Bill Kime is your man at the sale.

http://www.waddingtons.ca   Waddington's

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Rene Lalique Satyre Carafe

2021-10-02 - Rene Lalique Satyre Carafe: 25 cm high clear glass container with a frosted and patinated saytre motif handle and comporting stopper R. Lalique Carafe for Cusenier. Lot No. 400 Est: €300 - €500. Model: 3167 Circa 1923. EU - France - Melun - Vaux le Pénil - Rue du Maréchal Juin pg@encheres77.fr +33 01 64 37 02 12 Pauline Gelgon is your contact at the sale.


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Rene Lalique Cerises Pendant

2021-10-04 - Rene Lalique Cerises Pendant: 1 and 3/8 inches high by 1 and 1/4 inches wide blue glass soft triangular shaped long-stem cherries motif R. Lalique Pendant on later black cord. Lot No.1147 Est: $500 - $700. Model: 1627 Circa 1920. USA - Boston - Online jewelry@skinnerinc.com 617-874-4313

https://www.skinnerinc.com   Skinner

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Rene Lalique Nippon Plate

2021-10-07 - Rene Lalique Nippon Plate: A set of 10 16.5 cm clear glass plates decorated with encircling rows of pearls irregularly spaced from the rim to the center. Lot No. 179 Est: €150 - €200. Model: 3076 Circa 1932. EU - France - Antibes - Avenue Jean Michard Pellissier antibes@metayer-auction.com +33 4 93 67 63 79

https://www.metayer-auction.com/   Metayer

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Rene Lalique Espalion Vase

2021-10-08 - Rene Lalique Espalion Vase: 18 cm tall cased white opalescent bulbous fern leaves motif glass R. Laique Vase. Lot No. 169 Est: €500 - €600. Model: 996 Circa 1927. EU - France - Troyes - Rue de la Paix contact@boisseau-pomez.com +33 03 25 73 34 07

https://www.ivoire-troyes.com/   Ivoire Troyes - Boisseau-Pomez

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Rene Lalique Douze Figurines Avec Bouchon Figurine Vase

2021-10-09 - Rene Lalique Douze Figurines Avec Bouchon Figurine Vase: 29.5 cm overall height barrel shaped container decorated with 12 nudes under a kneeling nude stopper R. Lalique Vase. Lot No. 2053 Est: £1000 £2000. Model: 914 Circa 1920. Note: The auction house is calling out some specific condition issues in the lot description. We don't know if they are major or minor issues. Also an opalescent Ceylan Vase as Lot 2052, a 24 cm Chicoree Bowl as Lot 2054, and a Pasteur Medallion with relief edge lettering in original fitted box as Lot 2055. UK - England - North Yorkshire - Leyburn - Harmby Road enquiry@tennants-ltd.co.uk +44 (0)1969 623780

http://www.tennants.co.uk   Tennants

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Rene Lalique Sarments Vase

2021-10-10 - Rene Lalique Sarments Vase: 14.5 cm tall press-molded vines motif tapering opalescent glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot No. 4 Est: €200 - €300. Model: 10-3478 Circa 1938. Also an opalescent Avallon Vase as Lot 5, an amber Tourbillons Vase with damages as Lot 6, and 13 different Clos Sainte-Odile Wine Bottles ranging in size from 21 cm to 42 cm selling as a group in Lot 7. EU - France - Beaune - Boulevard Saint-Jacques contact@alexandrelandre.com +33 03 80 24 09 66 Amélie Marcilhac is the Expert: info@marcilhacexpert.com/+33 0671813835.

https://www.alexandrelandre.com/   Beaune Encheres

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Rene Lalique Saint-Nectaire Box

2021-10-12 - Rene Lalique Saint-Nectaire Box: A pair (only 1 pictured here) of hexagonal fern leaves and cabochon motif 8.5 cm wide R. Lalique Boxes selling separately as Lot Nos. 178 and 179 Each Est: £200 - £300. Model: 76 Circa 1925. There are over a dozen other lots titled for René Lalique in the sale. They include an "attributed to" drawing as Lot 186 that we recommend you avoid, a 21 cm coquilles bowl later drilled and converted to a 3 hanging cord light fixture with the addition of a "halo" as Lot 171, and a modern crystal Lalique France Bagatelle Vase as Lot 177. UK - England - London - Knights Hill auctions@roseberys.co.uk +44 (0)20 8761 2522

http://www.roseberys.co.uk   Roseberys

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Rene Lalique Celle Que Mon Coeur Aime Flacon

2021-10-15 - Rene Lalique Celle Que Mon Coeur Aime Flacon: 10 cm tall hexagonal glass R. Lalique Flacon with an identical bulging enamel highlighted flower on both front and back separated by clear undecorated side panels under a comporting stopper. Lot No. 143 Est: €150 - €200. Model: Houbigant-Perfume-5 Circa 1925. EU - France - Nancy - Rue Du Placieux anticthermal@orange.fr +33 03 83 28 13 31

http://www.anticthermal.com/   Hotel des Ventes Anticthermal

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Rene Lalique Rampillon Vase

2021-10-15 - Rene Lalique Rampillon Vase: 12.7 cm tall press-molded opalescent glass R. Lalique Vase decorated with three rows of declining geometric cabochons against a restrained floral motif selling in the same Lot No. 400 with a small modern crystal vase. Est: £300 - £500. Model: 991 Circa 1927. UK - Scotland - Edinburgh - Queen Street charles.crahamcampbell@bonhams.com +44 131 240 2294 Charles Graham-Campbell (info preceding) and Gordon Mcfarlan: gordon.mcfarlan@bonhams.com/+44 141 223 8866 are your men at the sale.

https://www.bonhams.com   Bonhams

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Rene Lalique Carthage Vase

2021-10-16 - Rene Lalique Carthage Vase: 17.5 cm tall topaz glass R. Lalique Vase Lot No. 436 Est: €1400 - €1500. Model: 1051 Circa 1930. Also an 8 cm Fleurs De France Perfume Bottle for D'Orsay labeled for CHEVALIER D'ORSAY as Lot 438. EU - Germany - Heilbronn - Trappensee-Schlösschen info@auctions-fischer.de +49 71 311 55570

https://www.auctions-fischer.de/   Dr. Fischer

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Rene Lalique Violette Scent Bottle

2021-10-19 - Rene Lalique Violette Scent Bottle: 8 cm tall square clear, frosted, and patinated glass R. Lalique Scent Bottle decorated on the front with a basket-weave pattern that leaves space for an applied label and selling with the original box. Lot No. Unknown Est: €50 - €60. Model: Houbigant-Perfume-1 Circa 1919. EU - France - Rouen - Rue de la Croix de Fer contact@guery-encheres.com +33 02 35 98 73 49

https://www.guery-encheres.com/   Guery Maison De Ventes - Rouen

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Rene Lalique Aras Vase

2021-10-20 - Rene Lalique Aras Vase: About 9 inches tall macaws in foliage decorated bulging glass R. Lalique Vase. No Lot No. or Est. yet. Model: 919 Circa 1924. Also an opalescent Gui Vase. EU - France - Nantes - Rue Miséricorde contact@encheres-nantes.com +33 02 40 89 24 44

L'Hôtel des Ventes de Nantes - Couton Veyrac Jamault

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Rene Lalique Lezards-2 Pendant

2021-11-04 - Rene Lalique Lezards-2 Pendant: 5 cm high by 4.5 cm wide lizards decorated green glass R. Lalique Pendant.- Lot No. 65 Est: €300 - €400. Model: 1648 Circa 1928. EU - France - Deuil la Barre - Rue Cauchoix hoteldesventes@valerieregis.fr +33 01 34 05 00 77 Valérie Regis is your contact at the sale.

http://valerieregis.fr/   Hôtel des Ventes de la Vallée de Montmorency

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