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R.Lalique At Auction: 30 Auctions Listed
Rene Lalique Coquilles Plate


2017-08-04 - Rene Lalique Coquilles Plate: 20 cm wide round opalescent shells decorated R. Lalique Glass Plate. Lot 345 Est: £150 - £200. Model: 3012 Circa 1924. UK - England - Bedfordshire - Bedford - Newnham Street antiques@peacockauction.co.uk +44 (0)1234 266366

http://www.peacockauction.co.uk   W & H Peacock

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Rene Lalique Duncan-4 Flacon


2017-08-11 - Rene Lalique Duncan-4 Flacon: Just under 8 inches tall rectangular shaped clear glass with an inset patinated panel of a single cavorting nude female on either side of the R. Lalique Flacon with a dome shaped stopper. Lot 729 Est: £30 - £40. Model: 626 Circa 1931. UK - England - Devon - Honiton info@whittonsauctions.co.uk +44 01404 517000

http://www.whittonsauctions.co.uk   Whittons

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Rene Lalique Danaides Vase

2017-07-26 - Rene Lalique Danaides Vase: 7 and 1/8 inches high tapering to spreading foot press-molded opalescent glass depiction of nude women pouring water from large shoulder jugs R. Lalique Vase. Lot 245 Est: $1500 - $2000. Model: 972 Circa 1926. USA - New York - New York City - East 87th Street Malcolm.MacNeil@Doyle.com 212-427-4141

http://www.doyle.com   Doyle New York

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Rene Lalique Nefliers Vase

2017-07-26 - Rene Lalique Nefliers Vase: 5 and 1/2 inches tall flowers and leaves motif wide mouthed frosted glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot 283 Est: £200 - £300. Model: 940 Circa 1923. UK - England - Herefordshire - Leominster - Esters Court fineart@brightwells.com +44 (0)1568 611122

http://www.brightwells.com   Brightwells

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Rene Lalique Graines Pendant

2017-07-26 - Rene Lalique Graines Pendant: Approximately 1.85 inches by 1.55 inches soft triangle shaped seeds motif blue glass R. Lalique Pendant with original pre-made holes for the hanging cord and tassles. Item: 372017912240. Model: 1652 Circa 1920. USA - New Jersey - Maywood

Consulting Inquiry

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Rene Lalique Oursins Coupe

2017-07-26 - Rene Lalique Oursins Coupe: 25 cm wide sea urchin motif clear and frosted glass R. Lalique Coupe selling together in Lot 343 with 2 unrelated items. Est: $250 - $350. Model: 3310 Circa 1935. USA - Connecticut - Monroe - Main Street jack@fairfieldauction.com 203-880-5200

http://www.fairfieldauction.com/   Fairfield

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Rene Lalique Yvelines Vase

2017-07-27 - Rene Lalique Yvelines Vase: 8 inc tall heavily molded clear and frosted glass with a deer decorated "ear" on either side of the rim whose supporting foliage runs onto the the body of the R. Lalique Vase. Lot 1117 Est: £2000 - £3000. Model: 975 Circa 1826. Also Lot 1112 is a Bagatelle Vase, Lot 1115 is a Grives Vase, and Lot 1116 is a Mossi Vase. UK - England - Surrey - Haslemere - Fernhurst - Midhurst Road sales@johnnicholsons.com +44 (0)1428 653727

http://www.johnnicholsons.com   John Nicholson's

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Rene Lalique Chicoree Bowl

2017-07-28 - Rene Lalique Chicoree Bowl: 23.5 cm wide typical shape opalescent glass chicory decorated R. Lalique Bowl. Lot 583 Est: £200 - £300. Model: 3213 Circa 1921. Also Lot 500 is an opalescent Coquilles Bowl later mounted with a metal ring inside a 44.5 cm wide glass disc. UK - England - Dorset - Sherborne - Long Street enquiry@charterhouse-auction.com +44 (0)1935 812277

http://www.charterhouse-auctions.com   Charterhouse

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Rene Lalique Catalogue Raisonne 1994 Book

2017-07-29 - Rene Lalique Catalogue Raisonne 1994 Book: Over 1000 pages showing over 1500 models being the 2nd Edition (latest is the 4th Edition 2011) with blue dust jacket R. Lalique Book. Lot 317 Est: £60 - £80. Model: Cat-Res-2 Circa 1994. UK - England - West Midlands - Stourbridge - Mill Race Lane info@fieldingsauctioneers.co.uk +44 (0)1384 444140

http://www.fieldingsauctioneers.co.uk/   Fieldings

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Rene Lalique Violettes Vase

2017-07-29 - Rene Lalique Violettes Vase: About 17 cm tall press-molded violet leaves decorated opalescent glass R. Lalique Vase that has a chip to the rim. Lot 1080. Model: 930 Circa 1921. Also Lot 1081 is a green opalescent Lapin Cendrier Model No. 285 with the central rabbit apparently missing its ears. UK - England - Lincolnshire - Lincoln - North Hykeham - Station Road lincoln@goldingyoung.com +44 (0)1522 524 984

http://www.goldingyoung.com   Golding Young & Mawer

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Rene Lalique Suzanne Statue

2017-07-29 - Rene Lalique Suzanne Statue: 8 and 7/8 inches tall opalescent glass depiction of a nude cavorting female with draped extended arms R. Lalique Statue that has a damaged left hand. Lot 92 Est: $500 - $800. Model: 833 Circa 1925. Also Lot 93 is a Bordure Bluets Vase Model No. 907. USA - California - Sunnyvale dgw@dgwauctioneers.com 408-245-1863

http://www.dgwauctioneers.com/   D.G.W.

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Rene Lalique Formose Vase

2017-07-29 - Rene Lalique Formose Vase: Opalescent bulbous fish covered glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot 1 Est: $5000 - $6000. Model: 934 Circa 1924. USA - Florida - Hobe Sound - SE Suzanne Drive owoto@comcast.net 772-263-3444

http://www.auctionsbydaum.com/   Auctions by Daum

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Rene Lalique Ormeaux Vase

2017-07-29 - Rene Lalique Ormeaux Vase: 6 and 1/2 inches tall small leaves covered rich dark amber glass bulbous R. Lalique Vase. Lot 133 Est: $1500 - $2500. Model: 984 Circa 1926. US - Delaware - Rehoboth Beach - Grenoble Place mauria@stuartkingston.com 302-227-2524 E. Mauria Stein is your contact for the sale.

http://www.stuartkingston.com   Stuart Kingston Gallery

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Rene Lalique Ondines Bowl

2017-07-29 - Rene Lalique Ondines Bowl: 8 inches wide by 3 inches high standard form opalescent glass R. Lalique Bowl decorated with half-a-dozen swirling mythical water nymph figures in various poses. Lot 212 Est: $400 - $600. Model: 380 Circa 1921. USA - Ohio - Cincinnati decarts@cowans.com 513-871-1670

http://www.cowansauction.com   Cowan's

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Rene Lalique Pissenlit Bowl

2017-07-29 - Rene Lalique Pissenlit Bowl: 24.5 cm wide standard form large dandelion leaves decorated clear and frosted glass R. lalique Bowl. Lot 1848 Reserve Price: €400. Model: 3215 Circa 1921. Also Lot 1846 is a 28 cm wide opalescent Actinia Coupe-Plate Model No. 10-391. EU - Germany - Walldorf - Heinrich-Hertz-Str. info@auktionshaus-walldorf.de +49 (0) 6227 4043 Herr Rodenbusch is your man at the sale.

http://www.auktionshaus-walldorf.de   Walldorf

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Rene Lalique Fleurettes Perfume Bottle

2017-07-30 - Rene Lalique Fleurettes Perfume Bottle: 14.5 cm tall frosted and apparently sick glass with a patinated band of small flowers running up each corner and also around the stopper of the R. Lalique Perfume Bottle. Lot 148 Starting Price: $10. Model: 577 Circa 1919. Israel - Tel Aviv - collectodo@gmail.com +972 523 720 0203

http://www.collectodo.com   CollecTodo

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Rene Lalique Zinnias Boite

2017-07-30 - Rene Lalique Zinnias Boite: 4 inches long by 3 and 1/4 inches wide by 2 inches high sunflowers decorated lid with herringbone sides clear and frosted glass R. Lalique Boite. Lot 8 Est: $200 - $300. Model: 54 Circa 1923. There are at least half a dozen other R. Lalique lots in the sale including a good looking Muguet Ashtray Model No. 334 as Lot 14. Also, there are a couple of lots (Lot 5 and Lot 9) that are not R. Lalique, and there is some modern stuff mixed in. The whole menagerie can be seen HERE!! USA - Missouri - Lone Jack - Lee's Summit Road dirksoulis@gmail.com 816-697-3830

http://www.dirksoulisauctions.com/   Dirk Soulis

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Rene Lalique Trois Figurines Box

2017-07-31 - Rene Lalique Trois Figurines Box: A re-offer of Trois Figurines Box Lot 3948004 only from June 25th, 2017.

9 cm wide two parts frosted glass with the top of the lid having 3 dancing females and a trailing garland design that is on both parts of the R. Lalique Box. Lot 3948004 Est: €240 - €300. There was a 2nd one of these same boxes selling as Lot 3948003 in June that had some damages and was estimated at €60 - €80.

Model: D'Orsay-Box-1 Circa 1913. EU - Belgium - Saint Servais - Chaussée de Waterloo rops@rops.be +32 (0)81 74 99 88

http://www.rops.be   Rops

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Rene Lalique Inseparables Desk Clock

2017-08-01 - Rene Lalique Inseparables Desk Clock: 11 cm soft cornered square plaque form opalescent glass decorated with a pair of birds perched in foliage on either side of the central round face R. Lalique Desk Clock. Lot 442 Est: £1000 - £1500. Model: 765 Circa 1926. UK - England - Kent - Canterbury - Station Road West auctions@thecanterburyauctiongalleries.com +44 (0)1227 763337

http://www.thecanterburyauctiongalleries.com   Canterbury

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Rene Lalique Coq Box

2017-08-02 - Rene Lalique Coq Box: 10.5 cm wide two parts clear and frosted glass with an offset coq figure on the top of the lid R. Lalique Box. Lot 4188 Est: £300 - £350. Model: 2 Circa 1910. UK - England - Derbyshire - Derby - Chequers Road fineart@bamfords-auctions.co.uk +44 (0)1332 210000

http://www.bamfords-auctions.co.uk   Bamfords

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Rene Lalique Domremy Vase

2017-08-05 - Rene Lalique Domremy Vase: 8 and 1/2 inches tall smokey thistles motif glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot 615 Est: $1000 - $2000. Model: 979 Circa 1926. Also Lot 616 is a Pissenlit Plate and Lot 619B is a Le Lys Box for D'Orsay. USA - North Carolina - Flat Rock - Upward Road richardhatch@richardhatchauctions.com 828-696-3440

http://www.richardhatchauctions.com   Richard D. Hatch & Associates

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Rene Lalique Muscat Vase

2017-08-05 - Rene Lalique Muscat Vase: 6 and 1/2 inches tall clear and frosted repeating grapes on vines motif glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot 112 Est: $150 - $200. Model: 10-3477 Circa 1938. USA - New York - East Moriches - Montauk Highway info@southbayauctions.com 631-878-2909

http://www.southbayauctions.com   South Bay

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Rene Lalique Coquilles Coupe

2017-08-07 - Rene Lalique Coquilles Coupe: 16 cm wide by 6.5 cm high standard form opalescent glass R. Lalique Coupe that has an all-over design of sea shells. Lot 485 Est: £120 - £180. Model: 3203 Circa 1924. UK - England - West Midlands - Birmingham - Augusta Street info@fellows.co.uk +44 (0)1212 122131

http://www.fellows.co.uk   Fellows

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Rene Lalique Renoncules Vase

2017-08-07 - Rene Lalique Renoncules Vase: 15 cm tall and 16.6 cm wide at the top clear glass container with a large frosted bulging high relief patinated floral section above the base and below the undecorated widening top section of the R. Lalique Vase. Lot 71 Est: €50 - €80. Model: 1044 Circa 1930. EU - France - Le Puy En Velay - Rue du Vent l'Emporte philippe@casal.eu.com +33 04 71 09 03 85

Le Puy Encheres - Philippe Casal

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Rene Lalique Deux Sirenes Boite

2017-08-07 - Rene Lalique Deux Sirenes Boite: 8.4 cm wide by 2.7 cm high opalescent glass cover decorated with 2 mythical figures over a cardboard bottom R. Lalique Boite. Lot 352 Est: €200 - €300. Model: D'Orsay-Box-2 Circa 1920. EU - France - Morlaix Cedex - Rue de Paris contact@morlaix-encheres.com +33 02 98 88 08 39

http://www.morlaix-encheres.com/   Dupont & Associés

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Rene Lalique Wingen Carafe

2017-08-08 - Rene Lalique Wingen Carafe: 19.5 cm tall bulbous thin ribbed clear and frosted glass container under a long comporting neck and dome shaped stopper R. Lalique Carafe. Lot 1273-583 Est: KR2,000. Model: 5108 Circa 1928. Denmark - Copenhagen - Nordhavn havnen@bruun-rasmussen.dk +45 88 18 11 11

http://www.bruun-rasmussen.dk   Bruun Rasmussen

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Rene Lalique Grosses Feuilles Buvard

2017-08-12 - Rene Lalique Grosses Feuilles Buvard: 16.5 cm long frosted large leaves motif glass with a slide-in curved metal rocker R. Lalique Buvard. Model: 150 Circa 1920. EU - France - Nimes - Rue de l'Agau hoteldesventes@hdv-nimes.fr +33 04 66 67 52 74

http://www.ivoire-france.com/nimes/presentation   Ivoire Nimes et Champion-Kusel

See this Grosses Feuilles Buvard In The Rene Lalique Catalogue!

Rene Lalique Palmes Vase

2017-09-04 - Rene Lalique Palmes Vase: About 11 cm tall bulbous all-over palm leaves decorated short necked patinated and frosted glass R. Lalique Vase. Model: 952 Circa 1923. EU - France - Tours - Rue Giraudeau giraudeau.tours@wanadoo.fr +33 02 47 37 71 71

Bertrand Jabot et Giraudeau

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Rene Lalique Laiterons Vase

2017-09-24 - Rene Lalique Laiterons Vase: 8 cm tall yellow amber and white enameled milkweed decorated R. Lalique Vase. Est: €600 - €1000. Model: 1072 Circa 1931. EU - France - Blois - Avenue du Maréchal Maunoury pousse.cornet@wanadoo.fr +33 02 54 78 45 58

Pousse-Cornet - Valoir

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Rene Lalique Sophora Vase

2017-09-24 - Rene Lalique Sophora Vase: 25.5 cm tall large leaves on stems motif frosted and patinated glass R. Lalique Vase. Est: €2000 - €3000. Model: 977 Circa 1926. EU - France - Marseille - Rue Alfred Curtel g.dedianous@wanadoo.fr +33 04 91 79 05 11 Thierry Roche is the expert for this vase: +33 (0)6 80 05 46 68 / rochexpert@wanadoo.fr.

Gérard de Dianous & Emmanuel Dard et Marseille Encheres Provence

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