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Rene Lalique Violette Perfume Bottle For Houbigant Close-Up
Le Parfum Ideal Houbigant France Label On R. Lalique Quelques Fleurs Perfume Bottle
Rene Lalique Paires de Scarabees Necklace Close-Up
Rene Lalique Fox Car Mascot Close-Up Of Head
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Rene Lalique Vierge a L'Enfant Statue


2021-10-27 - Rene Lalique Vierge a L'Enfant Statue: 35 cm total height block form clear and frosted glass statue of the Virgin and Christ child on later illuminated base. Lot No. 3263 Est: €600 - €700. Model: 1217 Circa 1934. EU - Italy - Genoa - Mura dello Zerbino asteboetto@asteboetto.it +39 010 25 41 314

http://www.asteboetto.it/index.php/it/   Aste di Antiquariato Boetto

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Rene Lalique Ondes Coupe


2021-10-28 - Rene Lalique Ondes Coupe: 20.5 cm wide standard form opalescent glass R. Lalique Coupe decorated with a vertical repeating waves motif. Lot No. 28 Est: £300 - £400. Model: 3292 Circa 1935. Also an Irene Ashtray that has a phony signature (so figure it's modern) as Lot 29, and the center section only of the 3 typical pieces to a Charme Jardiniere Model 3463 as Lot 30. UK - England - Berkshire - Sunningdale - Priory Road - Priors Wood info@opus-auctions.com +44 01344 624276

https://www.opus-auctions.com/   Opus

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Rene Lalique Saint-Tropez Vase

2021-10-24 - Rene Lalique Saint-Tropez Vase: 18 cm tall frosted foliage motif glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot No. 312 Est: €300 - €350. Model: 10-915 Circa 1937. Also a 4 Figurines Atomizer missing some parts as Lot 311. EU - France - Biarritz - Allée de l'Aeropostale contact@biarritzencheres.com +33 05 59 24 21 88

https://biarritzencheres.com   Biarritz Encheres - Carayol

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Rene Lalique Ambre Antique Perfume Bottle

2021-10-27 - Rene Lalique Ambre Antique Perfume Bottle: 15.5 cm tall triangular shaped glass R. Lalique Perfume Bottle decorated with robed women. Est: €200 - €400. Model: Coty-Perfume-3 Circa 1910. EU - France - Mayenne - Boulevard François Mitterand pascalblouet@orange.fr +33 02 43 04 13 74

Pascal Blouet

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Rene Lalique Ondines Plate

2021-10-27 - Rene Lalique Ondines Plate: 27.5 cm opalescent glass R. Lalique Plate having a design of 6 nude female type mythical figures swirling around an undecorated center. Lot No. Unknown Est: €400 - €500. Model: 3003 Circa 1921. EU - France - Bordeaux - Quai des Chartrons marine.pol@etude-chartrons.com +33 05 56 11 11 97 Marine Pol is your contact at the sale.

https://www.facebook.com/pg/blanchylacombe/posts/   Blanchy - Lacombe - Bordeaux Encheres

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Rene Lalique Climene Source De La Fontaine Statue

2021-10-27 - Rene Lalique Climene Source De La Fontaine Statue: 54 cm total height including original wooden base that has a 1965 presentation inscription from Victoria Braithwaite** glass R. Lalique Statue of a fish and water motif bowed head female. Lot No. 0110 Est: AUD5000 - 8000. Model: 844 Circa 1924.

Also a Fleurs D'Amour aluminum powder box for Roger et Gallet as Lot 0557.

**The most famous Victoria Braithwaite ever was born in 1967 and died in 2019 when only 52 years old. So it's certainly not her as she was not born yet in 1965 so probably not making inscriptions to anyone:) But because we missed that little detail (our pathetic excuse is that we were taken in by the fish and water motif of the statue) we included all the following info in this listing just in case it was her. We decided to make the correction and leave the info so readers will know it's not her, and also because the info itself is pretty interesting. Victoria Braithwaite was a British Scientist and a Professor at Penn State University. She was the first person to demonstrate that fish are sentient; they can feel things and specifically they can feel pain. Her finding had a huge impact on animal welfare research, and fish handling all over the world. Here is a link to a thought provoking article she wrote that appeared in the Los Angeles Times in 2006.

New Zealand - Wellington - Maginnity Street info@dunbarsloane.co.nz +64 44721367

https://www.dunbarsloane.co.nz/   Dunbar Sloane Wellington

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Rene Lalique Roscoff Coupe

2021-10-27 - Rene Lalique Roscoff Coupe: 35 cm wide radiating outward facing fish motif opalescent glass R. Lalique Coupe in the coupe-ouverte form. Lot No. 184 Est: €250 - €300. Model: 10-383 Circa 1932. Also an opalescent Piriac Vase as Lot 194. EU - Belgium - Verviers - Rue Peltzer De Clermont benoit.legros@euronet.be +32 87 33 01 00

https://www.venteslegros.com/en/   Legros

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Rene Lalique Pouilly Tableware

2021-10-27 - Rene Lalique Pouilly Tableware: Matching model clear glass with frosted encircling bands of fish decoration R. Lalique Tableware being a 16.3 cm underplate supporting the 12 cm bowl. Lot No. 36927-13. Bid At Time Of Listing: AUD145. Model: Pouilly-Tableware Circa 1933. Also an Imprudence Perfume Bottle for Worth as Lot 29332-2112. Australia - ACT - Canberra - Fyshwick - Wiluna Street admin@allbids.com.au +61 02 6239 2262

https://www.allbids.com.au/   ALLBIDS

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Rene Lalique Asters Plate

2021-10-27 - Rene Lalique Asters Plate: 17.7 cm diameter opalescent glass decorated with 4 encircling declining rows of aster flowerheads R. Lalique Plate. Lot No. 12 Est: £60 - £80. Model: 10-3040 Circa 1935. UK - Newcastle Upon Tyne - Westerhope - Newbiggin Lane - Crispin Court info@andersonandgarland.com +44 0 1914 303000 Nigel Smith and Julian Thomson are your men at the sale.

https://www.andersonandgarland.com/   Anderson & Garland

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Rene Lalique Saint-Christophe Car Mascot

2021-10-27 - Rene Lalique Saint-Christophe Car Mascot: 12.5 cm high by 10 cm wide round plaque form glass on opposing small round base R. Lalique Car Mascot depicting the Saint carrying a child on his shoulders. Lot No. 949 Est: €250. Model: 1142 Circa 1928. EU - Spain - Erandio - Avenue de José Luis Goyoaga correo@artesubastasbilbao.com +34 94 423 62 97

https://www.artesubastasbilbao.com/   Arte Subastas Bilbao

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Rene Lalique Invitation A Exposition Medallion

2021-10-27 - Rene Lalique Invitation A Exposition Medallion: 6.5 cm wide round green glass medallion with a leafy front and the molded inscription on the reverse inviting recipients to an exposition of glass at 24 place Vendôme in December 1912 R. Lalique Invitation selling in the same Lot No. 210 with an unrelated glass fish. Est: €150 - €200 . Model: Invitation-1 Circa 1912. EU - France - Paris - Drouot contact@ogerblanchet.fr +33 01 42 46 96 95

http://www.ogerblanchet.fr/   Oger-Blanchet

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Rene Lalique Violettes Vase

2021-10-28 - Rene Lalique Violettes Vase: 16 cm tall flaring rim opalescent glass decorated with violet leaves. Lot No. Uknwn Est: £800 - £1200. Model: 930 Circa 1921. UK - England - Surrey - Woking - Send - London Road antiques@ewbankauctions.co.uk +44 (0)1483 223101

http://www.ewbankauctions.co.uk   Ewbank's

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Rene Lalique Marguerites Vase

2021-10-28 - Rene Lalique Marguerites Vase: 20.5 cm tall ovoid shaped daisies decorated glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot No. 234 Est: €200 - €300. Model: 922 Circa 1923. Also a Nemours Bowl as Lot 217 and a 13.5 cm frosted glass Stars Perfume Bottle for Worth as Lot 218. EU - France - Besancon - Rue de l'Eglise ventes@dufreche.fr +33 03 81 80 37 37

https://www.dufreche.fr/   Dufreche

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Rene Lalique Faucon Car Mascot

2021-10-28 - Rene Lalique Faucon Car Mascot: 15.5 cm tall forward-leaning standing falcon figure on incorporated round base R. Lalique Car Mascot. Lot No. 22 Est: £600 - £1000. Model: 1124 Circa 1925. There are 5 other R. Lalique lots in the sale. You can see then all HERE! UK - England - Cambridgeshire - Cambridge - Clifton Road fine.art@cheffins.co.uk +44 (0)1223 213343

https://www.cheffins.co.uk/   Cheffins

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Rene Lalique Sainte-Odile Decanter

2021-10-30 - Rene Lalique Sainte-Odile Decanter: A re-offer from July 19, 2021. Now Lot 39 Est: €300 - €400.

24 cm tall rectangular shaped clear glass under a rising neck with four rings at the top and a grapes motif stopper R. Lalique Decanter. Lot No. 185 Est: €300 - €400.

Model: Sainte-Odile-Decanter-1 Circa 1927. Also on July 19th and not re-offered was a Camargue Vase as Lot 190. EU - France - Fontainebleau - Rue Royale c.laborde@osenat.com +33 01 80 81 90 05 Cédric Laborde is your man at the sale.

https://www.osenat.com/   Osenat

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Rene Lalique Domremy Vase

2021-10-30 - Rene Lalique Domremy Vase: 21.5 cm tall thistles motif frosted glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot No. 150 Est: €400 - €600. Model: 979 Circa 1926. EU - France - Auch - Rue Victor Hugo contact@gers-encheres.fr +33 05 62 05 41 20 Emmanuel Eyraud is the Expert: eyraud.expert@free.fr/+33 (0)6 07 83 62 43.

https://gers-encheres.fr/   Hôtel des Ventes d'Auch

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Rene Lalique Lezards-2 Pendant

2021-11-04 - Rene Lalique Lezards-2 Pendant: 5 cm high by 4.5 cm wide lizards decorated green glass R. Lalique Pendant.- Lot No. 65 Est: €300 - €400. Model: 1648 Circa 1928. EU - France - Deuil la Barre - Rue Cauchoix hoteldesventes@valerieregis.fr +33 01 34 05 00 77 Valérie Regis is your contact at the sale.

http://valerieregis.fr/   Hôtel des Ventes de la Vallée de Montmorency

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Rene Lalique Bacchantes Vase

2021-11-05 - Rene Lalique Bacchantes Vase: 24.5 cm tall cavorting nudes motif yellow amber glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot No. 14 Est: €18,000 - €24,000. Model: 997 Circa 1927. EU - France - Paris - Rue de la Grange Batelière ajacquemard@millon-associes.com +33 0 7 70 33 09 42 Alexis Jacquemard is your contact.

https://www.millon.com/   Millon

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Rene Lalique Gerardmer Vase

2021-11-05 - Rene Lalique Gerardmer Vase: 9 and 1/2 inches tall tapering press-molded oplescent glass R. Lalique Vase with a design of vertical protruding fin-like notched edge elongated low dome shapes separated by overlapping reflecting triangles on the vase body under the undecorated top section. Lot No. 171 Est: $700 - $1000. Model: 10-885 Circa 1934. USA - New York - Geneseo - Court Street info@cottoneauctions.com 585-243-1000

https://www.cottoneauctions.com/   Cottone

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Rene Lalique Gui Vase

2021-11-07 - Rene Lalique Gui Vase: 7 inches tall clear and forsted mistletoe motif R. Lalique Vase. Lot No. 1139 Bid At Time Of Listing: $35. Model: 948 Circa 1920. Also a Saint Christophe Car Mascot/Paperweight of unknown age as Lot 1138. USA - Arizona - Sun City - North 99th Avenue contact@bradfordsauction.com 602-581-7748

https://www.bradfordsauction.com   Bradford's

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Rene Lalique Quelques Fleurs Perfume Bottle

2021-11-07 - Rene Lalique Quelques Fleurs Perfume Bottle: A set of 4 matching model 2 and 1/2 inches high by 3 and 1/4 inches wide R. Lalique Perfume Bottles bearing original labels for the scents Coeur de Jeanette, Quelques Fleurs, Un peu d'Ambre, and Le Parfum Ideal with various molded marks for R. LALIQUE and HOUBIGANT to the undersides. Lot No. 776 Est: $2000 - $3000. Model: Houbigant-Perfume-4 Circa 1921. Also a Trois Figurines Box for D'Orsay as Lot 759, an Epines Atomizer as Lot 760, a Tzigane Perfume Bottle as Lot 773, a 3 and 1/2 inch Epines Perfume Bottle as Lot 758, and a pair of 6 and 1/2 inch tall Coty later made copies of Lalique's 1911 Eau De Toilette Perfume Bottle that are signed COTY and FRANCE as Lot 784. USA - Florida - West Palm Beach - Bunker Road info@modernauctions.com 561-586-5500

https://www.modernauctions.com/   Palm Beach Modern

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Rene Lalique Lotus Decanter

2021-11-22 - Rene Lalique Lotus Decanter: 17 cm tall clear glass R. Lalique Decanter with a lotus flower flaring rim/stopper design. Lot No. 143 Est: €50 - €100. Model: 5031 Circa 1924. Also a Druide Vase as Lot 139 that looks like it's missing the top rim. EU - France - Grenoble - Cours Berriat ie@102030.fr +33 04 76 84 03 88

https://www.facebook.com/Grenoble-Ench%C3%A8res-100479170008501/   Torossian - Grenoble Encheres

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