R Lalique Cire Perdue Wasp Vase by Rene Lalique


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Rene Lalique Bowl Actinia


2015-04-06 - Rene Lalique Actinia Bowl: 25 cm wide round opalescent glass R. Lalique Art Deco Bowl inteh "coupe-ouverte" form. Lot 139 Est: AUD400 - 600 Model: 10-392 Circa 1939 Australia - Victoria - Melbourne - Kew valuations@bigpond.com +61 03 9855 2255 David Freeman is your contact at the sale.

http://www.aaauctions.com.au/   Amanda Adams

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Rene Lalique Vase Archers


2015-04-08 - Rene Lalique Archers Vase: 27 cm tall dark red amber bowmen shooting arrows at overhead birds motif R. Lalique Vase being used as a lamp. It appears that the electric comes out of the top, and that the vase may not have been drilled. See the 2nd picture showing the underside in the listing. And of course, check that with the auction house. Lot 167 Est: €2000 - €3000 Model: 893 Circa 1921 EU - France - Paris - Drouot lemoine.encheres@gmail.com +33 01 47 70 50 11


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Rene Lalique Mantel Clock Quatre Moineaux Du Japon


2015-04-08 - Rene Lalique Quatre Moineaux Du Japon Mantel Clock: 18.5 by 18 cm nearly square patinated glass that is 8 cm thick, the front decorated with four birds and foliage around an intricate face R. Lalique Mantel Clock. Lot 335 Est: €800 - €1200 Model: ATO-4 Circa 1928 EU - France - Paris - Drouot contact@art-richelieu.fr +33 01 42 24 80 76 The expert for this clock is Côme REMY - +33 (0) 6 15 04 83 02.

http://www.art-richelieu.fr   Art Richelieu

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Rene Lalique Flacon Lavande Alpy


2015-04-11 - Rene Laique Lavande Alpy Flacon: 22 cm tall shouldered clear glass under dome shaped stopper and being decorated with a bouquet of lavender R. Lalique Flacon. Lot 47 Est: €250 - €300 Model: Alpy Circa 1929 Also a Khedive Box with some damages, a couple of Cinq Fleurs Flacons for Forvil, a Eau De Cologne for D'Heraud, a pair of Imrpudence Flacons for Worth, the Quatre Flacons Box for Houbigant, and a single Lot 37 with three Je Reviens Flacons of unknow age. EU - France - Paris - Rue Des Colonnes du Trône contact@estim-nation.fr +33 01 43 47 18 18 Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg is the expert for the entire sale.

http://estim-nation.fr/   Estim Nation

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Rene Lalique Clock Rossignols


2015-04-15 - Rene Lalique Rossignols Clock: 8 inches tall round plaque form clear glass with a design of birds in various poses and black numerals surrounding the Omega mechanism in the R. Lalique Clock. Lot 202 Est: €4500 - €4500 Model: 735 Circa 1931 EU - France - Marseille contact@leclere-mdv.com +33 (0)4 91 50 00 00 The expert for the sale is Guy Kobrine +33 06 62 54 18 84.

http://www.leclere-mdv.com/   LeClere

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Rene Lalique Chandelier Moineaux 2


2015-04-16 - Rene Lalique Moineaux 2 Chandelier: 50 cm wide square assembled glass with high relief birds decorated sides and a protruding notches square on the undecorated bottom of the R. Lalique Chandelier. Lot 267 Est: €1000 - €1500 Model: 2299 Circa 1931 Note this one of three similar models all of which are identified separately. There are about 7 other R. Lalique lots in the sale, all of which can be found HERE. EU - France - Paris - Drouot contact@jmdelvaux.fr +33 01 40 22 00 40

http://www.delvaux.auction.fr/   Delvaux

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Rene Lalique Bowl Mont Dore


2015-04-11 - Rene Lalique Mont Dore Bowl: A re-offer-from December 13th, 2014. Now Lot 250 with the same estimate. 22 cm wide opalescent glass R. Lalique Bowl fitted into a later and unrelated chandelier. Lot 310 Est: €800 - €1000 Model: 396 Circa 1928 EU - France - Lorient arvor.encheres@wanadoo.fr +33 02 97 21 22 98


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Rene Lalique Plate Andlau


2015-04-23 - Rene Lalique Andlau Plate: An apparent re-offer from July 7th, 2013. Now Lot 10 Opening Bid: €50. This is a re-listing of a lot originally offered on June 13th: A single 20.5 centimeters wide clear glass with the outer edge trimmed in molded round pearl form objects R. Lalique Plate Lot 107 Est: £200 - £280 Model: 3078 Circa 1932 UK - England - Somerset - Bath info@proauction.ltd.uk +44 (0) 1761 414 000

http://www.proauction.ltd.uk   Pro

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Rene Lalique Decanter Raisins

2015-03-31 - Rene Lalique Raisins Decanter: 27 cm tall grapes on vines covered flask form gray patinated frosted glass with upright disk comporting stopper R. Lalique Decanter. Lot 137 Est: AUD1000 - 1500 Model: 3165 Circa 1920 Also Lot 139 is a 24 cm high blue glass disk shaped Dans la Nuit-3 Perfume Bottle. Australia - Melbourne - Exhbiition Street enquiries@sothebysaustralia.com.au +61 (0)3 9509 2900

http://www.sothebysaustralia.com.au   Sothebys Australia

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Rene Lalique Vase Lievres

2015-03-31 - Rene Lalique Lievres Vase: About 16 cm tall rabbits motif bulbous glass under spreading tall neck R. Lalique Vase. Item: 251888363702 Model: 924 Circa 1923 USA - Michigan - Sterling Heights

Consulting Inquiry

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Rene Lalique Tableware Pouilly

2015-03-31 - Rene Lalique Pouilly Tableware: Three patinated fish decorated glasses in two different sizes R. Lalique Tableware selling in the same Lot 65. Est: €20 - €40 Model: Pouilly-Tableware Circa 1931 UK - England - Essex - Colchester auctions@reemandansie.com +44 (0) 1206 754754

http://www.reemandansie.com   Reeman Dansie

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Rene Lalique Bowl Dahlias

2015-04-01 - Rene Lalique Dahlias Bowl: Frosted round glass with a patina highlighted leafs and flower head motif R. Lalique Bowl. Lot 425 Est: AUD800 - 1,000 Model: 384 Circa 1921 Australia - Melbourne - Exhbiition Street enquiries@sothebysaustralia.com.au +61 (0)3 9509 2900

http://www.sothebysaustralia.com.au   Sothebys Australia

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Rene Lalique Carafe Dundee Mosaique

2015-04-01 - Rene Lalique Dundee Mosaique Carafe: 26 cm high frosted and clear stoppered art deco mosaic decorated R. Lalique Carafe. Lot 332 Est: £800 - £1200 Model: 3169 Circa 1927 There are about 75 R. Lalique glass lots in the sale. The two page listing can be found HERE. UK - England - London - Knightsbridge mark.oliver@bonhams.com +44 20 7393 3856 Mark Oliver is your contact.

http://www.bonhams.com   Bonhams

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Rene Lalique Tableware Unawihr

2015-04-01 - Rene Lalique Unawihr Tableware: A set of 8 12 cm wide bowls and a single matching model plate, all in clear glass with enameled relief notches R. Lalique Tableware. Lot 264 Est: €100 - €120 Model: Unawihr-Tableware Circa 1926 Also Lot 263 is 12 Jaffa 12 cm Tumblers. EU - France - Paris - Drouot contact@audap-mirabaud.com +33

http://www.audap-mirabaud.com/   Audap & Mirabaud

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Rene Lalique Vase Floride

2015-04-01 - Rene Lalique Floride Vase: 14 inches tall densely frosted glass with a high relief single band of large leaf tips giving rise to a spreading top section R. Lalique Vase. Lot 101 Est: $2000 - $3000 Model: 10-897 Circa 1936 Also Lot 126 an opalescent Prunes Vase, Lot 171 a Papillons Vase, Lot 200 a gray Chevaux Vase, and Lot 250 a Raisins Vase. USA - Texas - Dallas info@dallasauctiongallery.com 214-653-3900

http://www.dallasauctiongallery.com   Dallas Auction Gallery

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Rene Lalique Coupe Graines D'Asperges

2015-04-01 - Rene Lalique Graines D'Asperges Coupe: 24 cm across opalescent asparagus seeds decorated R. Lalique Glass Coupe. Lot 50 Est: €60 - €100 Model: 3220 Circa 1921 UK - England - Liverpool - Stanhope Street info@catocrane.co.uk +44 (0)151 709 5559

http://www.cato-crane.co.uk   Cato Crane

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Rene Lalique Vase Saint Marc

2015-04-02 - Rene Lalique Saint Marc Vase: 17 cm wide clear and frosted oval shaped vase with circular frosted horizontal bands connecting birds or pigeons on either side of the R. Lalique Vase. Lot 60 Est: €100 - €120 Model: 10-934 Circa 1939 EU - France - Lille xavier.wattebled@wanadoo.fr +33 03 20 06 25 81


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Rene Lalique Plaque Jesus

2015-04-02 - Rene Lalique Jesus Plaque: A nearly 30 cm tall by almost 17 cm wide plaque form depiction in glass with enamel of Christ on the cross, this being the the larger of the two sizes of the religious statue/decoration that is just missing the original wooden base. Now fitted for hanging. Est: €200 - €300 Model: 1203 Circa 1931 EU - France - Senlis - Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Martin contact@senlisencheres.com +33 03 44 53 03 42

SCP D. LE COËNT-de BEAULIEU et V. de M... et HOTEL des VENTES de SENLIS sarl

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Rene Lalique Vase Lamp Plumes

2015-04-02 - Rene Lalique Plumes Vase Lamp: Low relief leafs decorated glass with later fittings for use as an R. Lalique Lamp. Lot 215 Est: €300 - €400 Model: 944 Circa 1920 EU - France - Brest - Rue De Chateau info@thierry-lannon.com +33

http://www.thierry-lannon.com   Thierry - Lannon

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Rene Lalique Vase Druide

2015-04-04 - Rene Lalique Druide Vase: 18 cm ball shaped foliage decorated small mouthed short necked R. Lalique Vase. Est: €300 Model: 937 Circa 1924 EU - France - Nancy - Rue de Nabécor nabecor@wanadoo.fr +33 03 83 57 99 57


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Rene Lalique Pendant Muguet-2

2015-04-04 - Rene Lalique Muguet-2 Pendant: 4.5 cm tall by 2.6 cm wide oval shaped opalescent lily of the valley decorated glass R. Lalique Pendant with a hole at either end for the neck cord and tassel. Lot 96 Est: £100 - £150 Model: 1668 Circa 1921 UK - Scotland - Edinburgh - Sighthill - Bankhead Avenue admin@shapesauctioneers.co.uk +44 (0) 131 453 3222

http://www.shapesedinburgh.co.uk   Shapes

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Rene Lalique Bowl Chataignier

2015-04-04 - Rene Lalique Chataignier Bowl: 35 cm wide clear glass with high relief spoked leafs from the center to the rim of the R. Lalique Bowl. Lot 144 Est: €400 - €500 Model: 10-388 Circa 1933 EU - France - Vannes - Rue Du Dr J. Audic ruellan.cpriseur@orange.fr +33 02 97 47 26 32

Jack-Philippe Ruellan

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Rene Lalique Tableware Reims

2015-04-05 - Rene Lalique Reims Tableware: A set of 12 just under 5 inches tall clear containers with slightly flaring top sections and frosted art deco band just above the base of the R. Lalique Tableware. Lot 166 Est: €500 - €600 Model: Reims-Tableware Circa 1942 Also a Faucon Bookend Lot 169, a Faucon Car Mascot Lot 148, and Grande Libellule Mascot Lot 146, a Malines Vase Lot 147, and a Maguerites Bowl of unknown age as Lot 171. EU - France - Cannes besch@cannesauction.com +11 04 93 99 33 49

http://www.cannesauction.com   Jean-Pierre BESCH et BESCH CANNES AUCTION

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Rene Lalique Tableware Clos Sainte-Odile

2015-04-05 - Rene Lalique Clos Sainte-Odile Tableware: A set of twelve 7.6 inches tall clear glasses with round base and frosted robed female stem R. Lalique Tableware. Lot 24 Est: €1000 - €1500 Model: Sainte-Odile-Glass-1 Circa 1921 Also an electric blue Perruches Vase as Lot 23, a Figurine Ailee-2 Pendant as Lot 22, a Trois Libellules Box in opalescent glass as Lot 25, a Festons Box as Lot 26, a Sirenes Perfume Burner with the shattered top as Lot 27, a Spirales Vase as Lot 30, a Nemours Bowl as Lot 28, and a Coquilles Bowl 16 cm wide as Lot 33. EU - France - Toulouse - Rue Su Rempart Saint-Étienne artistique@primardeco.com +33

http://www.primardeco.com   Primardeco

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Rene Lalique Glass Hesperides

2015-04-05 - Rene Lalique Hesperides Glass: 12.7 cm tall curved leafs tips decorated clear and frosted R. Lalique Glass with somewhat faceted base. Lot 70 Est: €80 - €120 Model: 3412 Circa 1931 Netherlands - Amsterdam auctions@botterweg.com +31 (0) 6 537 08 952

http://www.botterweg.com   Botterweg

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Rene Lalique Vase Milan

2015-04-08 - Rene Lalique Milan Vase: 28.6 cm tall dark red amber leafs decorated R. Lalique Glass Vase. Lot 249 Est; €4000 - €4000 Model: 1025 Circa 1929 Also a Gui Vase, Bammako Vase, Du Barry Box, Feuilles Clock, large Wingen Tableware Set, Ambre Antique Flacon, Styx Perfume Bottle for Coty, and part of the Verone Light Fixture (model 2474). EU - France - Paris - Drouot apignon@millon-associes.com +33 01 47 27 95 34

http://www.millon-associes.com   Millon

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Rene Lalique Coupe Coquilles

2015-04-10 - Rene Lalique Coquilles Coupe: 13 cm wide round opalescent standard form glass R. Lalique Coupe having an overlapped shells motif. Lot 430 Est: £120 - £150 Model: 3204 Circa 1924 UK - Wales - Cardiff - Penarth Road LotEnquiryNW@rogersjones.co.uk +44 (0)1492 532176

http://www.rogersjones.co.uk   Rogers Jones & Co.

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Rene Lalique Tableware Asters

2015-04-11 - Rene Lalique Asters Tableware: A matching model art deco bowl (5.25 inches wide) and plate (7 inces wide) R. Lalique Tableware. Lot 503 Est: $400 - $600 Model: asters-tableware Circa 1935 Also Lot 519 a nearly 10 inch tall Le Lys Perfume Bottle for D'Orsay. USA - California - Alameda info@michaans.com 510-740-0220

http://www.michaans.com/   Michaan's

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Rene Lalique Vase Palissy

2015-04-11 - Rene Lalique Palissy Vase: 6 and 1/2 inche tall snail shells decorated gray glass with wide rim opening R. Lalique Vase. Lot 407 Est: $1500 - $2000 Model: 980 Circa 1926 Also a Tzigane Perfume Bottle and an opalescent Malesherbes Vase. USA - New York - New York City info@rolandantiques.com (212) 260-2000

http://www.rolandsantiques.com/   Roland

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Rene Lalique Coupe Coquilles

2015-04-12 - Rene Lalique Coquilles Coupe: 15.9 cm wide opalescent seashells decorated R. Lalique Coupe. Lot 5 Est: €100 - €1500 Model: 3203 Circa 1924 Also as Lot 6 a matching model 23 cm plate. EU - France - Cherbourg - rue Noyon boscher.s@wanadoo.fr +33 02 33 20 56 98


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Rene Lalique Tableware Coquelicot

2015-04-12 - Rene Lalique Coquelicot Tableware: A set of seven 5 cm tall clear glass shells motif containers with enamel highlights R. Lalique Tableware. Lot 200 Est: $1500 - $2000 Model: Coquelicot-Tableware Circa 1930 Also a Tete D'Aigle Car Mascot as Lot 201. USA - California - Gardenia - Redondo Beach Blvd. rcauctioneers@gmail.com 3105275278

Royal Crest Auctioneers

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Rene Lalique Vase Lemna

2015-04-12 - Rene Lalique Lemna Vase: 7 and 1/2 inches tall thickly molded clear glass with a repeating curved art deco frosted design R. Lalique Vase Lot 225 Est: $1000 - $2000 Model: 10-879 Circa 1934 US - New York - Freehold Info@CarlsenGallery.com 518-634-2466

http://www.carlsengallery.com   Carlsen

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Rene Lalique Vase Cerises

2015-04-12 - Rene Lalique Cerises Vase: 20 cm tall clear and opalescent glass high relief cherries decorated under a flaring rim R. Lalique Vase. Lot 143 Est: €1500 - €2000 Model: 1035 Circa 1930 EU - France - Enghien Les Bains - Rue Du Docteur Leray contact@enghien-svv.com +33 01 34 12 68 16

http://www.enghien-svv.com   Goxe-Belaïsch

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Rene Lalique Vase Albert

2015-04-12 - Rene Lalique Albert Vase: 7 inch tall blue glass with a high relief hawk's head on either side just under the rim of the R. Lalique Vase. Lot 8288 Est: $1200 - $1500 Model: 958 Circa 1925 Also an opalescent Lys Bowl, a Nemours Bowl, a couple of lots of 4 opalescent Coquilles Plates, and the opalescent plates Bulbes and Oursins. USA - Massachusetts - Beverly auctions@kaminskiauctions.com 978 927 222

http://www.kaminskiauctions.com   Kaminski

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Rene Lalique Vase Dentele

2015-04-13 - Rene Lalique Dentele Vase: 19 cm tall frosted glass with raised spiked lines running from the base to the rim of the R. Lalique Vase. Lot 362 Est: €200 - €300 Model: 943 Circa 1913 Also Lot 363 is a Druide Vase. EU - France - Chartres - Rue Collin D'Harelville chartres@galeriedechartres.com +33 02 37 88 28 28


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Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Cinq Fluers

2015-04-13 - Rene Lalique Cinq Fluers Perfume Bottle: 10.2 cm cylindrical flower motif patinated glass R. Lalique Perfume Bottle. Lot 312 Est: €80 - €100 Model: Forvil-Perfume-2 Circa 1924 Also a Relief Perfume Bottle for Forvil, a 5 Perfume Bottle, an Imprudence Perfume Bottle, and a pair of Ste Odile wine bottles. EU - France - Paris - Drouot boisgirard@club-internet.fr 33 (0)1 47 70 81 36 Roland Dufrenne is the sale expert. His email is: roland.dufrenne@cegetel.net.

Boisgirard - Antonini

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Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Paquerettes

2015-04-15 - Rene Lalique Paquerettes Perfume Bottle: 8 cm total height clear glass container under a tiara style frosted floral motif stopper R. Lalique Perfume bottle selling with the original box. Lot 82 Est: €2000 - €3000 Model: Roger & Gallet-Perfume-3 Circa 1913 EU - France - Drouot mail@tessier-sarrou.com +33 01 40 13 07 79

http://www.tessier-sarrou.com   Tessier &: Sarrou

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Rene Lalique Pendant Figurine Drapee

2015-04-16 - Rene Lalique Figurine Drapee Pendant: 2 and 1/2 inches tall by nearly 1 and 1/4 inches wide narrow oval shaped glass decorated with a nearly nude ribbon draped dancing female figure highlighted by patina R. Lalique Pendant. Lot 623 Est: $300 - $400 Model: 1630 Circa 1919 USA - New Jersey - Lambertville sarah@ragoarts.com 609-397-9374

http://www.ragoarts.com   Rago

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Rene Lalique Frame Naiades

2015-04-16 - Rene Lalique Naiades Frame: About 11.3 cm wide plaque form clear glass with a half dozen similar mythical nymph type figures in various posses surrounding a central round hole for a picture, the lower part of the plaque being notched at each side and set in a later base R. Lalique Frame. Total height 13 cm with the added base. Lot 1298 Est: £100 - £200 Model: 264 Circa 1926 Note this frame was also sold as a clock. Also an opalescent Ceylan Vase as Lot 1258, a patinated Antheor Ashtray as Lot 1294, an opalescent Fleurville Bowl as Lot 1295, a two compartment Chevres Ashtray as Lot 1296, a Marguerites Bowl as Lot 1297, a Plumes Vase as Lot 1302, and a Coq Nain Mascot as Lot 1327. UK - England - Somerset - Crewkerne enquiries@lawrences.co.uk +44 (0) 1460 73041

http://www.lawrences.co.uk   Lawrences of Crewkerne

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Rene Lalique Tableware Jaffa

2015-04-18 - Rene Lalique Jaffa Tableware: A 5 and 1/4 inch wide yellow leaf decorated glass bowl with a matching model 7 and 1/4 inch wide plate R. Lalique Tableware. Lot 1270 Est: $150 - $250 Model: Jaffa-Tableware Circa 1931 Also Lot 1266 an opalescent green stained Druide Vase. US - New Jersey - Morristown info@milleabros.com 973.377.1500

http://www.milleabros.com/   Millea Brothers

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Rene Lalique Flacon Au Coeur Des Calices

2015-04-18 - Rene Lalique Au Coeur Des Calices Flacon: 6.8 cm tall by 8 cm wide wonderful flower form and shape R. Lalique Flacon in blue glass with enamel highlights. Lot 446 Est: JPY500,000 - 800,000 Model: Coty-Perfume-15 Circa 1913 Also about a dozen other lots to inclue a Bacchantes Vase, a Tete Femme Box, the bowl Volubilis, Nemours, and Pissenlit, and the perfume bottles Trois Valses, Rose Rouge, Panier De Roses, Salamandres, Cyclamen, Lilas, and La Phalene. Here is a link to the Catalogue. Just choose "Lalique Rene" from the "Select Artist" dropdown menu box on the left, and then click on "Select". All the R. Lalique lots will appear. Japan - Tokyo info@est-ouest.co.jp +81 3 5791 3131

http://www.est-ouest.co.jp   Est-Ouest

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Rene Lalique Pendant Femme Aux Cheveux Longs

2015-04-19 - Rene Lalique Femme Aux Cheveux Longs Pendant: Yellow gold, green enamel, rose cut diamonds and pearl drop depiction of a female face with chased hair streaming to both sides of the R. Lalique Pendant. Lot 28 Est: €6000 - €7000 Model: Pendant-126 Circa 1900 EU - France - Deauville contact@tradart-deauville.com +33 02 31 88 18 18


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Rene Lalique Vase Mimosa

2015-04-21 - Rene Lalique Mimosa Vase: 16.5 cm tall blue stained frosted leaf decorated glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot 859 Est: ZAR9,000 - 14,000 Model: 953 Circa 1921 Also a Paquerettes Decanter and six matching glass in one Lot 854, a Coquilles Vase as Lot 856, and a pair of 16.5 cm wide Paquerettes Plates as Lot 858. South Africa - Johannesburg - Sandton jhb@stephanwelzandco.co.za +27 118803125 Tamsin Mackay is a good contact at the auction house for these lots.

http://www.stephanwelzandco.co.za/   Stephan Welz

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Rene Lalique Vase Feuilles

2015-04-21 - Rene Lalique Feuilles Vase: 18 cm tall frosted flaring rim glass with art deco columns of leafs R. Lalique Vase Lot 440 Est: €400 - €500 Model: 10-880 Circa 1934 Note this is a two day that begins the day before on April 20th. Check with the auction house to be sure of the date of this lot. EU - Belgium - Brussels desk@horta.be +32 2 741 60 60 Cathy is the person to talk to at the auction.

http://www.horta.be/   Horta

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Rene Lalique Vase Six Figurines Et Masques

2015-04-21 - Rene Lalique Six Figurines Et Masques Vase: 24.5 cm tall clear and frosted mold blown glass with alternating blown out undecorated panels in between six different nude posed females above grotesque masks R. Lalique Vase. Lot 250 Est: SEK6,000 - 8,000 Model: 886 Circa 1912 Also Lot 250A is a Moon and Stars stoppered bulbous shaped blue stained glass Dans La Nuit Perfume Bottle for Worth. Sweden - Stockholm Eva.Seeman@bukowskis.com +46 8 614 08 00 Eva Seeman is your contact for these R. Lalique items.

http://www.bukowskis.se   Bukowski

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Rene Lalique Letter Opener Rooster Claw

2015-04-21 - Rene Lalique Rooster Claw Letter Opener: 10 and 3/4 inches long silver, gold, jade, amethyst, gold, and horn R. Lalique letter opener with a central rooster head, an intricate claw bottom, and a carved feathered motif horn blade. Lot 115 Est: $125,000 - $175,000 Model: Letter Opener-3 Circa 1903 USA - New York - New York City - York Avenue Carol.Elkins@sothebys.com 415 772 9027

http://www.sothebys.com   Sotheby's

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Rene Lalique Book Catalogue Raisonne 1994

2015-04-24 - Rene Lalique Catalogue Raisonne 1994 Book: The 1994 and therefore 2nd edition of this over 1000 page R. Lalique reference volume by Marcilhac. Lot 1283 Est: €0 - €200 Model: Cat-Res-2 Circa 1994 EU - Germany - Pforzheim info@kiefer.de +49 (0)7231 / 9232-0

http://kiefer.de/   Kiefer

See this Catalogue Raisonne 1994 Book In The Rene Lalique Catalogue!

Rene Lalique Coupe Gazelles

2015-04-25 - Rene Lalique Gazelles Coupe: 30 cm wide by 4.5 cm high clear and frosted glass with elevated gazelles and fern leafs decorated wide rim R. Lalique Coupe. Lot 2005 Est: €180 - €360 Model: 390 Circa 1925 EU - Germany - Mannheim info@schwab-auktionen.de +49 621 128 053 94

http://www.schwab-auktionen.de   Schwab

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Rene Lalique Brooch Le Visage De D'une Femme Dans De Feuilles

2015-04-25 - Rene Lalique Le Visage De D'une Femme Dans De Feuilles Brooch: 4 cm long by 2.7 cm height yellow gold female face with laced and rose cut diamonds sprinkled hair surrounded by green glazed leaves R. Lalique Brooch. Est: €8,000 - €12,000 Model: Brooch-140 Circa 1900 EU - France - Pau - Allees Catherine De Bourbon contact@etude-gestas-carrere.com +33 05 59 84 72 72 The expert for the sale email is thierrystetten@hotmail.com.

See this Le Visage De D'une Femme Dans De Feuilles Brooch In The Rene Lalique Catalogue!

Rene Lalique Vase Sirenes Et Cabochons

2015-04-29 - Rene Lalique Sirenes Et Cabochons Vase: 21 cm tall frosted glass with a decorated band of mythical siren figures that weaves over and under clear polished cabochon decorations wrapped around the top section of the R. Lalique Vase. Lot 279 Est: $4000 - $6000 Model: 899 Circa 1914 There are over a dozen other items in the sale most of which are vases, and all of which can be seen HERE. USA - California - Los Angeles - Sunset Boulevard angela.past@bonhams.com 323 436 5422 Angela Past is your contact at the sale.

http://www.bonhams.com   Bonhams

See this Sirenes Et Cabochons Vase In The Rene Lalique Catalogue!

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