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Rene Lalique Moineaux Clock Amber Opalescent Glass
R.Lalique Sirenes Perfume Burner Close-Up
Rene Lalique Trevise Plafonnier
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Rene Lalique Vase Palestre

2015-07-04 - Rene Lalique Palestre Vase: 40.5 cm tall frosted glass having a depiction of standing nude male athletes in various poses surrounding the entire exterior of the R. Lalique Vase. Lot Est: €50,000 - €60,000 Model: 1012 Circa 1928 Also Lot 71 an opalescent Coquilles Bowl, Lot 78 a Trevise Plafonnier Model No. 2473, and Lot 70 containing a Saint-Gall Jardiniere, a pair of Saint-Gall Candleholders, and a Gatinais Covered Bowl Model No. 3884. EU - France - Villefranche sur saone - Route de Riottier richard@guillaumot-richard.com +33 04 28 39 00 20 Gerald Richard is your contact at the sale.

http://www.guillaumot-richard.com   Era-Encheres Rhone Alpes/ Guillaumot-Richard

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Rene Lalique Bowl Dauphins

2015-07-04 - Rene Lalique Dauphins Bowl: 23.7 cm wide by 8.8 cm tall standard form opalescent glass dolphins swimming in waves motif R. Lalique Art Deco Bowl. Lot 255 Est: JPY300,000 - 500,000 Model: 10-384 Circa 1932 Also Lot 256 a blue glass Acanthes Vase. Japan - Tokyo - Minato-Ku - 3F Shinbashi sato@ise-art.co.jp +81-3-6402-5333 Yuki Sato is your contact at the sale.

http://www.ise-art.co.jp   iART

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Rene Lalique Pitcher Lotus

2015-07-04 - Rene Lalique Lotus Pitcher: Clear glass handled container with lotus leafs motif funnel at the top surrounding the enameled stopper decorated as the flower center R. Lalique Pitcher. Lot 335 Est: €80 - €120 Model: 5030 Circa 1924 Also Lot 33 an opalescent Gui Vase and Lot 334 a Mimosa Vase. EU - France - St Raphaël - Avenue Eugène Félix contact@var-encheres.com +33 04 94 82 31 88

http://www.var-encheres.com   Var Enchères - Arnaud Yvos

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Rene Lalique Bowl Ondes

2015-07-04 - Rene Lalique Ondes Bowl: 25.5 cm wide repeating curved funnels motif in the coupe-ouverte form R. Lalique Opalescent Glass Bowl. Lot 11 Est: €150 - €200 Model: 3294 Circa 1935 EU - France - Périgueux - Rue Bodin bertrand.miallon@wanadoo.fr +33 05 53 08 60 84


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Rene Lalique Ice Cream Service Ormeaux

2015-07-04 - Rene Lalique Ormeaux Ice Cream Service: 11 leaf decorated frosted glass handled cups together with one large matching model bowl R. Lalique Ice Cream Service. Lot 262 Est: €500 - €600. Model: Ormeaux-Tableware Circa 1931 EU - France - Lorient - Rue Paul Guieysse arvor.encheres@wanadoo.fr +33 02 97 21 22 98


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Rene Lalique Plate Coquilles

2015-07-04 - Rene Lalique Coquilles Plate: 26.5 cm wide round seashells decorated frosted R. Lalique Glass Plate. Lot 53 Est: €100 - €150 Model: 3010 Circa 1924 EU - France - Maubeuge - Rue Pierre de Coubertin thomas.encheres@gmail.com +33 03 27 56 38 69 G. Thomas is your contact at the sale.

Guillaume Thomas et Thomas Maison De Ventes

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Rene Lalique Necklace Deux Cavaliers

2015-07-04 - Rene Lalique Deux Cavaliers Necklace: The 8.5 cm long by 5.5 cm high curved plaque only to the dog collar style R. Lalique Necklace in gold and enamel showing dueling jousters on horseback with lances . Lot 205 Est: €10,000 - €12,000 See Sigrid Barten's René Lalique: Schmuck und Objets d’art. 1890 to 1910 Page 229. Model: Lalique-Necklace-118 Circa 1904 EU - France - Vannes - Rue du Dr J. Audic ruellan.cpriseur@orange.fr +33 02 97 47 26 32 The expert for this lot is Genevieve Mely. Her contact info is: +33 04 72 56 77 60 / cabinetmely@free.fr. Her web address is www.melygenevieve.com.

Jack-Philippe Ruellan

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Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Ambre Antique

2015-07-04 - Rene Lalique Ambre Antique Perfume Bottle: 16 cm tall dressed females decorated frosted and patinated glass R. Lalique Perfume Bottle. Est: €700 - €1000 Model: Coty-Perfume-3 Circa 1910 Also a set of 5 kidney shaped Paimpol Plates Model 3075 in a single lot. EU - France - Alencon - Rue Demées commissaire.priseur.alencon@wanadoo.fr +33 02 33 32 00 02


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Rene Lalique Bowl Vernon

2015-07-04 - Rene Lalique Vernon Bowl: 21.5 cm across opalescent glass large flower head motif R. Lalique Bowl. Lot 183. Model: 395 Circa 1928 UK - England - North Yorkshire - Leyburn - Hambley Road enquiry@tennants-ltd.co.uk +44 (0)1969 623780

http://www.tennants.co.uk   Tennants

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Rene Lalique Ashtray Jamaique

2015-07-05 - Rene Lalique Jamaique Ashtray: A pair of 13.5 cm wide clear centered with frosted decorated elevated sides glass R. Lalique Ashtrays. Lot 477 Est: AUD150 - 200 Model: 298 Circa 1928 Also offered:

Lot 519: Pinsons Vase Opalescent H 19 cm
Lot 501: Poissons Coupe-Ouverte Opalescent D 29.5 cm

Australia - NSW - Sydney - Camperdown aaldersantiques@optusnet.com.au +61 (02) 9519 0914 Kim is a good contact at the auction.

http://www.aaldersauctions.com/   Aalders

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Rene Lalique Bowl Poissons

2015-07-05 - Rene Lalique Poissons Bowl: 24 cm wide standard form nose-in fish around the bubbling center R. Lalique Bowl. Lot 189 Est: AUD300 - 500 Model: 3211 Circa 1921 Australia - New South Wales - Syndey - Alexandria - Bradford Street tiehua_huang@hotmail.com +61 (02)8338 0151

http://www.artsofworldauction.com/   Arts of World

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Rene Lalique Ashtray Lapin

2015-07-06 - Rene Lalique Lapin Ashtray: 10 cm wide opalescent glass shallow dish with a centrally mounted rabbit R. Lalique Ashtray. Lot 161 Est: €20 - €30. Model: 285 Circa 1925 EU - France - Paris - Rue Doudeauville contact@kahn-dumousset.com +33 01 47 70 82 66

http://www.kahn-dumousset.com   Kahn-Dumousset

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Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Dahlia

2015-07-07 - Rene Lalique Dahlia Perfume Bottle: 11.5 cm tall flower head shape and design with enamel and patina R. Lalique Perfume Bottle. Est: €60 - €80 Model: 617 Circa 1931 Note the reported size of this bottle splits the difference between the 9 and 13 cm models. We picked the bigger one for the model number. EU - France - Draguignan - Avenue de l'Europe expertises.grossetti@free.fr +33 04 74 00 72 40 Emmanuelle VOTAT is your contact.


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Rene Lalique Vase Renoncules

2015-07-07 - Rene Lalique Renoncules Vase: 15 cm tall container with a frosted undecorated top section over a high relief opalescent floral band just above the base of the R. Lalique Vase. Lot 807 Est: €1300 Model: 1044 Circa 1930 Also Lot 804 an Actinia Vase. And the vases Biskra, Epis, Ajaccio, and Florence Vase; all four of unknown age. EU - Spain - Barcelona marketing@balclis.com +34 93 217 56 07

http://www.balclis.com   Balclis

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Rene Lalique Coupe Bulbes

2015-07-07 - Rene Lalique Bulbes Coupe: 25 cm wide stylized art deco bulb motif opalescent glass in the "coupe-ouverte" form R. Lalique Coupe. Lot 304 Est: £200 - £300 Model: 3302 Circa 1924 UK - England - Dorset - Wareham - East Street info@cottees.co.uk +44 (0) 1929 552826

http://www.cottees.co.uk   Cottees

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Rene Lalique Perfume Burner Sirenes

2015-07-08 - Rene Lalique Sirenes Perfume Burner: 14 cm tall cylindrical shaped frosted glass with vertically positioned mythical Siren figures in slightly different poses going all around the exterior of the R. Lalique Perfume Burner that is missing the top. Est: €150 - €200 Model: 2651 Circa 1920 EU - France - Bordeaux - Quai des Chartrons blanchy.lacombe@etude-chartrons.com +33 05 56 11 11 91


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Rene Lalique Square Dish Paquerettes

2015-07-08 - Rene Lalique Paquerettes Square Dish: A bit over 6 inches square clear glass with elevated floral motif frosted rims having canted corners R. Lalique Square Dishes. Lot 193 Est: £50 - £80 Model: 10-3029 Circa 1935 Also Lot 195 is a Dindon Ashtray. EU - England - Surrey - Selsdon - Old Farleigh Road info@catherinesouthon.co.uk +44 (0)7808 737694

http://www.catherinesouthon.co.uk   Catherine Southon

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Rene Lalique Vase Lilas

2015-07-08 - Rene Lalique Lilas Vase: Blue patinated large leaf motif bottom 1/4 only (missing the entire undecorated flaring top section) to the R. Lalique Vase that also has a hole drilled to the center of the bottom. Lot 46 Est: £50 - £70 Model: 1040 Circa 1930 UK - Oxfordshire - Watlington - Ingham Lane saleroom@jonesandjacob.com +44 (0)1491 612810

http://www.jonesandjacob.com   Jones & Jacob

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Rene Lalique Vase Marguerites

2015-07-08 - Rene Lalique Marguerites Vase: 8 and 1/4 inches tall frosted daisy flower head motif glass with rounded shoulder to the neck and the reverse to the base R. Lalique Vase. Lot 133 selling without estimate. Model: 922 Circa 1923 UK - England - Cornwall - Lostwithiel - Fore Street enquiries@jefferysauctions.co.uk +44 (0)1208 871947

http://www.jefferysauctions.co.uk   Jefferys

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Rene Lalique Vase Turtle

2015-07-09 - Rene Lalique Turtle Vase: 11 inch high mold blown frosted glass with an all over design of turtle (tortue) shells beneath the large opening R. Lalique Vase. Lot 675 Est: £500 - £700 Model: 966 Circa 1926 UK - Worcestershire - Malvern - Barnards Green Road auctions@serrell.co.uk +44 (0)1684 892314

http://www.serrell.com   Philip Serrell

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Rene Lalique Vase Gobelet Six Figurines

2015-07-10 - Rene Lalique Gobelet Six Figurines Vase: 7 and 5/8 inches tall green glass goblet form wiht inset panes of six females in various poses R. Lalique Vase with small chipping to base as shown in the 2nd photo. Lot 30 Est: $600 - $1200 Model: 903 Circa 1912 US - Connecticut - Milford - Railroad Street applebrook@earthlink.net 203-740-0944

http://www.applebrookauctions.com/   Applebrook

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Rene Lalique Vase Lamp Monnaie Du Pape

2015-07-10 - Rene Lalique Monnaie Du Pape Vase Lamp: An apparent re-offer from June 25th, 2015. Now Item 3904793 with the same estimate. 9 inch honesty leaves decorated R. Lalique vase later fitted as a lamp. Lot 3890942 Est:: $600 - $800. Model: 897 Circa 1914 USA - New York - New York City - E. 120th Street lark@larkmason.com 212.289.5524

http://larkmason.com/   Lark Mason

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Rene Lalique Bowl Bulbes

2015-07-10 - Rene Lalique Bulbes Bowl: 20 cm wide round opalescent glass stylized bulbs art deco design R. Lalique Bowl in standard form. Lot 27 Est: $600 - $800 Model: 3300 Circa 1935 USA - California - Rancho Santa Fe mcnallyauctions@gmail.com (858) 756-2701

http://www.rsfauctions.com/   McNally's

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Rene Lalique Paperweight Antilope

2015-07-10 - Rene Lalique Antilope Paperweight: 9 cm tall upright standing antilope on rectangular base R. Lalique Paperweight. Lot 983A Est: £60 - £80 Model: 1148 Circa 1929 Note this is 3 day sale that starts the day on the 9th and ends on the 11th, so best to confirm the details directly with the auction. Also offered:

Lot 979 - Eucalyptus Vases Pair Opalescent
Lot 980 - Malesherbes Vase Opalescent
Lot 982 - Poissons Dish Opalescent
Lot 983 - Pissenlit Dish

UK - England - East Sussex - Eastbourne - Finmere Road moreinfo@eastbourneauction.com +44 (0)1323 431444

http://www.eastbourneauction.com   Eastbourne

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Rene Lalique Atomizer Figurines Et Guirlandes

2015-07-11 - Rene Lalique Figurines Et Guirlandes Atomizer: 6 inches tall metal pump topped cylindrical frosted nude females with flower garland motif glass R. Lalique Atomizer with a crack (sounds like in the metal as they say the glass in good order) and small missing pump parts. Lot 411 Est: $1200 - $1800 Model: Molinard-Atomizer-3 Circa 1924 USA - New York - New York City - East 11th Street info@rolandantiques.com (212) 260-2000

http://www.rolandsantiques.com/   Roland

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Rene Lalique Carafe Vougeot

2015-07-11 - Rene Lalique Vougeot Carafe: 20 cm tall clear undecorated glass container with a double rows of protruding half circles motif stopper R. Lalique Carafe. Lot 127 Est: €60 - €80. Model: 5315 Circa 1934 EU - France - Semur en auxois - Rue Des Vaux agnes.colliette@orange.fr +33 03 80 97 21 60

Auxois Bourgogne

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Rene Lalique Jardiniere Saint Gall

2015-07-11 - Rene Lalique Saint Gall Jardiniere: 42 cm long by 32 cm wide oval clear glass R. Lalique Jardiniere with an elevated and drooping rim having a repeating garlands of pearls motif. Lot 37 Est: €300 - €400 Model: 10-3461 Circa 1934 EU - France - Saint-Jean-de-Luz - Rue Dominique Larréa contact@cotebasqueencheres.com +33 05 59 23 38 53

http://www.cotebasqueencheres.com   Côte Basque Enchères

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Rene Lalique Pendant Tete

2015-07-11 - Rene Lalique Tete Pendant: 8 cm tall heavy oval metal trimmed glass with a woman's head surrounded by flowers and the reverse a mirror R. Lalique Pendant. Est: €300 - €500 Model: 682 Circa 1919 Also an Anemone Ouverte Paperweight of unknown age. EU - France - Coutances - R Gambetta eboureau@wanadoo.fr +33 02 33 19 01 80

Hôtel des Ventes de Coutances

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Rene Lalique Tableware Lotus

2015-07-11 - Rene Lalique Lotus Tableware: A six piece set of lotus leafs motif clear and frosted glass R. Lalique Tableware, consisting of a Model No. 5031 Carafe which includes an enameled (center of the flower form) stopper, and 5 Model No. 3406 Gobelets. Lot 395 Est: €150 - €250 Model: Lotus-Tableware Circa 1922 Note the Carafe has a circa year of 1924. Also Lot 396 an Opalescent Rennes Vase and Lot 397 a pair of half bowl form Charmes Sconces Model No. 2010. EU - France - Antibes - boulevard du Maréchal Foch carvajalsvv@orange.fr (33) 04 92 93 16 35

http://www.carvajalsvv.com/   Carvajal

See this Lotus Tableware In The Rene Lalique Catalogue!

Rene Lalique Powder Box Lucie

2015-07-11 - Rene Lalique Lucie Powder Box: 7.4 cm wide by 3 cm high vines and small flowers motif R. Lalique Powder Box. Lot 2050 Reserve: €100. Model: 67 Circa 1924 Also Lot 2051 a Chiens Bowl, Lot 2049 a Relief Perfume Bottle, and Lot 2048 an Imprudence Perfume Bottle. EU - Germany - Walldorf - Heinrich-Hertz-Str. info@auktionshaus-walldorf.de +49 (0) 6227 / 4043

http://www.auktionshaus-walldorf.de   Walldorf

See this Lucie Powder Box In The Rene Lalique Catalogue!

Rene Lalique Flacon Ambre D'Orsay

2015-07-14 - Rene Lalique Ambre D'Orsay Flacon: 13 cm tall black glass with an inset robed women in each of the four corners of the R. Lalique Flacon which sells along with a Bouquet De Faunes Flacon as Lot 25. Est: £400 - £600 Model: D'Orsay-Perfume-5 Circa 1914 UK - England - Oxford sarah.shirleypriest@bonhams.com +44 1564 732 962 Sarah Shirley-Priest is your contact at the sale.

http://www.bonhams.com   Bonhams

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Rene Lalique Car Mascot Perche

2015-07-14 - Rene Lalique Perche Car Mascot: 16 cm long frosted glass fish on round base R. Lalique Car Mascot. Lot 9 Est: £300 - €400 Model: 1158 Circa 1929 Also a Sainte-Christophe Car Mascot of unknown age as Lot 10. UK - Newcastle Upon Tyne - Westerhope - Crispin Court - Newbiggin Lane j.mccoull@andersonandgarland.com +44 0 1914 303000 James McCoull is your contact at the sale.

http://www.andersonandgarland.com   Anderson & Garland

See this Perche Car Mascot In The Rene Lalique Catalogue!

Rene Lalique Bowl Poissons

2015-07-14 - Rene Lalique Poissons Bowl: 20.5 cm wide opalescent glass fishes all-over decorated standard form R. Lalique Bowl. Model: 3212 Circa 1921 Note this listing was created from a text description and without a photo. New Zealand - Auckland - Remuera cordys@ihug.co.nz +64 (0) 9 5231049

http://www.cordys.co.nz   Cordy's

See this Poissons Bowl In The Rene Lalique Catalogue!

Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Camille

2015-07-15 - Rene Lalique Camille Perfume Bottle: 2 and 1/4 inches tall bright green whirlwind motif glass and matching stopper Art Deco R. Lalique Perfume Bottle. Lot 689 Est: $300 - $500 Model: 516 Circa 1927 Also Lot 713 a Trois Figurines Box for D'Orsay, Lot 733 a smokey topaz glass Acacia Vase, and Lot 734 a Lievres Vase. USA - Oregon - Portland - Northeast Seventh Avenue info@ogallerie.com 503 238 0202

http://www.ogallerie.com   O'Gallerie

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Rene Lalique Candleholder Mouettes

2015-07-16 - Rene Lalique Mouettes Candleholder: 22.5 cm tall heavy plaque form glass on later metal base with seagulls above stylized waves supporting two candles R. Lalique Candleholder. Lot 1187 Est: £100 - £200 Model: Candleholder-1 Circa 1938 Note this model candleholder is part of a large table service created as a gift to the British Royal Family given to them during a State Visit to France in 1938. Also Lot 1188 a 30 cm opalescent Coquilles Plate. UK - England - Somerset - Crewkerne - South Street enquiries@lawrences.co.uk +44 (0)1460 73041

http://www.lawrences.co.uk   Lawrences of Crewkerne

See this Mouettes Candleholder In The Rene Lalique Catalogue!

Rene Lalique Flacon Mystere

2015-07-18 - Rene Lalique Mystere Flacon: 3 and 3/4 inches high block form black glass container with lizards motif stopper R. Lalique Flacon. Lot 580 Est: $300 - $500 Model: D'Orsay-Perfume-10 Circa 1912 Also offered:

581 - Epines Flacon
582 - Sirenes Perfume Burner
583 - Pan Flacon
584 - Calendal Flacon of unknown age
585 - Sirenes Perfume Burner
586 - Bouquet De Faunes Flacon
587 - Figurines Et Garlands Atomzier and Stars for Worth Flacon

USA - North Carolina - Asheville auction@brunkauctions.com 828-254-6846

http://www.brunkauctions.com   Brunk

See this Mystere Flacon In The Rene Lalique Catalogue!

Rene Lalique Vase Vichy

2015-07-18 - Rene Lalique Vichy Vase: 6 and 3/4 inches tall fruit and leaves motif art deco R. Lalique Glass Vase. Model: 10-909 Circa 1937 USA - Deleware - Rehoboth Beach - Grenoble Place mauria@stuartkingston.com 302-227-2524 E Mauria Stein is your contact for the sale.

http://www.stuartkingston.com   Stuart Kingston Gallery

See this Vichy Vase In The Rene Lalique Catalogue!

Rene Lalique Plate Poissons

2015-07-25 - Rene Lalique Poissons Plate: 10 and 3/4 inches wide opalescent fishes decorated round glass R. Lalique Plate. Est: $300 - $400 Model: 3057 Circa 1931 Also an opalescent 9 and 1/2 inch wide Coquilles Bowl Model No. 3200. USA - Ohio - Cincinnati - Este Avenue decarts@cowans.com 513-871-1670 Graydon Sikes is your contact at the sale.

cowanauctions.com   Cowan's

See this Poissons Plate In The Rene Lalique Catalogue!

Rene Lalique Bowl Ricquewihr

2015-07-25 - Rene Lalique Ricquewihr Bowl: 34 cm wide clear heavy glass with a two level grapes motif elevated frosted rim R. Lalique Bowl. Lot 11 Est: €80 - €120 Model: 3320 Circa 1935 EU - France - Royan - Rue Président Raymond Poincaré contact@royanencheres.com +33 05 46 38 69 35

Geoffroy Bequet

See this Ricquewihr Bowl In The Rene Lalique Catalogue!

Rene Lalique Comb Purple Violets

2015-07-26 - Rene Lalique Purple Violets Comb: 12.5 cm high horn with a design of foil backed glass violets R. Lalique Comb. Lot 1844 Est: €4000 - €6000 Model: Comb-10 Circa 1898 UK - Wiltshire - Salisbury - Castle Street jonathanedwards @woolleyandwallis.co.uk +44 (0) 1722 424504 Jonathan Edwards or Marielle Whiting 44 (0)1722 424595 / mariellewhiting@woolleyandwallis.co.uk are your contacts at the sale.

http://www.woolleyandwallis.co.uk/   Woolley & Wallis

See this Purple Violets Comb In The Rene Lalique Catalogue!

Rene Lalique Bowl Ormeaux

2015-07-26 - Rene Lalique Ormeaux Bowl: 33 cm wide sepia stained leafs pattern R. Lalique Bowl in the coupe-ouverte form. Lot 50 Est: €250 - €350. Model: 3270 Circa 1931 Also a Chevreuse Bowl as Lot 52, and one piece (the middle piece) to the Charme Jardiniere Model 3463 as Lot 51. EU - France - Deauville - Rue du Général Leclerc deauville.encheres@gmail.com +33 02 31 88 42 91


See this Ormeaux Bowl In The Rene Lalique Catalogue!

Rene Lalique Clock Roitelets

2015-07-30 - Rene Lalique Roitelets Clock: 8 inches tall high relief birds surrounding the Omega white face with black enameled hands and numerals R. Lalique Clock. Lot 1314 Est: €3000 - €5000. Model: 731 Circa 1931 Also Lot 1313 an yellow amber and opalescent Moineaux Clock for ATO. Monaco - Monte-Carlo - Hotel Hermitage sboule@boule-auctions.com +33

http://www.boule-auctions.com   Boule

See this Roitelets Clock In The Rene Lalique Catalogue!

Rene Lalique Coupelle Coquilles

2015-08-10 - Rene Lalique Coquilles Coupelle: 13 cm across regular shaped iridescent glass repeating and overlapping shells decorated R. Lalique Coupelle. Lot 77 Est: €50 - €80 Model: 3204 Circa 1924 Also a white opalescent Soudan Vase Model No. 1016. EU - France - Le Puy En Velay - Rue du Vent l'Emporte philippe@casal.eu.com +33 04 71 09 03 85

Le Puy

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