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Rene Lalique Vase Oleron


2015-06-08 - Rene Lalique Oleron Vase: 9 cm apparently white opalescent fish decorated teardrop shaped glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot 34. Model: 1008 Circa 1927 EU - France - Le Havre - Rue Louis Brindeau lehavre-encheres@wanadoo.fr +33 02 35 22 54 52


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Rene Lalique Vase Epicea


2015-06-09 - Rene Lalique Epicea Vase: 24 cm tall nearly cylinder shaped leaf covered yellow amber glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot 190 Est: €1000 - €1200 Model: 921 Circa 1923 Also as Lot 184 a 27.7 cm tall Antilopes Vase. EU - France - Lyon- Rue Saint Firmin contact@artcurial-lyon.com +33 04 78 00 86 65

http://www.artcurial-lyon.com   Michel Rambert et Artcurial

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Rene Lalique Brooch Deux Faisans


2015-06-18 - Rene Lalique Deux Faisans Brooch: 9 cm long airplane propeller evoking shaped fowl motif glass on metal backing R. Lalique Brooch. Lot 9 Est: €2300 - €3500 Model: 1392 Circa 1911 Also Lot 7 a Chose Promise Pendant and Lot 8 an undocumented Poissons Pendant. EU - France - Paris - Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honoré contact@piasa.fr +33 (0)1 53 34 10 10

http://www.piasa.fr   Piasa

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Rene Lalique Tableware Cactus

2015-05-30 - Rene Lalique Cactus Tableware: An apparent re-offer from November 15, 2014. Now Lot 20-0016 Starting Bid: €320. Note the under-plates are 13 cm wide. A set of 6 glass coffee cups and plates in clear and frosted glass of cactus skin design with enameled centers R. Lalique Tableware. Lot 370 Est: €450. Model: Cactus-Tableware Circa 1933 There are models 3906 and 3907. EU - Germany - Saarbrücken info@auktionshaus-saarbruecken.de +49 (0)681 95809366

http://auktionshaus-saarbruecken.de/de/   Saarbrücker

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Rene Lalique Vase Six Figurines Et Masques

2015-05-30 - Rene Lalique Six Figurines Et Masques Vase: An apparent re-offer from December 6th, 2014. Now Lot 120 Est: AUD2500 - 3000 25 cm tall frosted glass container having alternating blown out undecorated panels and recessed female figurines in various poses R. Lalique Vase Lot 432 Est: AUD6000 - 9000 Model: 886 Circa 1912 Australia - New South Wales - Syndey - Alexandria tiehua_huang@hotmail.com +61 2 9328 9699 / +61 4 11 81 5141

http://www.artsofworldauction.com/   Arts of World

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Rene Lalique Vase Grasshopper

2015-05-30 - Rene Lalique Grasshopper Vase: 27 cm tall electric blue grasshoppers on leafs motif R. Lalique Glass Vase with damages and repairs. Lot 232 Est: £400 - £600 Model: 888 Circa 1912 Also Lot 231 a footed opalescent glass Lys Bowl. UK - England - South Yorkshire - Rotherham - Thurcroft - Woodhouse Greenwww.pbauctioneers.co.uk enquiries@pbauctioneers.co.uk +44 (0)1709 700005

http://www.pbauctioneers.co.uk   Paul Beighton

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Rene Lalique Vase Dentele

2015-05-30 - Rene Lalique Dentele Vase: 20 cm tall frosted glass with a design of high relief vertical spiky lines going from the base of the bulbous lower section all the way up the long neck to the top of the R. Lalique Vase. Lot 290 Est: €200 - €300 Model: 943 Circa 1912 Also Lot 289 is a Deux Figurines Dos a Dos Brooch. EU - France - Lyon - Rue Vendôme contact@debaecque.fr +33 4 72 16 29 44

http://www.debaecque.auction.fr   De Baecque & Associés

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Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Flowering Branches

2015-05-30 - Rene Lalique Flowering Branches Perfume Bottle: 16.8 cm tall flask shaped round clear glass with a nearly pointed frosted and patinated flowering motif stopper whose design descends molded onto the exterior of the bottle. Lot 19. Note this bottle was made for an unidentified perfume company, and is pictured in the 2011 Catalogue Raisonne on Page 955. Model: Parfumeur-Unidentified-1 Circa 1930 Also note this sale has around 50 perfume bottles and presentations including some extremely rare models. They can all be seen HERE. EU - France - Rambouillet - Rue de Groussay sasfaure@wanadoo.fr

http://sasfaure.fr/   Faure et Associés

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Rene Lalique Vase Gui

2015-05-30 - Rene Lalique Gui Vase: About 16.5 cm high blue patinated frosted glass R. Lalique Vase that is cracked. Lot 256 Est: £50 - £100 Model: 948 Circa 1920 UK - England - Surrey - Haslemere - Fernhurst - Midhurst Road sales@johnnicholsons.com +44 (0)1428 653727

http://www.johnnicholsons.com   John Nicholsons

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Rene Lalique Menu Holder Deux Figurines

2015-05-30 - Rene Lalique Deux Figurines Menu Holder: A set of six 5.5 cm tall depictions of two kneeling nudes holding a stanchion supporting a grapes decorated ball R. Lalique Menu Holders. Lot 137 Starting Bid: $5 but note the winning bid is then times six for the set, so in reality the opening $5 bid is a $30 bid. Model: 3500 Circa 1924 USA - Washington State- Rocherster - Pecan Street john@johnnysauction.com 360-791-6085

http://www.johnnysauction.com   Johnny's

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Rene Lalique Vase Amiens

2015-05-30 - Rene Lalique Amiens Vase: 20 cm high clear glass container with 4 frosted scroll style repeating protrusions stacked on each side of the R. Lalique Vase selling in the same Lot 40 with an unrelated item. Est: €40 - €60. Note the damage to the lower piece on one side. Model: 1023 Circa 1929 UK - England - Lincolnshire - Stamford - Ryhall Road info@batemans.com +44 01780 766466

http://www.batemans-auctions.co.uk/   Batemans

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Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Bouchon Cassis

2015-05-30 - Rene Lalique Bouchon Cassis Perfume Bottle: A rare 4 and 1/2 inch tall green glass tiara with matching enameled lines on the container R. Lalique Perfume Bottle. Lot 261 Est: $12,500 - $17,500. Model: 494 Circa 1920 Also a Lepage Perfume bottle, a L'Elegance Perfume Bottle, a Mures Inkwell, an opalescent Soudan Vase, a Saint-Vincent Sconce, and an opalescent Tulipes Vase. USA - New Jersey - Lambertville sarah@ragoarts.com 609-397-9374

http://www.ragoarts.com   Rago

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Rene Lalique Bowl Coquilles

2015-05-30 - Rene Lalique Coquilles Bowl: About 21 cm wide sea shells overlapping motif in molded iridescent glass of typical form R. Lalique Bowl. Lot 293 Est: £300 - £500 Model: 3201 Circa 1924 EU - France - Pau - Allées Catherine de Bourbon contact@etude-gestas-carrere.com +33 5 59 84 72 72

http://www.etude-gestas-carrere.com   GESTAS - CARRERE

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Rene Lalique Bowl Epis

2015-05-30 - Rene Lalique Epis Bowl: Just under 9 and 1/2 inches wide wheat decorated frosted glass R. Lalique Bowl. Lot 229 Est: €100 - €150 Model: 3205 Circa 1921 EuU- France - Marseille - Rue de Lorgues contact@hdvm.fr +33 04 91 32 39 00


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Rene Lalique Decoration Perdrix Debout

2015-05-30 - Rene Lalique Perdrix Debout Decoration: 17.5 cm tall standing bird in frosted glass on clear lower section incorporated base R. Lalique Decoration. Lot 339 Starting Bid: SEK2,000 Model: 1235 Circa 1939 Also Lot 340 a Tete D'Aigle Car Mascot, Lot 341 a Coq Nain Car Mascot, Lot 342 a Roscoff Bowl, a single Lot 343 with an opalescent Coquilles Bowl and a Faune Seal, a Dahlias Bowl, Lot 345 a Fougeres Vase, and a topaz Moissac Vase as Lot 346. Sweden - Lund - Clemenstorget mail@crafoordauktioner.se +46 (0)46-211 18 70

http://www.crafoordauktioner.se   Crafoord

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Rene Lalique Box Trois Figurines

2015-05-31 - Rene Lalique Trois Figurines Box: 3 and 3/4 inch wide by 1 and 1/2 inches high round two parts of glass, the top of the lid having three dancing nude females in the center with a leafs garland surround which also appears on the side of both pieces of the R. Lalique Box. Lot 247 Est: $200 - $400 Model: D'Orsay-Box-1 Circa 1913 Also a 2nd box of the same design as Lot 247A. USA - Nebraska - Omaha - Dodge Street at 75th buy@omahaauctioncenter.com 402-397-9575

http://www.omahaauctioncenter.com   Omaha Auction Center

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Rene Lalique Vase Tortues

2015-05-31 - Rene Lalique Tortues Vase: 10 and 1/2 inch tall rich amber glass with an all-over decoration of turtle shells R. Lalique Vase that is cracked. Lot 6036 Est: $1500 - $2000 Model: 966 Circa 1926 Also Lot 6025 is an 11 inch wide opalescent Calypso Plate, and Lot 6081 is a Petrarque Vase. USA - California - Oakland info@clars.com 510.428.0100

http://www.clars.com   Clars

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Rene Lalique Frame Pierrots

2015-05-31 - Rene Lalique Pierrots Frame: A pair of 13 cm tall clear round glass on opposing incorporated small round bases, with a hole in the center for a photo, and two frosted relief birds perched on top of the R. Lalique Frames. Lot 90 Est: €80 - €120 Note: This model is only documented originally being sold as a clock (Model No. 766), however especially considering the appearance of a a pair, it is possible they were sold as frames also without a clock face, as was the case with other clocks. Model: Frame-6 Circa 1931 Also an Artichoke Perfume Burner, a Renard Ashtray, a single Lot 102 having both Suzanne and Thais Statues, a Qautre Perruches Frame, a Figurines Et Voiles Box, a single lot having what appears to be a Gui Box and an Eglantines Box, a Degas Box, an Archers Car Mascot, and a single Lot 91 comprised of a Jean Lanvin Cachet/Paperweight, Hawk Head Car Mascot, Nice Cachet, Deux Colombes Cachet and an opalescent small fish of unknown age. EU - France - Guéret turpin.encheres@wanadoo.fr +33 05 55 52 83 62


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Rene Lalique Encrier Trois Papillons

2015-06-01 - Rene Lalique Trois Papillons Encrier: 9 cm wide three butterflies form and motif frosted glass R. Lalique Encrier. Lot 558 Est: €200 - €300 Model: 426 Circa 1912 EU - France- Drouot contact@art-richelieu.fr +33 01 42 24 80 76 Annabelle CUKIERMAN is the expert for the sale. Her contact info is: +33 (0)1 42 46 64 62 annabelle.cukierman@gmail.com

http://www.art-richelieu.fr   Art Richelieu

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Rene Lalique Vase Eglantines

2015-06-01 - Rene Lalique Eglantines Vase: A pair of 4 and 1/2 inch tall cased white opalescent R. Lalique Vases. Item: 141676764123 Model: 954 Circa 1921 USA - Texas - Keller

Consulting Inquiry

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Rene Lalique Plate Chasse Chiens

2015-06-02 - Rene Lalique Chasse Chiens Plate: A set of 6 clear and sepia stained running dogs motif R. Lalique Plates. Lot 183 Est: £600 - £800 Model: 3001 Circa 1914 Also Lot 211 a dark amber Lys Pendant, Lot 184 consisting of a Paquerettes Dish and two matching glasses, Lot 178 an opalescent Asters Dish, Lot 123 an opalescent standard form Muguet Bowl, and Lot 120 an opalescent Bulbes Bowl. UK - England - Stansted Mountfitchet - Cambridge Road auctions@sworder.co.uk +44 (0)1279 817778

http://www.sworder.co.uk   Sworders

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Rene Lalique Flacon Deux Figurines Bouchon Figurines

2015-06-02 - Rene Lalique Deux Figurines Bouchon Figurines Flacon: 13cm high clear glass container having a design of back to back nude females in the recessed center, and a frosted comporting female figures stopper that has been broken and glued back together R. Lalique Flacon. Lot 558 Est: £600 - £1,000 Model: 490 Circa 1912 Also Lot 557 a Saint Christophe Car Mascot and Lot 559 a Caravelle Ashtray. UK - Scotland - Glasgow - Meiklewood Road enquiries@mctears.co.uk +44 (0) 141 810 2880

http://www.mctears.co.uk   McTear's

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Rene Lalique Glass Setubal

2015-06-02 - Rene Lalique Setubal Glass: Just under 5 inch tall yellow amber R. Lalique Glass selling in the same Lot 131 with a patinated Pouilly Champagne Glass. Est: £70 - £105 Model: 3414 Circa 1931 Also offered are Lot 1259 a 10 inch Paquerettes Square Bowl, Lot 130 having 2 Cactus Plates and a blue Worth perfume bottle of unknown age, Lot 132 a 6 and 1/2 Pissenlit Plate, and Lot 133 a 7 and 1/2 inch Coquilles Bowl UK - Lincolnshire - Louth - Kidgate woolmart@johntaylors.com +44 (0) 1507 611107

http://www.johntaylors.com   John Taylors

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Rene Lalique Vase Entrelacs

2015-06-03 - Rene Lalique Entrelacs Vase: 33.5 cm tall flaring top section frosted glass with an overlapping art deco geometric motif covering the bottom half of the chipped R. Lalique Vase. Est: €150 - €300 Model: 10-890 Circa 1935 Eu - France - Bordeaux - Quai des Chartrons baratoux@etude-baratoux.com +33 05 57 19 60 00

http://www.etude-baratoux.com   BARATOUX-DUBOURG ENCHERES

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Rene Lalique Vase Nanking

2015-06-03 - Rene Lalique Nanking Vase: 13 inch tall bulbous but triangular and hexagonal faceted geometric motif glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot 447 Est: $4000 - $6000 Model: 971 Circa 1925 Also Lot 450 a Coquilles Light Fixture, Lot 449 a yellow amber opalescent Martiques Shallow Bowl Model 377, and Lot 448 a dark amber Malesherbes Vase. USA - New York - New York City Anna.Hicks@Doyle.com 212-427-4141 ext 272

http://www.doylenewyork.com   Doyle New York

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Rene Lalique Flacon La Belle Saison

2015-06-04 - Rene Lalique La Belle Saison Flacon: An apparent re-offer from March 12th, 2015. Now Lot 249 Est: £400 - £600 10 cm tall frosted patinated leafs decorated with a central female cameo R. Lalique Flacon. Lot 257 Est: £1000 - £1500 Model: Houbigant-Perfume-3 Circa 1925 Note this is the smaller of two sizes of this bottle. UK - England - Bristol - Clevedon - Kenn Road info@clevedon-salerooms.com +44 (0)1934 830111

http://www.clevedon-salerooms.com   Clevedon

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Rene Lalique Bowl Gui

2015-06-04 - Rene Lalique Gui Bowl: Frosted glass 8 inch wide round mistletoe decorated R. Lalique Bowl. Lot 3872286 Est: $50 - $70 Model: 3224 Circa 1921 USA - New York - East Moriches info@southbayauctions.com 631 878 2909

http://www.southbayauctions.com   South Bay

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Rene Lalique Ashtray Feuilles

2015-06-05 - Rene Lalique Feuilles Ashtray: 17.5 cm basically oval shaped opalescent glass with a round undecorated central well and both elevated ends with a leafs decoration R. Lalique Ashtray. Lot 932 Starting Bid: €188 Model: 279 Circa 1924 Note this is a three day sale starting on the 4th of June, so confirm the date of the ashtray directly with the auction house. Switzerland - Zofingen - Klösterligasse info@auktionshaus-zofingen.ch +41 (0)62 751 63 51

http://www.auktionshaus-zofingen.ch/   Zofingen

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Rene Lalique Sconce Jet D'Eau

2015-06-05 - Rene Lalique Jet D'Eau Sconce: 75 cm tall by 39 cm wide (without the later wood frame) frosted glass water fountain motif R. Lalique Sconce. Lot 224 Est: €3000 - €4000 Model: 2007 Circa 1925 Also a Dahlias Bowl as Lot 218, an opalescent Lys Bowl as Lot 220, a Hesperides Glass as Lot 217, and an opalescent Bulbes Coupe Ouverte as Lot 219. EU - France - Paris - Drouot contact@ogerblanchet.fr +33 01 42 46 96 95

http://www.ogerblanchet.fr   Oger - Blanchet

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Rene Lalique Vase Poissons

2015-06-05 - Rene Lalique Poissons Vase: 24 cm tall large fish decorated green glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot 59 Est; €10,000 - €12,000 Model: 925 Circa 1921 Also Lot 58 a Libellule Grande Car Mascot, Lot 60 an opalescent Muguet Coupe Ouverte, Lot 61 a Bruxelles Sconce, and Lot 62 a Narkiss Perfume Bottle with original box. EU - France - Paris contact@ader-paris.fr +33 The expert for the sale is Emmanuel EYRAUD: + 33 (0)3 86 91 42 12, or eyraud.expert@free.fr

http://www.ader-paris.fr   Ader

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Rene Lalique Bowl Dahlias

2015-06-05 - Rene Lalique Dahlias Bowl: A 24 cm wide opalescent glass standard form large flower head motif R. Lalique Bowl, that (by the sound of things but not the looks of them - see below) was later converted to a light fixture. Lot 380 Est: £200 - £250 Model: 3210 Circa 1921 Note this description was made without a photo. UK - England - West Midlands - Brimingham - Ladywood Middleway - Icknield Square bids@biddleandwebb.com +44 (0)1214 558042

http://www.biddleandwebb.co.uk   Biddle & Webb

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Rene Lalique Jardiniere Mesanges

2015-06-05 - Rene Lalique Mesanges Jardiniere: 53.5 inches long frosted glass container with a patinated heavy and high relief bird and foliage decoration at each end of the R. Lalique Jardinere. Lot 86 Est: €3500 - €5000 Model: 3462 Circa 1927 Also a Dahlia Box as Lot 87 and a Dahlia Atomizer as Lot 87B. EU - France - Paris - Rue Rossini contact@rossini.fr +33 01 53 34 55 04 François Xavier PONCET is the contact at the auction house. Cabinet d’expertise MARCILHAC is the sale expert for the decorative arts. The contact info is +33 01 43 26 47 36 or amarcilhac@gmail.com

http://www.rossini.fr   Rossini

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Rene Lalique Comb Sea Holly

2015-06-06 - Rene Lalique Sea Holly Comb: Just over 5 inches high by nearly 4 inches wide sea holly decorated R. Lalique Comb made of horn, silver, gold, and glass. Lot 291 Est: $20,000 - $30,000 Model: Comb-11 Circa 1900 Note this comb was previously auctioned at Parke-Bernet Galleries in New York City on April 24th, 1971. It (or a very similar one) appears as a drawing in the Barton book as shown. USA - Illinois - Oak Park johnw@johntoomeygallery.com 708-383-5234

http://www.treadwaygallery.com   Treadway Toomey Auctions

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Rene Lalique Vase Perruches

2015-06-06 - Rene Lalique Perruches Vase: 10 inches tall (not including the unrelated metal stand) blue glass birds perched on branches motif R. Lalique Vase that was previously drilled for use as a lamp. Lot 710 Est: $8,000 - $10,000 Model: 876 Circa 1919 Also Lot 716 a black glass Tete D'Aigle Cachet and Lot 714 a Figurines et Guirlandes Atomizer. USA - Ohio - Cincinnati - 6th Street rhumler@humlernolan.com 513-381-2041

http://humlernolan.com/   Humler & Nolan

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Rene Lalique Light Shade Madagascar

2015-06-06 - Rene Lalique Madagascar Light Shade: A pair of 13 inch wide heavily molded opalescent bowl form monkey head decorated glass R. Lalique Light Shades. Lot 827 Est: $10,000 - $15,000 Model: 2481 Circa 1928 US - New York - Hudson - Warren Street information@stairgalleries.com 518 751 1000

http://www.stairgalleries.com   Stair

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Rene Lalique Mirror Two Birds

2015-06-06 - Rene Lalique Two Birds Mirror: 16.3 cm frosted glass depiction of "deux oiseaux" facing a raised narrow grapes decorated central handle and all being the backside to the round face of the R. Lalique Mirror. Lot 120. Model: 677 Circa 1914 Also a 36 cm Algues Bowl as Lot 126, a 13 cm Pissenlit Bowl as Lot 109, and Nemours Bowl of unknown age as Lot 113 EU - France - Narbonne - Domaine de Lacoste - Avenue de la Côte des Roses narbonneencheres@yahoo.fr 04 68 32 10 33


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Rene Lalique Scent Bottle Amelie

2015-06-06 - Rene Lalique Amelie Scent Bottle: 7.5 cm tall glass decorated with half dozen rows of leaf tips along with the matching stopper R. Lalique Scent Bottle. Lot 1080 Est: £200 - £300 Model: 520 Circa 1927 Also Lot 1078 a 20.5 cm inch wide opalescent Ondines Bowl, Lot 1079 an 18.5 cm opalescent Coquilles Bowl, and Lot 1081 a 31.5 cm wide opalescent Poissons Plate. Note this is a two sale beginning on the 5th of June, so confirm the date of these items when you get your condition reports from the auction house. UK - Scotland - Glasgow - Dumbarton Road info@greatwesternauctions.com +44 (0)141 954 1500

http://www.greatwesternauctions.com   Great Western

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Rene Lalique Vase Biskra

2015-06-06 - Rene Lalique Biskra Vase: 28.5 cm tall stylized palm fronds decorated opalescent glass R. Lalique Vase. Item: 291476410539 Model: 1078 Circa 1932 EU - France - Vignoux Sur Barangeon

Consulting Inquiry

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Rene Lalique Vase Ricquewihr

2015-06-07 - Rene Lalique Ricquewihr Vase: Just over 5 inches tall clear glass with three relief frosted and heavily bright green patinated horizontal encircling bands having grapes on vine motifs R. Lalique Vase. Lot 234. Model: 10-3476 Circa 1938 EU - France - Sceaux encheres@siboni.com +33 01 46 60 84 25 The expert for the sale is Frédéric Chanoit: + 33 (0) 1 47 70 22 33 or frederic.chanoit@orange.fr

http://www.siboni.com   Siboni

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Rene Lalique Bowl Algues

2015-06-07 - Rene Lalique Algues Bowl: 36 cm wide seaweed motif round opalescent glass R. Lalique Bowl. Lot 109 Est: €300 - €500 Model: 10-389 Circa 1933 EU - France - Versailles pillon-encheres@wanadoo.fr +33 01 39 02 40 40

Eric Pillon

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Rene Lalique Vase Archers

2015-06-07 - Rene Lalique Archers Vase: 26.5 cm tall frosted glass decorated with nude men shooting arrows at large overhead birds R. Lalique Vase. Model: 893 Circa 1921 EU - France - Périgueux - Rue Bodin bertrand.miallon@wanadoo.fr +33 05 53 08 60 84

Maillon et Perigord

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Rene Lalique Vase Perruches

2015-06-10 - Rene Lalique Perruches Vase: 10 inches tall bright blue birds amongst foliage decorated glass R. Lalique Vase. Lot 55 Est: $25,000 - $30,000 Model: 876 Circa 1919 USA - New York - New York City - Rockefeller Plaza cvillinger@christies.com 212 636 2240 Carina Villinger is the Department Head and your best contact for this sale.

http://www.christies.com   Christie's

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Rene Lalique Vase Charmilles

2015-06-10 - Rene Lalique Charmilles Vase: 35.3 cm tall large mouthed frosted and leaf decorated glass having a design similar to the Ormeaux Vase (just a bit bigger) R. Lalique Vase. Lot 252 Est: €1000 - €1500 Model: 978 Circa 1926 EU - France - Paris - Drouot contact@beaussant-lefevre.com +33 01 47 70 40 00 The expert for this lot is Jean-Marc Maury: +33 01 41 17 09 24 or maury.expert@wanadoo.fr

http://www.beaussant-lefevre.com   Beaussant Lefèvre

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Rene Lalique Vase Pivoines

2015-06-10 - Rene Lalique Pivoines Vase: 17 cm tall peonies decorated opalescent glass R. Lalique Vase. No lot number or estimate at the time of listing. Model: 10-908 Circa 1937 Canada - Ontario - Toronto - Queen Street East info@ahwilkens.com 416-360-7600

http://www.ahwilkens.com   A.H. Wilkens

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Rene Lalique Bracelet Scarabees D'or

2015-06-11 - Rene Lalique Scarabees D'or Bracelet: A London re-offer from Geneva on November 12, 2014, of the bracelet now titled as a composite with Lot No. 248 and estimated at £22,000 - £32,000 Note: There is a necklace in this sale which is listed separately. The original 2014 bracelet listing follows: 19 cm long collar style chains form gold and plique-a-jour three rows of repeating beetles against foliage R. Lalique Bracelet. Lot 372 Est: CHF37,000 - 49,000 Model: Bracelet-104 Circa 1900 Also note the auction house states that this item was a gift to the mother of consigner given by Suzanne Lalique. Switzerland - Geneva brettoconnor@sothebys.com +41 22 902 4849 Brett O'Connor is your contact at the auction.

http://www.sothebys.com   Sotheby's

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Rene Lalique Fountain Element Pigeon-2

2015-06-11 - Rene Lalique Pigeon-2 Fountain Element: Two different pigeons saved from the fountain on the Champs-Elysee in Paris created by Rene Lalique and taken down in the 1960's. The tallest is about a 11 inches high. Note our model number relates to the tail-up pigeon. Lot 43 Est: $20,000 - $30,000. Model: Fountain-Element-3 Circa 1932 Also a Mouettes Fountain Element as Lot 41, a Nanking light shade as Lot 52 (attached to a later fitting), an opalescent Naiades Vase and an opalescent Suzanne Statue as Lot 40. USA - New York - New York City frank.maraschiello@bonhams.com 212 644 9059 / 212 710 1306 Frank Maraschiello or Beth Vilinsky are the contacts for the auction.

http://www.bonhams.com   Bonhams

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Rene Lalique Necklace Repetition Des Fleurs

2015-06-11 - Rene Lalique Repetition Des Fleurs Necklace: 42 cm long green enamel, gold, and plique-a-jour group of nine linked nearly identical flowers R. Lalique Necklace. Lot 247 Est: £15,000 - £20,000. Model: Lalique-Necklace-117 Circa 1905 There is also Lot 248 a re-offer of a bracelet now titled as a composite that is listed separately. UK - England - London jessica.wyndham@sothebys.com +44 20 7293 5307 Jessica Wyndham is a Deputy Director and Head of Sale for jewellery in London for Sotheby's and is your contact for this auction.

http://www.sothebys.com   Sotheby's

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Rene Lalique Vase Naiades

2015-06-11 - Rene Lalique Naiades Vase: Over 9 and 1/2 inches tall extremely thick highly opalescent glass with a widening bowl shaped upper section supported by nude mythical female type figures in various poses. Lot 56 Est: $80,000 - $120,000 Model: 1048 Circa 1930 Note there are a few other great lots in this sale listed separately. USA - New York - New York City beth.vilinsky@bonhams.com 212 710 1306 / 212 644 9059 Beth Vilinsky or Frank Maraschiello are the contacts for the auction.

http://www.bonhams.com   Bonhams

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Rene Lalique Vase Tourbillons

2015-06-11 - Rene Lalique Tourbillons Vase: 8 inches tall heavily molded art deco whirlwinds motif highlighted by black enamel R. Lalique Vase. Lot 502 Est: £700 - £900 Model: 973 Circa 1926 Note this sale goes from the 10th to the 12th of June, so confirm the sale date of the vase when you talk to the auction house. UK - England - Nottinghamshire - Nottingham - Gregory Street enquiries@mellorsandkirk.com +44 (0)115 979 0000

http://www.mellorsandkirk.com/   Mellors & Kirk

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Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Clemart

2015-06-12 - Rene Lalique Clemart Perfume Bottle: 4 and 1/4 inches tall glass with a leafs decorated front similar to the design on the Ormeaux Vase R. Lalique Perfume Bottle having a berries motif stopper. Lot 139 Est: $200 - $400 Model: 517 Circa 1927 Note: The stopper on this bottle is the documented original stopper design. Also offered are a Le Lys Box, a Le Lys Perfume Bottle, and an Ambre Antique Perfume Bottle. USA - Pennsylvania - Manheim - Graystone Road ca@conestogaauction.com (717) 898-7284

http://conestogaauction.publishpath.com/   Conestoga

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Rene Lalique Coupe Coquilles

2015-06-14 - Rene Lalique Coquilles Coupe: 24 cm wide round shell motif and resting on the bottoms of four shells opalescent glass R. Lalique Coupe. Lot 116 Est: €200 - €300. Model: 3201 Circa 1924 Lot 116 Est: €200 - €300 EU - France - Sens - Boulevard du Pont-Neuf sens-encheres@wanadoo.fr +33 03 86 64 52 87

Sens Encheres

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Rene Lalique Statue Source De La Fontaine C

2015-06-16 - Rene Lalique Source De La Fontaine C Statue: 76 cm tall frosted glass robed, head bowed and headdressed standing female figure R. Lalique Statue. Lot 50 Est: £8,000 - £12,000 Model: Statue-3 Circa 1924 There are over 130 R. Lalique lots in the auction with a big emphasis on vases as you might expect, but also around a dozen car mascots and a sampling of most of Lalique's different types of production. You can browse through the e-catalogue HERE. UK - England - London - South Kensington - Old Brompton Road jmccall@christies.com +44 (0)20 7752 3237 The 20th Century Arts Director at Christies, Joy McCall, is your best auction contact.

http://www.christies.com   Christie's

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Rene Lalique Vase Frise Aigles

2015-06-17 - Rene Lalique Frise Aigles Vase: 30 cm tall frosted and gray patinated glass with a band of high relief eagles just above the base and another around the neck of the R. Lalique Vase. Lot 105 Est: £10,000 - £12,000 Model: 10-925 Circa 1938 There are 18 R. Lalique lots in this sale; all but three being vases. You can see the list HERE. UK - England - London - New Bond Street gemma.mitchell@bonhams.com +44 20 7393 3860 Gemma Mitchell is the specialist for the sale.

http://www.bonhams.com   Bonhams

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Rene Lalique Box Trois Figurines

2015-06-18 - Rene Lalique Trois Figurines Box: 9.5 cm diameter by 3.5 cm high two parts frosted glass featuring three nudes and trailing a trailing leaf garland that encircles the top of the lid and the sides of both pieces of the R. Lalique Box. Lot 66 Est: €300 - €600 Model: D'Orsay-Box-1 Circa 1913 EU - Spain - Barcelona - Conde de Salvatierra lst@suitesubastas.com +34 93 300 14 77

http://www.suitesubastas.com   La Suite Subastas

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Rene Lalique Vase Soleil

2015-06-19 - Rene Lalique Soleil Vase: 20 cm tall decanter form clear glass with a patinated sunflower motif R. Lalique Vase. lot 3960 Est: CHF2,000 - 3,000 Model: 926 Circa 1913 Also a Plumes Vase as Lot 3959 and an opalescent Gui Vase as Lot 3961. Switzerland - Lucerne - Haldenstrasse info@fischerauktionen.ch +41 (0)41 418 10 10

http://www.fischerauktionen.ch   Fischer

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Rene Lalique Vase Renoncules

2015-06-19 - Rene Lalique Renoncules Vase: 6 inc tall opalescent glass with an undecorated flaring upper section and a high relief floral motif lower section R. Lalique Vase. Lot 3456 Est: $1500 - $2500 Model: 1044 Circa 1930 Also a mauve Fontaines Vase missing the cover as Lot 3455 and an opalescent Houppes Poweder Box as Lot 3459. USA - California - Alameda info@michaans.com 510-740-0220

http://www.michaans.com/   Michaan's

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Rene Lalique Tableware Blois

2015-06-20 - Rene Lalique Blois Tableware: 12 matching model clear glass pieces including several glasses, 2 small bowls, two plates, and the 29 cm decanter. Model: Blois-Tableware Circa 1930 Also a mixed lot of 4 yellow amber Jaffa and Bahia items, a Padoue tray with 5 matching stems, a matching model Vases Plate and Bowl, a 24 piece set of Argos stems including 2 decanters and a pitcher, a set of 6 Toscane stems, a Perruches Vase later drilled and mounted as a lamp, an Ambre Antique Perfume Bottle, an Epines Box and matching Perfume Bottle in one lot, and an egged shaped Poussins Box and an Eglantines Box selling together. Note this is a three day sale thru the 21st of June, so confirm the date of these items directly with the auction house. USA - Texas - Dallas - Slocum Street bid@ha.com (214) 528-3500

http://www.ha.com   Heritage

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Rene Lalique Vase Plumes

2015-06-21 - Rene Lalique Plumes Vase: 21 cm tall low relief leafs decorated opalescent glass R. Lalique Vase selling without a lot number or estimate. Model: 944 Circa 1920 EU - France - Chalon-Sur-Saône - Avenue Boucicaut bdessaut@orange.fr +33 03 85 46 39 98

Benoît DESSAUT et Sarl Société de Ventes Volontaires de Bourgogne

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Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Carnette Fleurs

2015-06-21 - Rene Lalique Carnette Fleurs Perfume Bottle: 12 cm tall clear glass container with four thin vertical stripes and a wonderful floral motif stopper that is the highlight of the R. Lalique Perfume Bottle. Est: €500 - €600 Model: 510 Circa 1911 Also a 35 cm diameter Chataignier Bowl Model No. 10-388, a Quatre Cigales Perfume Bottle, and a Fougeres Vase. EU - France - Lyon - Rue Marcel Rivière info@bremens-belleville.com +33 04 78 37 88 08


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Rene Lalique Light Shade Stockholm

2015-06-24 - Rene Lalique Stockholm Light Shade: A pair of 36 cm wide by 13 cm tall frosted glass art deco R. Lalique Light Shades. Lot 91 Est: £300 -£400 Model: 2478 Circa 1927 Also Lot 89 with 6 pieces including two patinated and enameled opalescent glass Fleur Bols, a pair of Volubilis Bowls, and a 23.5 cm wide Vases Plate, and an unrelated item, Lot 90 a Pouilly Decanter and three 11 cm high glasses, Lot 92 A Ferrieres Vase, Lot 93 an opalescent Saint Francois Vase, and Lot 94 a Deux Danseuses Decanter without stopper. UK - Scotland - Edinburgh rebecca.bohle@bonhams.com +44 131 240 0911 Rebecca Bohle is the specialist at the auction for these items.

http://www.bonhams.com   Bonhams

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Rene Lalique Vase Honfleur

2015-06-26 - Rene Lalique Honfleur Vase: 14 cm tall clear glass with a leaf decorated container length kind of handle on either side of the R. Lalique Vase. Lot 1001 Est: CHF1,000 - 1,500 Model: 994 Circa 1927 Also Lot 106 and opalescent typical form 24 cm wide R. Lalique Poissons Bowl. Switzerland - Zurich - Hardturmstrasse 102 office@kollerauktionen.ch +41 44 445 63 63

http://www.kollerauktionen.ch/   Koller

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Rene Lalique Bookend Coq Houdan

2015-06-27 - Rene Lalique Coq Houdan Bookend: A pair of 23 cm tall standing glass roosters set in chrome mounts and into rectangular black bases R. Lalique Bookends. Model: 1161-Bookend Circa 1929 EU - France - Jas de Bouffan - Aix-en-provence - Chemin de la Vierge noire contact@hvaix.fr +33 4 42 52 52 70


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Rene Lalique Coupelle Coquilles

2015-08-10 - Rene Lalique Coquilles Coupelle: 13 cm across regular shaped iridescent glass repeating and overlapping shells decorated R. Lalique Coupelle. Lot 77 Est: €50 - €80 Model: 3204 Circa 1924 EU - France - Le Puy En Velay - Rue du Vent l'Emporte philippe@casal.eu.com +33 04 71 09 03 85

Le Puy

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