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Note: Cluny is a small town with a population of around 5000 (2018) in eastern France. It's around a 3 and 1/2 hour drive or just under 200 crow flies miles southeast of Paris in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region about 50 miles north of Lyon. The town has a long history, having formed around the Benedictine Abbey of Cluny that was established in the year 910. What became known as the Cluniac movement sought to return the Church to more traditional monastic practices. It became very influentional in its day. The Congregation of Cluny had more than 1000 monasteries under its control by the mid-1100's and was one of the largest religious movements in all of Europe at that time.

Also Note: Compare the masques on this vase to the masque on the world record price Medusa And Serpent Ring!

Also Note: We are aware that this vase model (the glass without the handles or masques) has been duplicated by a third party for the purpose of attaching authentic handles and masques from a damaged vase.

Also Note: In September of 1925 Rene Lalique created 2 vases based on the same container shape. Both vases were enhanced with similar size and shape bronze mounts. This Cluny model is the more sophisticated of the vases. The 2 snake motif mounts each encircle a glass masque that is a separate piece from the body of the vase. The other model is Senlis, a model whose simplicity in final form obscures the work required to create the vessel. It is in many ways the more elegant of the 2 vases. It has the same container, there are no separate glass masques, and its mounts bear a motif of simply done leaves made more effective over time by the aging of the bronze.

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R. Lalique Cluny Vase
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R. Lalique Cluny Vase
2012-11-13  Rene Lalique Cluny Vase

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R. Lalique Cluny Vase
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