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You got Ghosts – You Know Who To Call! You got R Lalique – You Know Where To Go!

WARNING: Immediately after finishing this report, everyone at World Headquarters will be off to the hospital to fix all the broken elbows that occurred today! So the switchboards will be closed, and the email response team will be much slower than their usual glacial response times!

We were checking around what obviously has become the greatest website on the planet (seriously in case you have any doubts, click on this link: GreatestWebsiteOnThePlanet.com or just copy/paste or type that into the address bar of your browser and see where it takes you … incredible really) … anyway, we were trolling about the site to see which of the tons of pages could use updating, and we realized that we had not updated the Testimonial Page for some time. And coincidentally, while we were all around the big conference table voting on which of the scads** of great comments we have received from readers to include in the update, the following appeared in an auction advertisement:

Auctioneer Testimonial For https://rlalique.com

Now readers, does this auctioneer know or does he know? The “Bulletin” is a direct copy from the auction house ad. And just like the Gettysburg Address***, it’s short and to the point. No longwinded testimonials required when you have the elegance of clear thought demonstrated by the ad writer. That ad is such a great testimonial; we may double the pay of the staffer mentioned in the ad. Heck, we may triple it. But even if we do, it will stay the same of course (something about multiplying zero by a whole number …. it’s pretty confusing high level math stuff but what staffer isn’t happy to hear they got a big raise?).

So, with that gem of a compliment in mind we present a sample of the comments that have just been added to The Worldwide (Planetary?) Gathering Place for Rene Lalique Enthusiasts and R Lalique Collectors Testimonial Page:

Hello, I love your site.

I know well rlalique.com, I often visit it. It is great website for the passionate persons!

Hi. You have been most generous in assessing these modest pieces. I appreciate your service and the integrity you bring to the iffy cyberworld of antiquing. Now I will know what to look for the future. THANK YOU.

Hi! Thank you SO MUCH for letting us know! I just tweeted (on Twitter) what you told me! How cool that you let us know what we didn’t know. Love meeting people like you! Thank you again for the info and for the tips!

first bid is in and i am amazed that you even bothered to let me know what i had……………. GOD BLESS YOU

Thank you very much for your time and the information you provided. It is very much appreciated. You gave me some great leads!

Thank you so much for your speedy reply and for the photos of the other plates. What a wonderful job you must have – I hope it is lucrative for you!

thanks much for the feedback and words of wisdom.

I am amazed at the fast and personal response that you’ve given on a free service. Thank you very much.

thanks again, glad to know people like you are out there helping people like me!

Thank you so much for your message Best regards from Paris

Thanks so much for the info and for the referral

Again, many thanks for all you help.

Merci beaucoup pour vos informations!!! Best Regards


I frequently visit the R Lalique website – it is a great reference site.

Bonsoir, un grand merci pour votre mail et les informations complémentaires que vous m’avez données.
A bientôt.

je vous remercie pour vos conseils et du site Rlalique

Thanks a lot,
Best regards and thank you again for this

Thank you so very much.
Your most Kind.

just wish to express my appreciation for your assistance thank you very much and your website is excellent certainly learning a lot kind regards

Bonjour et merci beaucoup pour ces informations précieuses

Thanks again for all of your hard work. I appreciate it so very much.

Thank you so much!!!

Thanks, you do a great job.


Yes, thank you very much. That is exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you very much. Very appreciated. I’ve used your website numerous times to help identify fakes and authentic pieces.

Wow, great. Thanks for the help and info

Thank you for your time and your excellent website information.

WOW!!!, thank you

Thank you so very much for the information . . . I am so glad to finally know WHAT I have.

Thanks what an education you gave me.

you are great thanks for your hard work.

Just wanted to say that your website is great and it is thanks to your information that we found the bowl in the first place.

Keep up the good work!

What a great help – I don’t know if I would ever have found that! Thank you very much

Please receive my compliments and new interest in your site

The services your firm offers are really wonderful.

bonjour, je vous remercie pour ces precisions. Cordialement.

Every comment on the Testimonials Page was taken from emails flowing in from all over the planet (which ties in pretty nicely with the greatest on the planet thing that we started with :). And all joking aside, we really appreciate our readers taking their valuable time to write us with such great feedback.

And lest anyone be wondering if we ever get critical emails, we should let you know that one of our staff members received an email from an apparently deranged individual stating (in three “words” as shown) that the staff member was a “MEG LOW MANIAC”!**** We couldn’t even make this one up. It’s rich. We were scrambling when this was received trying to figure out just what the writer meant. We know ROB LOWE is sometimes talked about like he is a MANIAC (an opinion we do not share), but we checked and he doesn’t have a sister named MEG. Hmmmmmmmm.

Well, we’re off to see the doctor to get those pesky elbow casts to protect ourselves from further “humerus” damage. Oh, almost forgot. How do you break your elbow? Trying to pat yourself on the back of course. 🙂

Until the next time.

** scads: a large quantity of something

*** The Gettysburg Address, delivered by President Abraham Lincoln on November 19th, 1863, took about 2 minutes and was under 300 words long. Compare that succinct treasure with modern political speeches.

**** MEG LOW MANIAC: This is really true, we actually got an email that said exactly that. Where the confused writer got that idea we are at a total loss to say. Jeepers,***** we hadn’t even written this post yet. Strange.

***** Jeepers is an informal exclamation of surprise or alarm. Maybe a little stronger than “gee” but not as strong as a cuss word.

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