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Suspicious RLalique Online Auction Listings Thread

This is our running thread on Suspicious RLalique Online Auctions brought to our attention by readers of RLalique.com. This is THE PLACE to post suspicious online listings by leaving a comment to this post. This thread is for items that are NOT RLalique, and we include in this thread online RLalique auctions where there is no actual RLalique item (the stolen photo auctions). We started this thread in response to reader requests. To submit a suspicious item, or comment about an item already listed in this thread, leave your comment here. We welcome comments on items that have already been posted here, concerning all the various subjects surrounding a fake listing; from the actual identify of the item, to any patterns of deception or things that can be learned from a specific listing. If an item is a real RLalique item, and you have concerns about condition or quality, this is not the place to comment. For help with real RLalique items, please check out our RLalique Consulting Services Section. Two final notes: First, you have to register to comment, by clicking the register link on the sidebar of any blog page. Your name and email address (the two main things to register) do not appear in your comments when they are published. By taking the time to identify fake RLalique appearing in online auctions, and sharing your knowledge with the greater RLalique community, you help to strengthen the entire RLalique collecting field, and you may save a fellow enthusiast from a big headache. Finally, one common sense observation from our standpoint. Not all sellers of a suspicious item are bad people. For example, someone buys an item at an estate sale or antique shop, thinking it’s a great RLalique bargain, then goes home and lists it in an online auction, not knowing the facts. That’s a different story than the seller that adds an RLalique signature to a non RLalique piece to try and increase the value, or that knowingly passes along a fake. It’s often hard or impossible to know or guess at the truth of each circumstance. What matters most is the fact of the item; whether it’s RLalique or not, and for you as a collector to be as educated as possible to know the difference between the good, the bad, and the ugly. We look forward to your contributions.

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97 Responses to “Suspicious RLalique Online Auction Listings Thread”

  1. tsvk9 says:

    Crystal bowl with flying birds R.Lalique (!) Ebay Item No. 361540112443

    • kidcobraa321a says:

      These are R. Lalique Bowls. There are a couple pages of stemware in the Catalogue Raisonne where the design is etched into the glass, not molded. Morsbronn is one of them. The Cat Res does not document any bowls for these sets except one bowl for one of the sets at the beginning of the “bol” section I think, but we do have these Morsbronn “bols” documented in the catalogue here on the website in the bowl section. They are UNI bols (also not pictured but at least listed in the Cat Res, also documented here on the site with photos) with the etched cranes, making them Morsbronn. We have put one of these bowls next to an Uni bowl here at world headquarters 🙂 and confirmed this. We also have a Morsbronn Glass and Decanter documented in the catalogue, all inter-linked from this page: https://rlalique.com/rene-lalique-morsbronn-bowl. See also: https://rlalique.com/rene-lalique-uni-bowl for the Uni and you’ll see the shape is identical.

  2. davesmall says:

    I’m not sure why my St Tropez vase listing is noted as a suspicious item. Ebay Item No. 201529973676 – R Lalique Designed St Tropez Cherry Blossoms Vase 7 inches Tall Good Condition

    I’ve reworded the listing to make it even more clear that this is a crystal reissue after Rene’s death. Please remove from the suspicious list

  3. tsvk9 says:


    ebay item 201281666107 30% off! Vintage signed R Lalique frosted glass butterfly salt

    Buy it now 145usd

    Live listing today 24 Nov 2015

  4. thenewboy says:

    Such a helpful feature / hope nobody gets “stung” by this FAKE “crown-of thorns” starfish bowl as SO many already have!


  5. 1589 says:


    Following your article on pinkcupcakes-uk (we shorten that up to “Pinky” for brevity), a Norwich UK regular dealer in R.Lalique items, I thought I’d better let you know he has at least one other account he has posted the same items up on, some of which also look dubious.

    He’s also called delectablecollectables and here is a link to the item you referred to in your blog:

    Ebay.co.uk Item No. 261189001016

  6. 1509 says:

    Lalique vase Biche on ebay.

    Any opinion about this one ?


  7. 1531 says:

    Jobling opalique bowl sold as René Lalique, fake signature


  8. 1525 says:

    Offered as a Vintage Lalique Glass Perfume Bottle.


  9. 1525 says:

    Offered as Lalique cut glass J. C. Prosseau perfume bottle


  10. 1525 says:

    Offered as amethyst coloured Lalique bowl


  11. 1525 says:

    Offered as Rene Lalique Le Jade scent bottle


  12. 1525 says:

    Offered as Lalique Crystal Lion Heads Lighter with signature


  13. 1525 says:

    Scent bottle offered as possibly lalique or made at Lalique ‘works’.


  14. 1525 says:

    First post on here. Found this not sure if its listed correctly.
    Ebay Item number: 130688641575

  15. 1509 says:

    Sorry, the next time I will first have a look on the suspicious list before posting on this tread.
    Why did you think this biches vase is suspicious ? I got better photos from the seller on white background, he look pretty good for me.
    The only think that disturb me is the signature ….

  16. 1 says:

    About the Biches Vase, it’s been on the Suspicious Page for several days!

  17. 1485 says:

    Ebay Item: 120819527659

    I never see this color Amethyst for this vase, I only see the clear on sale from quite a few sites. Is the Amethystcolor vase for real?

  18. 41 says:

    Is this a piece that has been exposed to radiation?


    Would very much appreciate your thoughts on it.

  19. 41 says:

    a R.Lalique Perruches vase just appeared on ebay .


    But caution the photos are the same as one that sold before and can be viewed on liveauctioneers.com


  20. 1001 says:

    About the number of Victoires that are appearing in sales that are either completely or partly misleading: This is a continuing problem with the crystal copies out there, and even metal reproductions are we are seeing now. You are right to point it out, but of course it is highly likely to continue. We have to hope that more buyers ask questions, get educated, or at least check around before bidding. Obviously the information is out there for any bidder that is willing to spend a few minutes looking before leaping.

  21. 1272 says:

    Four of four listed Lalique Victoire ornaments (Mascots, etc) are “reproductions” at best, “fakes” at worst. All have misleading titles and descriptions, allowing trusting bidders to think they are buying Lalique originals. The sellers don’t deny the authenticity, but seem to only volunteer that info when asked – and only via private messages. I did ask two of the sellers:

    R. LALIQUE Reproduction VICTOIRE DECO Glass CAR Mascot #200599165117

    Sent Date: Apr-21-11 20:54:57 PDT
    Dear worldmarketaccess,
    Is this an actual Lalique-manufactured item? Signed? I cannot tell for sure from the title (“reproduction”) or description.
    Thank you.

    hello — this is a well-made reproduction of an R. Lalique piece. It is not made nor signed by Lalique.
    – worldmarketaccess


    Deco Victoire Lalique Bronze Car Mascot/Ornament 87 #230609998057

    Sent Date: Apr-18-11 07:24:34 PDT
    Dear ml0063,
    Is this made by Lalique and signed?

    Dear ,
    This is a reproduction piece made from my original at my factory.
    – ml0063

  22. 1 says:

    Hello. About the Renard Ashtray listing 320684728402, the seller confirmed that the base is not round and is “flatter” at the back. It could be polished from removing a chip, or it could be a converted ashtray, or both! Either way, it’s obviously had a bit of a going over and your observations are well taken.

  23. 41 says:

    ebay item 320684728402

    Seems to me that this renard letter seal was once an ashtray and at some point ground down. Kind of odd looking signature. Looks suspicious to me. Any thoughts?

  24. 1 says:

    Hi. About 170584665541, the bottle with the birds on the front, it is hard to say from the poor photos in the ebay ad. But, it appears to be the vase Deux Moineaux Bavardant Model No. 912. We don’t know of any copies of this vase. We have asked for better photos to be sure.

  25. 41 says:

    Item 170584665541

    I think this an attempted copy of DEUX MOINEAUX DORMANT Vase, right?

  26. 1229 says:

    A “Lalique” Nude Woman Figurine/Paperweight

    Item 270684702868

  27. 1 says:

    Hi 1221. Welcome to the Blog.


    is fine as far as I am concerned. Other boxes of this model have appeared with the same signature. I think they reproduced this box at some point long after the death of Rene Lalique, so caution is required, but this one appears just fine. It’s listed in the R. Lalique Auction section of the site as well.

  28. 1221 says:

    Is this an authentic R. Lalique piece? The marking looks very questionable.


  29. 1 says:

    The swan (Ebay Item No. 160492713810), is a modern crystal reproduction by Cristal Lalique of an original Rene Lalique glass model. It was made sometime after the death of Rene Lalique. The ad title and text say “Rene Lalique Crystal Swan”, and the ad also states it is an “Original”.

  30. 1 says:

    A question received via email from a reader assumedly asking about the swan that is currently listed on the Police Page

    Begin forwarded message:

    Date: October 23, 2010 8:54:02 PM MST
    Subject: User 1003 comment Oct 12 re Lalique swan

    Can someone elaborate on why this is suspicious? How can he tell? Is he saying not genuine Lalique or just that it is not antique?

    Sent from my iPad

  31. 57 says:

    Hi, I wanted to bring this perfume bottle to everyone’s attention. Ebay # 320504220317. As far as I know, this is NOT a Lalique perfume bottle. I wrote the seller about my concerns, he replied “I purchased this from a reputable dealer several years ago and believe it to be genuine. The R. Lalique signature is faint and does not show up when I try to photograph it.”

    There is no photo of the marking in the listing. I do know that Lalique did make a stopper with butterflies on it, but this doesnt look like it and the quality of the glass doesnt scream Lalique to me. I think it is a lesser known perfumer, probably American, circa 1920.

  32. 1 says:

    Hi S … there is a “report this item” link in every ebay listing, it’s found on the right hand side under the box that has the item number in it. Click on that link, report that it’s a fraud, stolen photos etc. and ebay will deal with it. Best

  33. 58 says:

    Hi RL.C
    Interesting to see the Blue “thing” listed again … EBay 190375987533 … reused photos and text from Liquidartdeco listing some months back … 0 Feedback seller listed in Virginia … 4 bids to date … can you initiate Fraud investigations from Az or should I approach eBay ?

  34. 1154 says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful and very helpful site. As a follower of TiffanyFakes.Com I was not surprised to see the names of many of your targeted sellers as they are also sellers of fake and fraudulently signed Tiffany Studios pieces. Most of the Sellers To Watch on the TiffanyFakes site are of the belief that if it is signed Tiffany Studios, it must be genuine and of course, these sellers are a problem. The real problem are the sellers who know better and they offer Lalique, Meissen, Staffordshire, Roseville, Tiffany and any other fake knowing full well that they are selling fakes. Ebay does nothing to help stop this thievery but they should be concerned as we hear more and more complaints about Ebay and buyers are staying away in droves. One day they will get their head out of the cash register and begin to formulate a plan to make Ebay a safe buying enviroment. Keep up you efforts.

  35. 1153 says:

    I found the original auction ticket (purchase in 1993 not late 1980’s) and it was represented as RLalique. I have now made appropriate changes to the Ebay listing and drastically reduced the starting bid. In the future, it would be most helpful if your members would state why something is thought not to be authentic.

  36. 1153 says:

    Regarding your November 28 post about the “glass box” listed on Ebay – please tell me why this listing is suspicious. Did you look at the enlarged photo of the signature? In person it is clearly hand inscribed. This box was purchased in the late 1980’s from a reputable well known auction gallery in Wilson, NC. The wormanship is very fine. I did not know about the free verification service until just now. If the relisted box does not sell on Ebay this time, I will have it verified. In the future, I think you need to state specifically why you think you an item is suspicious. I have done my best to research the box and, with the exception of your postingon this site, have found nothing that would indicate that the box is not authentic.

  37. 6 says:

    The Cristal Lalique Tareau paperweight is a particularly offensive example of a seller that makes false statements in the ad. He has in the ad that the piece is signed R. Lalique. Ignoring that this is totally false of course, why would he put that in the ad unless he knew the significance?

  38. 41 says:

    Ebay item number: 250497335144

    Seller offering the bottom part of a Du Barry box as vase, mentioning that it would be missing in the Marcilhac book. I think not….
    very deceiving

  39. 1 says:

    About the two bracelets. They appear to be exactly what you suspect: Cut down bases from the Rene Lalique Box for D’Orsay commonly called the Three Graces or Trois Figurines. This box appears in the catalog raisonne in the back on Page 968 of the 2004 Edition as D;Orsay – 1. It seems they cut out the middle of the base bottom, and the rim of the base was cut down, as was part of the upper part of the base below the rim portion. The circa date should be 2009, not 1919 as stated in the ads!

  40. 1 says:

    Hi. About the signature on the Quatre Scarabees box. We had a collector that owns two of these boxes check their signatures, and both have the Q tail facing to the left as shown in the photo in the ebay listing. So it seems like it’s OK. This is not an authentication of the box, just relaying info 🙂

  41. 41 says:

    Here are two interesting ones

    item number: 230355539358 and item number: 230355648386

    No where to be found in the Marcilhac book. I believe those where made out of the bottom part of the Trois Figurines box for D’Orsay.
    Is that possible? Am I correct?

  42. 41 says:

    Also just noticed something else weird about that signature on the Scrabees box. The R is quite far from the LALIQUE. The etched France of course is totally off. The piece itself is R.Lalique, I don’t think there are any copies of that box, but I wonder if at some point in its life someone has monkeyed around with it?? ….added some resin to cover up damage ??? …who knows..
    It is so hard to tell from photos…

  43. 41 says:

    Hello User 42,
    Thanks for pointing this out about the “Q” in the Scarabees box. Don’t really know what to make of it and would also love to know. Wonder if there is a simple explanation for it somewhere out there ….. or not??

  44. 42 says:

    Hi I noticed the tail on the “Q” in LALIQUE is opposite to what it should be?on ebay item 190319460524 c1911 R Lalique Quatre Scarabees Perfume Box Rare Green
    Rare Turquoise Green Glass!
    what do you think??
    No 42

  45. 41 says:

    I am curious. At what point would one call a “refreshed patina” going too far. I have seen auction houses sell pieces where they indicate that the patina on a certain piece had been refreshed (and it doesn’t seem to affect the value negatively). But for some time now one seller on eBay seems to have “rare” two-toned patinas on R.Lalique vases for sale, something like, one new one pops up about once a month. Although I have found records of the Sauterelles Vase with a blue and green patina, I have not found records of other pieces done originally with two colors. I am wondering how the “invention” of color combinations affect the value of a piece.
    As an example here is one vase? Item number: 190319469685

  46. 1 says:

    Rene Lalique Grives VaseThat appears from the photos to be the R Lalique Vase Grives. Catalogue Raisonne Number is 10-917. This came with enamel to highlight the birds, and the vase looks totally different without enamel or patina in terms of the way you usually would see it. On the signature, it could be OK. A lot of times to get a signature to show up on a clear piece in a photo, you have to angle the piece for the photo to catch the light and have the signature be readable. This looks like what they may have done when taking that picture. Here is a photo of one with a patina that better shows the design.

  47. 1 says:

    About the signature on the Gui Vase, it’s not possible to say 100% from the photo, but it could be Ok. The Lalique signature, which looks almost like someone scratched it in with a paper clip, was thought to be spurious by many. However, it appears consistently on a lot of vases such as Escargot, where the original molded signature is really faint or unreadable. It would also be the a relatively sophisticated con decisions to scratch in that signature and limit your market to people who don’t care if they see R.Lalique or not. So likely it’s OK, but again, would need the vase in hand to be certain.

  48. 1 says:

    Is it correct that the Czech vase is a copy? Well, it’s correct in the same way that those 5 inch, 3 nude Desna vases could be called copies of an R Lalique Bacchantes Vase. If you know what a Bacchantes is, you likely would not call the Desna vases “copies”. If you put them next to each other, no one (whether familiar with the work of Rene Lalique or not) would say that the Desna Vases or this Czech Vase are copies of anything RLalique. So are there any similarities? Of course there are. At this time, the big similarity is that both vases are on the planet earth! Beam me up!

  49. 1 says:

    The biggest problem with the Archers is that it’s missing half of the top rim! That “Condition is excellent with no cracks, chips or any repairs” statement in the ad is a bit off :). The signature, from what you we can tell from the photo seems Ok. But no reason to look past the rim to worry about it:)

  50. 1 says:

    On the unsigned Malines… this is the Fenton bottle that is mentioned in our Copies and Close Calls section. We’ve posted another photo of that bottle with an original stopper (there may be more than one original stopper) and some added information about the two companies that are know for sure to have bought that bottle from Fenton.

  51. 1 says:

    Great point! Mounted to the end of a big stick and swung around with or without a chain ……. like one of those medieval weapons…. a flail or a mace!

  52. 1 says:

    The glass vase asked about in the previous comment, Ebay Item Number 310131680828 is the subject of an extensive blog post today. The conclusion is that it is a post war Lalique Cristal Vase, with an R.Lalique signature put on at the factory.

  53. 1 says:

    Unbelievably, just a few days ago, through our free authentication service, we were asked to quthenticate what is now Ebay Item 130291294731, mentioned above as “A Czech glass perfume bottle offered as Rene’ Lalique”. We told the people that it was not R Lalique. Yet it appears on Ebay advertised as R Lalique!

  54. 1 says:

    The Pelican Ashtray is totally legit. It’s got an unfortunate crack in the beak, but it is a legitimate R Lalique piece. The seal and ashtray in this model are quite rare, though the seal on its own is substantially more valuable than the ashtray.

  55. 1 says:

    Thanks of the heads up on this item We are awaiting details on the piece, and we’ll let you know what we find out and what we think. There are three possibilities. It’s an R Lalique piece and they have it wrong. It’s a modern piece with a phony R Laique signature. Or it’s a close copy. We will get back when we have more information. Don’ t want to speculate until then.

  56. 41 says:

    Here is an interesting piece.

    The auction house says it is a Poissons Vase after R.Lalique.
    I guess I learned something. I did not know there are copies of this vase.
    Thought I’d pass on this info.

  57. 1 says:

    About 120376671813, the seller can shout LALIQUE ’till the cows come home, but as grandpa said many times: Writing the word Dog on the side of a Cat will not make it bark!

  58. 1 says:

    It is possible that the 3 piece set is a modern Lalique crystal set. The seahorse vase is a classic, appearing in the Nicholas Dawes book in the short section in the back on Fakes…

  59. 1 says:

    In spite of the weird signature, Ebay item 260360642997 seems legit. It appears to be the RLalique glass Graines. There is a decanter and maybe 4 glasses. His numbers that he says are unclear are the last 3 of the four numbers identifying one of the glasses in the set.

  60. 1 says:

    fake? Fake?

    Yes! Yes!

  61. 1 says:

    A good find, which we’ve placed in on the website Police Page.

  62. 1 says:

    Hi everyone. Good question just above here on whether or not Ebay Item Number 230321689877 is a fake. The listing 230321689877, looks to be an R Lalique Soucis Vase judging by what are not great photos of course. And there is the hole in it :)… a bit a problem. Anyway, there is a Czech vase that has some of the look, but from what we see in the photos, it appears to be the real thing.

  63. 41 says:

    Here is another very deceiving piece. I asked an expert and according to him it is a fake. BTW, I have also seen it once come up, signed Tiffany and the metal band around it had Picasso’s name on it.

    RARE-Antique-RENE-LALIQUE-LOUPE-36-100-Paris-1925 – Ebay Item #110319076762

  64. 57 says:

    I really love this idea of hunting down the fakes, as this is something I do everyday on ebay for my own site for the Lalique Perfumes. I always see Czech and Japanese bottles being unscrupulously signed R Lalique.

    I know that there are different types of collectors, whether they be newcomers, perfume bottle collectors or wise advanced collectors out there who may be unsure and I think if we all pull together and help expose the fakes, it will help prevent anyone from making a costly mistake.

    As for that Czech three nudes bottle, I have seen it in several colors from clear, amber, red, blue and violet. It is almost always signed with a fake Lalique signature and I believe all of those bottles are reproductions from the Czech Republic, often advertised as antiques.

    But how do many of these same bottles seem to come with the fake marks, for instance, it seems to me that a person or maybe even a company is doling out the signatures as they get a batch of bottles from Czech sources, then disperse them online or at auction houses.

    I definitely see inscribed signatures with diamond point etching pen on various perfumes that Lalique never produced.

    I also see some bottles with molded signatures, that are very fake, the bottles are also brand new crystal ones from Italy and China that I have seen. I have seen fake Baccarat and fake Lalique signatures on these types on ebay. Does anyone know where else these bottles may be originating from?

  65. 1 says:

    Just a note to thank all of you that are contributing to this thread for continuing to alert us to these Suspicious Listings. This thread relies on users of our site to keep the information flowing and so far it’s been a rousing success. Thanks again all of you, and please keep up the great work……

  66. 56 says:

    Hello Everyone,

    My comment is regarding the Ebay Item No. 110298728750 –

    I was actually thinking about this very bottle when I was reading the articles about fakes. And was amused ( somewhat ) to actually see it mentioned.

    It is I who is the new owner of this perfume bottle.

    When I first saw it listed I did have some doubts. I have only been collecting Lalique for a few months, and although it has the R. Lalique ‘signature’ I had never seen this bottle before, nor had I seen it in my two Lalique books.

    I decided to go ahead and bid on it just in case it was the real deal, but also decided not to bid more than what any other similer sized Czech bottle. ( I won it for $352.00, there were 19 bids all up. )

    A short time later I came across 2 more, one in samber and the other in lilac, and neither of these had a Lalique signature, so of course my suspicions were confirmed.

    I didnt contact the person who sold it to me as I have a feeling that it may have been sold in good faith. However, if I had of paid a monstrous amount I would have.

    I dont regret the purchase as it really is a lovely bottle, and looks wonderful as a display piece.

    But it is a lesson learned, and I now look really hard at what I am buying if its listed as a Lalique item.

    I’ll also most likely never sell it. Two reasons…..
    1. I really like it.
    2. If I sell it as a Czech Lalique fake, theres nothing stopping the Buyer, or future buyers selling it onto other unsuspecting Buyers.

    Best regards

  67. 1 says:

    Called in by an alert reader of our website, a reader that is OK with emails or computers, but a lot better talker than a typer, straight to the RLalique.com Suspicious Minds HOTLINE (no it’s not a red phone, it’s black and silver, and yes, it gets answered at 3 AM), and posted promptly for your information!

    330287376989 newly appearing on Ebay today!

  68. 1 says:

    Paon Belt Buck Signed RLaliqueThese buckles have appeared in many dfferent parts of the world, including the British TV Show Cash In The Attic where the appraiser identified the buckle as the work of Rene Lalique. The quality has been highly variable, as have the markings. But, see this March 17, 2005 Tajan 20th Century Decorative Arts Catalogue in Paris, and scroll down to Lot 45. Comments?

  69. 41 says:

    liveauctions 227173-LALIQUE-BELT-BUCKLE-CIRCA-1910-11cm-across – 220299266776

    Belt buckles like this one have come up several times in the past. Even fetching as much as $500.-. I’ ve also seen it ( without the R.Lalique mark ) offered as Tiffany belt buckle.

    Neither R.Lalique nor Tiffany

  70. 52 says:

    270289823697 ebay item. Listed as an R. Lalique salt cellar (rare!) is really the bottom half of a Coquilles box. See Marcilhac Page 236, #71.

  71. 1 says:

    Thanks for the fast contributions, we’re off to a great start! If anyone wants to give any thoughts they might have about the true manufacturer or identity of these pieces, the rest of our readers would greatly appreciate any insight into this info.

  72. 41 says:

    Two more auctions with fake letter seals.

    Antique-Lalique-Glass-Wax-Seal-Stamp-Paris-Ebay Item No. 260299051989


    /Lalique-Glass-Stamp-Buganvilia-Flower-Wax-Ebay Item No. 370095568814

  73. 41 says:

    Here is another one.

    Ebay Item No. 110298728750 – Lalique-Art-Glass-Three-Nudes-Tall-Perfume-Bottle

    Unfortunately this one has had some bids placed on it.

  74. 41 says:

    Thank you for this new feature.
    Here is my first discovery: RENE-LALIQUE-ART-GLASS-SERVING-BOWL-DISH-OLD-LG-PIECE – Ebay Item No. 260301950566!

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