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Reality Check – Corrections And Fact Check Thread – RLalique.com

RLalique.com Reality Check GraphicThis is the place for readers and users comments:

1. To question the accuracy of any fact or statement on our website! You say we have something wrong, or even a little different shade of reality, let us know your facts!

2. To question the completeness of any fact of statement on our website! If you have information to add to what we’ve said, either that would create a different impression, a different reality than we may have, or just to make our information more complete, let us know your facts!

This is not an “I love your website” or “I hate your website” thread. It’s a chance to amend or correct the information we present if you think we got it wrong. This should be to the greater good of the entire RLalique community and if we’re wrong about something, we will gladly be corrected. We only ask that you keep in mind the enduring words of Dragnet’s Joe Friday: “Just the facts ma’am!”

Hopefully there won’t be too many corrections! But come what may, we welcome your input and information.

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One Response to “Reality Check – Corrections And Fact Check Thread – RLalique.com”

  1. EarlE says:

    Thank you for showing some pieces, like the door at The Oviatt in downtown L.A.
    I restored glass , broken pieces and didn’t know of this site back then.
    I did 1 of the lost wax, cast glass Elevator doors, with 24 kt. On the back, I can only appreciate what they did back then.
    The main difference between what ai did and the original, is all those years of smoking, on the glass.
    Any way I tried to match that would of come out different with time.

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