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What RLalique Is This?

RLalique Seal Or?RLalique Seal Or?A long time collector has had this piece for a long time…makes sense.

The collector bought it as a cachet. Not in the cachet section of any book we’ve seen.

RLalique? A clever ploy?

An un-recorded cachet? A converted stopper? A missing piece to a really big puzzle?

A photoshop photo of nothing created to perplex readers of this blog? And what is with the removable metal thing on the bottom, obviously removed for the upside down photo?

Hmmm. Does anyone have any thoughts on what it is? RLalique Seal Or?RLalique Seal Or?RLalique Seal Or?





















UPDATE December 2017:



This has been resolved!Miro Dena Ambre Nouveau Perfume Bottle Made by H. Saumount GlassworksD'Argelys Amante Perfume Bottle Made by H. Saumount Glassworks



The perfume bottle for the Miro Dena fragrance Ambre Nouveau and the same bottle for D’Argelys Eau De Cologne and their fragrance Amante have this one side decorated grapes on vines “seal” as their stopper!

D'Argelys Eau De Cologne Perfume Bottle Made by H. Saumount GlassworksThe bottle was made by the H. Saumont Glassworks in the late 1920’s.

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One Response to “What RLalique Is This?”

  1. 41 says:

    …hhmmm, I looked through the whole “big book”, trying to figure out if it could have been made out of another piece…
    The pattern to me looks like possibly Raisins or Marienthal…
    but nothing seems to fit as the base is wider than the decorated part..
    .. really quite intriguing…

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