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Rene Lalique Copies

R Lalique Copies: Of the thousands of different Lalique items produced during the lifetime of Rene Lalique, there are only a small number that have been copied so closely that they can fool even some R Lalique collectors. Most of what is labeled falsely as Lalique are items that are similar in style but not close copies, so for the collector, it is not a big problem. Here we identify the pieces that we have seen copies that are close enough to the real thing, that these copies create cause for concern even if you are familiar with the works of Rene Lalique. We also have a few items that aren't all that close, but we see them being sold repeatedly as R. Lalique and fooling a decent number of buyers. Again, just be cautious when acquiring these closely copied models to be sure you are getting a genuine Rene Lalique item and not a copy. Also, keep in mind that most of these copies were not intended at the time of manufacture to fool anyone. Someone just borrowed, bought, or appropriated what they thought was a good design. However in more modern times, with a little polishing, a little patina, and maybe a little signature addition or alteration, or even just an innocent assumption or innocent misrepresentation by the seller, these close copies can present a problem for the unsuspecting purchaser. Following are known items of concern. If you have questions about a particular piece or any specific concerns, check our R. Lalique Authentication Services for information on how we can help.



Perruches Vase - Consolidated Glass

R Lalique Vase Perruches Fake - Not by Rene LaliqueR Lalique Vase Perruches Fake - Not by Rene LaliqueThe Consolidated Glass Company, operating a large glass manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania, made a line of glass items called Martele, which was introduced after the 1925 Paris Exhibition and was produced up until the 1960's. This line, as described by it's designers, and as obvious from appearances, was heavily influenced by the designs of Rene Lalique, including one work which is a direct copy. There are several vases in this line notably Bird of Paradise, which are nearly copies of Rene Lalique designs. The Bird of Paradise vase is a close (but distinguishable) copy of the RLalique Aras Vase. So for these several items, the differences can be spotted quite easily, without even a close inspection. However, there is one design that is basically identical to an RLalique design, the Consolidated Love Birds Vase. This vase is a near perfect copy of the RLalique Perruches Vase, and was made by Consolidated in a variety of colors and finishes. On appearance, this vase is good enough to fool many people, including novice collectors. However, the main visual difference is that the rim of the Consolidated vase is slightly everted at the top. But in the non-cased (double layer of glass) versions of the vase, it appears that this everted part of the rim can be polished away, leaving a visually amazingly good copy of the RLalique Perruches. Of course, Consolidated marketed these vases as their own, and had no intent to fool anyone. But with the passage of time, there have been Love Birds vases appearing on the market with spurious signatures, patinas and some polishing, that have been represented as RLalique. As we discussed in the Intro To Fakes and Frauds subsection, the best defense is to handle as much RLalique as you can. An experienced collector would know from the feel of the vase, from the weight and the finish, that the Consolidated Vase is not RLalique. Also note that some copies of the Perruches emanating from Czechoslovakia have also appeared in the past. The light purple vase shown above and to the left is a Consolidated Vase purchased on Ebay for $99 in like new condition, where it was properly identified. It is cased glass, and not a bad looker for the money. It's just not RLalique. Neither is the 2nd Consolidated example shown. This copy was later produced by the Phoenix Glass Company and after that by the Pilgrim Glass Company.

Archers Vase

R Lalique Fake Archers Vase In Black Glass - Not by Rene LaliqueArchers Amber Vase FakeIn recent years, several Archers Vases have appeared from the same location, that have given cause for concern.

These are basically exact design copies, but low mold quality, low finish quality of the base area especially, and interesting signatures.

A black one is shown here to the left, along with the signature appearing on the underside of the vase.

These copies have also appeared in amber glass (also shown with signature on the right) and in clear and frosted glass.

R Lalique Fake Signature On A Fake Black Archers Vase Copy of Original Rene Lalique VaseNo-neck Archers versions have also appeared in weird colors, perhaps these were made by someone as lamp bases.

Archers Amber Vase Fake Signature On A Fake Copy of An Original Rene Lalique DesignArchers Fake No Neck Vase in Rose ColorArchers Vase Copy Made in Czechoslovakia

Four different colors of these no necks are shown here to the left.

Thy are unsigned (or they will be signed with spurious signatures) and have a better base finish than the copies that have appeared out of South America. They also should be avoided.

Copies of the R. Lalique Archers Vase were apparently also made in Czechoslovakia. Shown here on the right is a cased yellow amber Archers Vase and a photo of the underside of that vase with the hole in it, the hole having been made when it was converted into a lamp. The "Made in Czechoslovakia" stamp is still visible to the left of the hole. Keep in mind this stamp is easily removed.

Archers Vase Fake No Neck Vase in Green Glass - A Copy of An Original Rene Lalique DesignArchers Vase Fake From CzechoslovakiaArchers Vase Fake With No Neck In Light Blue GlassArchers Vase Fake Modern Copy In Blue Glass Of An Original Rene Lalique DesignFurther down on the right is a modern blue copy with the signature shown below it. Also below that is a modern amber copy this time showing the signature across on the left side. As of this writing in June 2015, additional Archers Vase copies are coming into the market, possibly newly manufactured.Archers Vase Fake No Neck Copy In Rose Glass Of An Original Rene Lalique DesignArchers Vase Signature On A Fake Modern Copy In Blue Glass Of An Original Rene Lalique DesignArchers Electric Blue Vase MIssing Rim Copy Close Call

Archers Vase Fake Modern Copy In Amber Glass Of An Original Rene Lalique DesignArchers Vase Fake Signature On A Modern Copy In Amber Glass Of An Original Rene Lalique Design


Espalion Vase

R.Lalique Vase Fake - Not by Rene LaliqueR.Lalique Vase Fake - Not by Rene LaliqueTwo different colored Espalion Vases have come to light that are highly questionable. The dark almost neon green one shown here has appeared twice that we know of in the last 5 years. Both examples had the same color, the same poor finish to the base area, and the same signature.






Sauterelles (Grasshoppers) Vase

R.Lalique Vase Sauterelles Fake - Not by Rene LaliqueR.Lalique Vase Sauterelles Fake - Not by Rene LaliqueWithout a doubt, this is the RLalique Vase that appears in suspect form more than any other vase. It has appeared in many unusual colors, as well as some of the standard RLalique varieties such as clear and frosted (with and without patina) and blue. These vases initially were characterized by a very high thick rim, but lately there have been examples that more closely match the real RLalique version at least in rim shape and height. The actual vase design is identical to the RLalique Sauterelles. There are enough of these copies floating around that for this vase, serious caution is required if you are considering an acquisition of a colored or clear and frosted Sauterelles, even for experienced collectors.




Gros Scarabees (Beetles) Vase

R.Lalique Vase Gros Scarabees Fake - Not by Rene LaliqueSuspect Gros Scarabees Vases have appeared several times in recent years, including at major auction houses. There appear to be at least two different sources of fakes, as the vases are not made from the same molds as each other. But half a dozen have surfaced in both clear and colored versions. Both of the pictured Gros Scarabees Vases are not the work of Rene Lalique. Here is a link to an R Lalique Blog Post we did in March 2009 discussing the Fake Rene Lalique Gros Scarabees Vases.

R.Lalique Gros Scarabees Vase Fake - Not by Rene Lalique











Acanthes Vase

acanthes-rene-lalique-vase-close-callAcanthes Rene Lalique Vase Close-CallVery low quality Acanthes Vases have appeared over time, as well as Acanthes Vases that are low quality and have straight rims that appear unfinished. It's almost as if these vases were made from an old mold, as they lack detail and in many cases, the rim lacks the finished shape. The straight rim versions are usually in clear or frosted glass, but there have been a couple of colored ones. Low quality suspicious Acanthes Vases with finished rims have appeared mainly in frosted and shades of blue, however there may be other colors.

Also, what appear to be modern copies have begun to appear. Shown is a blue vase that was put up for auction in the middle of 2011.


Acanthes Rene Lalique Vase Close-Call RimAcanthes Copy Of Rene Lalique Vase With Unfinished RimNote the rim and the detail of the design. Care should be exercised when acquiring either category of Acanthes Vase.

For more information also see these articles on the Pink Acanthes and the Blue Acanthes.












Malines Vase - Fenton Glass

R Lalique Malines Vase Fake - Not R LaliqueMalines Close Call by FentonThere is one pretty close opalescent copy to the Malines Vase. It sometimes appears with a spurious signature or just advertised as RLalique even though it is not. We have never seen this close call in colored, clear, or frosted glass. This close call was manufactured by the Fenton Art Glass Company but was sold in bulk unsigned to at least two other glass companies for retail marketing. Those companies were DeVilbiss and Wrisley. The suspect Malines is pictured, including one with an original wooden stopper. It may have been retailed with more than one style stopper, and was also reported to have been made to accommodate an atomizer as well.Fenton Glass Fake Rene Lalique Malines Vase


Persons Majestic Car Mascots - Longchamp - Tete D'Aigle - Victoire


Longchamp Car Mascot Copy By Pesons Majestic Of Rene Lalique DesignR Lalique Mascot Tete D'Aigle Fake - Not by Rene LaliqueLongchamp Yellow Tinged Car MascotVictorie Pale Green Persons Majestic Car Mascot: A Copy Of A Rene Lalique Design

Persons Majestic Manufacturing Company in Worcester, Massachusetts sold three close copies of RLalique mascots in the 1930's. They are Victoire, Tete d' Aigle, and Longchamp. They are appropriately marked when in original condition; markings you can see in the photos, and are highly collectible on their own. However, in the past, before they increased in value, some of these were altered and represented as RLalique items. Pictured are all three Persons car mascots. Also in the 2nd and lighter photo of the Longchamp, what is likely another Persons Longchamp, just showing more of a yellow tinge either due to the photography or having been made that way. It also sports an R. Lalique signature.


Victoire Car Mascot - Spirit of the Wind Car Mascot

Victorie Amethyst Glass Car Mascot Copy of Rene Lalique DesignR Lalique Mascot Fake - Not by Rene Lalique

Fake R Lalique Victoire Mascot - Not by Rene Lalique

There is a Czech version of this mascot as well as a Persons Majestic Manufacturing Company version pictured just above this section. Shown here is the Czech version in frosted glass (the picture with out watermark) that appears quite often, sometimes properly identified, sometimes improperly represented as R. Lalique. Notice the difference in how the hair comes off the neck for most Czech versions when compared to the real Victoire, a deficiency not found on the Persons Victoires.

R Lalique Victoire Mascot Fake - Not by Rene LaliqueThat watermarked frosted example has a fake raised R. Lalique signature shown here, which appears to be in the mold, but which is not molded and is not authentic. We also have shown amethyst and neon green glass fakes, both likely Czech as well.

Finally, the last example, the one on the black base is Czech and it has a closer match on the hairline. But the black base it rests on, and the high round frosted incorporated base with the indented area for a mounting ring are not consistent with the authentic originals.







Tete D'epervier (Hawk's Head) Car Mascot

Fake R. Lalique Tete D'Epervier Car Mascot - Not by Rene LaliqueFake R Lalique Hawk Head Car Mascot - Not by Rene LaliqueCopies of the Hawks Head mascot have appeared in a few different colors, including the pictured solid white opalescent, and clear. It has been reported that these copies were made under license from Rene Lalique in Argentina by the Rigolleau Glass Company, though we do not know if this is the only source. The colored example shown here with the high base bears the signature Rigolleau. You can envision with a reduced height base, a little polishing to remove the signature, and then a new signature and voila!


Rigolleau Tete D'Epervier Mascot In Amber Glass - A Copy of The Rene Lalique Hawk HeadRigolleau Tete D'Epervier Mascot In Black Glass - A Copy The Rene Lalique Hawk Head



Vezelay Ashtray - Heisey Glass


R Lalique Ashtray Vezelay Pink Glass Fake - Not by Rene Lalique

Fake R Lalique Vezelay Ashtray in Green Glass - Not by Rene LaliqueThe Vezelay Ashtray by RLalique was copied by the Heisey Glass Company of Newark Ohio. They made it sometime between 1927 and 1933 in the green color shown here which Heisey called Moongleam, and in the pink color also shown in views of the top and the underside, which they called Flamingo (who would have thought). It was reportedly made in a light purple color they called Hawthorne, and clear crystal as well. The pictured copies are unsigned and are quite good (as copies go), but not RLalique.

Fake R Lalique Vezelay Ashtray in Pink Glass - Not by Rene Lalique















Cire Perdue Vase

Lalique Cire Perdue Close CallThe pictured vase appeared in 2009 with an R. Lalique signature. It's discussed in this Lalique Cire Perdue? News and Blog Article.















Coq Nain (Rooster) Car Mascot - Paperweight

Coq Nain Rene Lalique Mascot FakeCoq Nain Rene Lalique Mascot Fake In Amethyst GlassThe Coq Nain was sold by Rene Lalique as both a car mascot and a paperweight. There are 3 known original Coq Nain "colors". Rene Lalique made the Coq Nain in clear glass and in a gray/topaz color with a red center!

Note that some original clear Coq Nain car mascots have been seen with a bit of a light amethyst tint to them (not be to confused with ones that were radiated long after they were sold to change them from clear to purple in color).

See Radiated Lalique for more information!

So to summarize, known originals are clear, clear with slight amethyst tint, and the gray with red center.

Copies have appeared which are attributed to both Czech and South American sources. We do not know if they come from one or both places.

Lalique Fake Coq Nain Alexandrite

Opalescent Coq Nain with Forged Signature In Opalescent GlassThe copies are in funky colors including the several shown here. There may be other colors out there, and of course different cameras, screens, and lighting will show them all a bit differently The copies have appeared with no signature, with a scratched Lalique France signature, and with the full R. Lalique signature, including molded on the bottom, and molded on the side.

The Coq Nain was also reproduced in clear crystal by Cristal Lalique after the death of Rene Lalique and was still on their retail price list in the year 2004. These modern clear crystal reproductions have appeared with forged R. Lalique signatures which have run the gamut of all the ways to create a forged signature. For more information see Modern Lalique Crystal Reproductions of original Rene Lalique Glass designs. And also see Renaissance Antiques Dounial Lalique Coq Nain.

Fake Lalique Rooster In Pink GlassFake Rene Lalique Rooster In Green GlassModern opalescent examples with forged signatures have also appeared from time to time. We do not know the source of these opalescent examples.

One other note. The real Coq Nain is about 20 cm high, or around 8 inches. So are the copies we have been discussing up until now.

But small versions, mini copies of the larger copies, have also appeared. One of these small copies was measured at 9.5 cm, but we do not know if all of them are close to that height.







Deux Colombes Clock

Deux Colombes Clock Close CallRene Lalique Clock Deux Colombes FakeThe clock shown in the photos here is a very close copy of the R Lalique clock Deux Colombes. When compared to a real Rene Lalique clock, a quick check of the position of the tops of the birds heads or the amount of space at the bottom of the clock underneath the dial will reveal the close copy shown here. The close copy has the left bird head elevated, and more space below the dial.

The stands in the photos are superfluous, as the close call clock has appeared with and without the stand. The authentic Deux Colombes Clock is Catalogue Raisonne No. 727. We do not know the maker of the close copy.





3 Chardonneret Bird Paperweights: Timide - Hardi - Moqueur

Chardonneret Goldfinch Rene Lalique Fake Bird PaperweightFake Signature on Fake Rene Lalique Chardonneret Goldfinch Bird PaperweightFake Lalique Chardonneret Bird Paperweights Shown in Czech Glass Catalogue


A Czech glass company made close copies of the paperweight set of 3 Chardonnerets (Goldfinches) which are Rene Lalique 1931 model numbers 1209 (Chardonneret Timide), 1210 (Chardonneret Hardi), and 1211 (Chardonneret Moqueur) in the Catalogue Raisonne. You can see in the photo here all three birds in an old Czech retailer catalogue.


Chardonneret Hardi Fake Signature On Side of BaseThe blue bird pictured is the close copy of Chardonneret Hardi and is accompanied by a photo of the forged signature that was on the underside of the base of bird. If you carefully compare the design detail of the close call to the original Rene Lalique Model, especially on the front side of the bird, you will be able to pick out the differences.

The signature on the left appeared on the side of the base of another example that recently appeared at auction.


Close call Czech copies of these birds were made in different colors and are still available new today:

Czech Bird Copy of Rene Lalique BirdCzech Bird Copied from Rene Lalique BirdCzech Fake Lalique Bird

Czech Bird Copy of R Lalque Bird-1Czech Bird Copy of R Lalque Bird-2Czech Bird Copy of R Lalque Bird-3

Czech Bird Copy of R Lalque Bird-1aCzech Bird Copy of R Lalque Bird-2aCzech Bird Copy of R Lalque Bird-3a


Muguet Perfume Bottle - Irice

Irice Perfume Bottle Muguet With Amethyst Stopper - A Copy of the Rene Lalique Muguet BottleIrice Perfume Bottle Muguet With Green Stopper - A Copy of the Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle MuguetIris Muguest Perfume Bottle Blue Stopper Copy of Rene Lalique Muguet Unsigned













Irice - A New York company formed during the roaring 20's, was (and may still be today) a contractor and importer of glass items. During their history they contracted out the manufacture of various items from different countries including in the United States, and they imported glass items from countries including Czechoslovakia, Germany, Taiwan and Japan. One of these imported items is a near exact copy of the R Lalique Perfume Bottle Muguet!

Irice Perfume Bottle Une Fluer - A Look Alike to the Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Deux FluersAfter World War II, the company began contracting out and importing from West Germany. It is there that we believe the close copies of the Muguet Perfume Bottle were made. Three colors of stoppers have appeared that we can attribute to Iris. One is described variously as pale green, neon green, jade or just green, and the other as pale amethyst or clear lavender. An unmarked blue stoppered version has also appeared which we believe is also an Irice bottle but we have not seen a blue one with a label or markings to confirm this.

The amethyst bottle shown here appeared with the mark Irice Made In Saxony! Most have long daubers that may be broken off or polished off.

Also note that we know of no evidence that the authentic Rene Lalique Muguet Perfume Bottle was made with a colored stopper. But in any event, Muguet Perfume Bottles with these two (likely all three) color stoppers were made by Irice. We have also included a photo of an Irice bottle that is a take-off of the Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Deux Fleurs both to show another example of Irice bottles with designs similar to Rene Lalique's designs, and also to show the typical label for Irice. Note: See below for a closer copy of the Rene Lalique Deux Fluers Perfume Bottle.

Irice Muguet Bottles shown here have appeared in various books and catalogues as being authentic works of Rene Lalique. We believe that the primary reference source for this authenticity claim was misinformed and made an honest mistake based on the more limited information that was available at that time..




Cannelé Ceiling Cover for a Hanging Light Fixture

Fake Lalique Cannele Ceiling Cover For A Hanging Light FixtureFake Rene Lalique Cannele Ceiling Cover For A Hanging Light FixtureLalique made the Cannele Ceiling Cover as a generic piece that could be bought separately from a hanging light fixture and could be used to hide the hole in the ceiling where the wires come out and where the fixture is hung from a suspension bracket of some kind. The Cannelé came in two sizes; the larger 16 centimeter size was Model No. 2800, and the smaller 10 centimeter size was Model No. 2801. Czech copies (shown in the photos) of the smaller one (and possibly the large one as well) have appeared and they have been offered for sale as authentic Rene Lalique "Cache-Bélieres" or roughly translated "suspension brace masks". Authentic Cannelés are hard to come by and care should be taken in purchasing this model to ensure you are not buying a Czech copy.

Chouette - Owl Paperweight

Copy of Rene Lalique Owl PaperweightCopy of Rene Lalique Owl Paperweight - View From the BackCopy of Rene Lalique Owl Paperweight Side View

Copy of Rene Lalique Owl Paperweight Side View 2A low quality copy of the 1931 Rene Lalique Owl Paperweight - Chouette has appeared. We have seen several of these. The identifying factors are low mold quality and poor detail in the design, the entire outside is frosted (except the underside of the base), and there are very heavy mold lines. There may be no signature, or they may be marked with an S or SG. Of course there may also be a spurious later added R. Lalique mark of some kind.

Keep in mind that this model was reproduced by Cristal Lalique in crystal after the war, but these crystal reproductions are heavy, sharply molded, and are a combination of clear and frosted exterior finish. The Cristal Lalique model number was 11815, they used the same Chouette name, and it was still on the Cristal Lalique Price List in 1999.

We show here 4 photos of the close copy. We believe these were made by the L. E. Smith Glass Company in Pennsylvania.














Vase Deux Anemones Perfume Bottle

Vase Deux Anemones Perfume Bottle Copy Paper LabelVase Duex Anemones Perfume Bottle CopyThis perfume bottle, normally just referred to as Deux Anemones, has been the subject of modern close copying. The copies have a raised and flaring rim which distinguishes them from the original Rene Lalique version. Also, the shape and length of the stem of the stopper is different. Finally, the molding of the flower heads appears to be of lower quality. They are unsigned, or bear a spurious signature. This close copy has appeared with the label shown here, indicating it is made in Italy.

Vase Deux Anemones Perfume Bottle Close Copy With Variant of Bottom But Same StopperThe Deux Anemones perfume bottle has also been reproduced in some volume by the modern Lalique company. But these modern crystal reproductions do not have the same rim or stem as the close call shown here, and they will be signed with typical modern Cristal Lalique signatures depending on year of manufacture.

On the left is a photo of the same close copy but with a cut glass looking exterior design on the bottom. The bottom of the "cut glass" version has the same shape and form as the plain bottom version including the neck and top rim shapes. They are basically identical except for the addition of the "cut glass" design. The stoppers of both close copy versions are identical.





Clairefontaine Perfume Bottle

Clairefontaine Perfume Bottle CopyThe Clairefontaine perfume bottle, an original 1931 Rene Lalique design, has been the subject of modern close copying. The copies have a raised and flaring rim which distinguishes them from the original Rene Lalique version. Also, when compared to an original Rene Lalique Glass Clairefontaine, the neck of the stopper as it comes out of the bottle (the shape and length of the stem) is different.

The bottoms of these copies may be identical to the Vase Deux Anemones Perfume Bottle bottoms shown above, so there is a good chance these bottles are made by the same Italian company.

The Clairefontaine Flacon has been reproduced in crystal by the modern Lalique Company, for a long time. Modern crystal examples will bear the the typical modern crystal signature depending on the year of manufacture.

The copies however, are unsigned at the time of manufacture. So any signature appearing on one of these flared rim copies would be spurious.











Deux Fleurs Perfume Bottle

Deux Fleurs Perfume Bottle CopyThis perfume bottle has also been copied in the modern era, but with an easily distinguishable stopper that differs from the original both in the design and the length of the stem. These bottles appear unsigned, or with spurious signatures. The Deux Fleurs perfume bottle has also been reproduced by the modern Lalique company. The modern crystal reproductions do not have the same stopper design or stem as the close call shown here, and they will be signed with typical modern Cristal Lalique signatures depending on year of manufacture.













Misti Perfume Bottle For L.T. Piver

Mist For L.T. Piver Perfume Bottle Close CallThis butterfly design perfume bottle was introduced in 1923. But there is a later and similar version that is not R. Lalique. Shown on the left is the later version in frosted glass with patina. The butterflies on the bottle are different than the documented R. Lalique model. This close call has also appeared with a hang tag for Bryenne, showing at about 5:00 on the clear and patinated perfume bottle below. Note the Utts reported that the mold for this bottle was used long enough in making original bottles, that wear to the mold caused the molded signature to not show on bottles made late in the run. We have never seen such a bottle. The only unsigned bottles we have seen were copies. And of course we have seen copies with forged signatures. In any event, the design on the copies is different and can be differentiated from the originals. And as usual, we strongly recommend to typical collectors to avoid unsigned pieces no matter what great story they are told.

Misti Close Call Perfume Bottle For Bryenne













Lys Pendant

Lys Pendant Copy and Close Call of the orignal Rene Lalique DesignLalique Lys Pendant Close CallFor at least the last 10 years, copies of the Lys Pendant have appeared from time to time in various places around the world. There are subtle yet noticeable differences in the design, some have colors that are not typical R. Lalique colors, and in any event, if there is a signature it will be spurious. Here are two photos under different lighting of the same pendant.









Charme Tray or Bowl - Charme Jardiniere

Lalique Charme Tray Close CallCharme Tray That Is A Close Call Copy of the Original Rene Lalique Design

Charme Tray In Green Glass That Is A Close Call Copy of the Original Rene Lalique DesignShown is a milk glass tray and the same tray in green glass attributed to Fenton Glass that are very close in shape, style and design to the Rene Lalique Charme Bowl and the three part Charme Jardiniere centerpiece. These trays are a different size than the authentic pieces, but the design leaves plenty of room for collectors to be fooled, both in the style of the piece, the same overhanging rim, and the molded rim decoration.

The trays shown are 13 inches long, by 9 and 1/2 inches wide, by 2 and 1/4 inches high. Neither tray has a signature or markings of any kind.



And a 2nd version of a Charme Jardiniere close-call appeared in November 2017. It's 3 pieces, 57 cm long fully assembled, 27 cm wide, and 6 cm high. At first glance you might think it's a real Charme that has been cut down to eliminate the outer row of leaves. But close inspection shows that is not the case. And in any event this example is wider than the 24 cm width of the original jardiniere.

We don't know the source of this close-call. The example shown is the only one we have ever seen. It does appear to be more like crystal than glass, but we did not have a chance to handle it to know for sure.










Figurine Se Balancant Pendant

Rene Lalique used the Figurine Se Balancant design in a cachet (seal), in an oval mirror backed pendant with a silvered metal frame, and in an oval clear and frosted pendant with a hole drilled in the center near the top for the string or necklace to go through. The authentic pendant is about 6 centimeters tall and has no frame. The modern close call pendant shown here is a lot more heavy handed in the molded detail; more coarse than the authentic ones. And it is a bit shorter, more like 4 centimeters to 4 and 1/2 centimeters tall. And of course, the original pendants have the hole in the middle of the top and no frame. The close call example that has appeared was unsigned.

Figurine Se Balancant Rene Lalique Pendant Close Call CopyFigurine Se Balancant Pendant Copy Of Rene Lalique Design



Coqs Et Plumes Vase

Coqs Et Plumes Vase Copy Of Rene Lalique Design

The pictured vase is a close call to the Coqs Et Plumes Vase by Rene Lalique. The biggest obvious difference is the large undecorated area below the top rim. The original vase design has the feathers running up much closer to the top rim without the large plain area shown at the top of the close call. The example shown appeared unsigned and measured about 6 inches tall. This is roughly the same height as the original.



























Deux Colombes Seal

Deux Colombes Seal Copy Of Rene Lalique DesignDeux Colombes Seal Copy Of Rene Lalique DesignRene Lalique created and used the two birds design on several objects, including a seal (cachet) designed in 1931. There is modern close copy of the original that is shown here in two different examples. The differences between the copy and the original are easily seen in the sharpness of the design details on the original and the lower quality of the copy. It is especially evident in the molding of the side feathers and the chunkier shape of the birds' tails. Also the base of the copy is wider in relation to the size of the birds than it is on the original.


Pinson Ashtray

Genuine Lead Cristal Over 24% Pbo Made In Italy Sticker Label Found On Pinson Ashtray Bird Ashtray Close CopyPinson Ashtray Copy Of Rene Lalique DesignRene Lalique created and used the single small bird motif on several items including the Pinson Ashtray and the Pinson Cachet (seal). The ashtray (cendrier) is the seal attached to a round dish. This close copy appeared with the same "Genuine Lead Cristal Over 24% Pbo Made in Italy" sticker that was also on the Vase Deux Anemones Perfume Bottle which is listed here and which shows a clear photo of that same label. This bird ashtray was described as being about 3 and 3/4 inches diameter.


Versailles Vase

Versailles Vase Close Call Copy Of Rene Lalique Versailles Vase Made By Godinger And Called AthenaIn 1939 Rene Lalique created the glass Versailles vase. This model has also been reproduced extensively by the modern lalique company after the death of Rene Lalique in both clear and frosted crystal and in a rich blue crystal. But it appears on this page because there is also a close call of this vase made by the Godinger Company that can be bought new today. That close call is shown here. The easily distinguishing difference is that the original R. Lalique Versailles is listed in the catalogue as 35.5 centimeters or approximately 14 inches. The crystal reproduction Lalique Versailles is also 14 inches. The Godinger Athena Vase is only 12 inches tall. Note that the Godinger close call can be bought new for under $70 as of this writing.










Faucon Car Mascot (Falcon)

Faucon Car Mascot Close Call Copy Of Rene Lalique Falcon MascotThis close call appeared in 2012 sporting a script Lalique signature on the underside of the base. It's a bit of a close call to label this a close call as there are significant differences in the base when compared to an authentic Rene Lalique Faucon Car Mascot. In addition, the close call is listed at 8.25 inches high, about 2 inches taller than a real one. It is fully frosted while the real one is clear and frosted. And finally it seriously lacks the detail of the real ones. This appeared being sold by a Czech based seller, so we assume it's of Czech origin, but we don't know for certain.













Green Gui Vase

Gui Vase in Green Glass Unsigned Highly Suspicious Example of Rene Lalique Gui Vase DesignGui Vase in Green Glass Bottom View Unsigned Highly Suspicious Example of Rene Lalique Gui Vase DesignThis close call only relates to unsigned or spuriously signed green colored glass Gui Vases. Over the last decade, several unsigned green glass Gui Vases have come to market. Each was the same color of green, and either was unsigned or bore an obviously spurious signature. We do not know the origin of these vases, but judge it unlikely that a batch of green Gui Vases intentionally or by virtue of a huge mistake left the factory unsigned. So caution should be exercised in the purchase of any green Gui, and to the extent the color matches the one shown here, or the signature is an obvious fake, extreme caution is recommended. For additional information see the news article about the appearance of these highly suspicious green Gui Vases


Druide Vase

R Lalique Fake Druide Vase In Blue Glass - Not by Rene LaliqueDruide Vase FakeWe've only seen one of these, but it'a an obvious attempt to duplicate a Druide Vase. The quality is poor. At least one heavy mold line runs down the vase and the rim is malformed as shown in the photos.


Druide Vase Fake Showing Badly Formed Top Rim


Colombes Pendant

Colombes Pendant Copy Of Rene Lalique DesignThis pendant is a close copy of the original Rene Lalique design. The size and shape are very close. Missing is the 2nd hole for the hanging tassle. It's replaced by a flower that matches the ones above the girl's head. Also the girl's face is not as close to the dove as the original, where she appears to be kissing the dove. As a result of the head being higher, the beak of the bird on the right is touching the girl's cheek in the copy, where in the original the beak is touching the side of the forehead above the eye.



















Trois Papillons Pendant

Colombes Pendant Copy Of Rene Lalique DesignThis pendant is a marginally close copy of the original Rene Lalique design. The butterflies are not quite as close up to the edge of the pendant as the original, and the size of only 3.5 cm is measurably smaller than the original 5.5 cm. Also the quality and detail is not the same as the original, and the example shown here does not have the hole drilled for the neck cord.














Oiseau De Feu Centerpiece

Oiseau De Feu Centerpiece Copy Of Rene Lalique DesignA somewhat close copy of the original Rene Lalique model. A comparison of the details in many areas such as the lower left hand side makes the copy easy to spot. And of course the base is never the same. Seen with the typical block letter signature forged on Czech pieces that are not authentic R. Lalique.
















Ecailles Vase

Ecailles Vase Close Copy Fake of Rene Lalique DesignEcailles Vase Signature Close Copy Fake of Rene Lalique DesignThis is a bit of a close copy of the original Rene Lalique design. It's distinguishable with anything more than a cursory look when compared to the authentic original vase. So far we have seen 2 examples of this vase and both are shown here. Both had spurious signatures.


The green vase appeared in Spain in 2015, and the clear one in Germany in 2018. This is a molded vase so it's highly likely other examples will appear.














Ambre Antique Perfume Bottle

There are three different close copies for the Ambre Antique Perfume Bottle. The first is the easiest to catch because the stopper is different and the neck under the rim is longer. It was made by an American Company named Societe Francais, and is shown on the left. It has appeared in 2 sizes, the larger almost 7 and 1/2 inches tall, the smaller closer to 5 inches. The second close call shown in the photo on the right, was made in 1995 supposedly under a license from Coty to the company Private Portfolio Chicago. It's been reported in both 10 cm and 16 cm tall sizes and was sold in major department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Harrod's. It was properly identified as a copy on the outer box and had a limited edition number on the bottom in the form 2365/3500. One distinguishing feature of this copy is the difference in the top rim of the bottle when compared to the original. That copy's rim is thicker, flatter, and less refined as shown close-up in the center picture. And both of the first two close calls are notable for their omission of the prominent molded R. Lalique signature on the lower outside edge under one of the women's feet that is found on the original but not on either of these two close calls. The third close call is about 7 inches total height. It combines some of the red flags from the first two. It has a neck that is too long, it has too much undecorated room under the feet, and it has too long of a stopper in relation to the size of the bottle. It also has a fake signature in the big area below the feet. The last two lower photos show this 3rd bottle and a close-up of the lower area with the phony signature.

Ambre Antique Perfume Bottle By Societe Francais Close Copy Fake of Rene Lalique DesignAmbre Antique Perfume Bottle Copy By Private Portfolio of Rene Lalique DesignAmbre Antique Perfume Bottle Copy Top View By Private Portfolio of Rene Lalique Design














Ambre Antique Perfume Bottle Long Neck Long Stopper Big Lower Section Likely Czech Close Copy Fake of Rene Lalique DesignAmbre Antique Perfume Bottle Signature And Lower Section Close-Up Likely Czech Close Copy Fake of Rene Lalique Design




































Muguet For Coty Perfume Bottle

Muguet Perfume Bottle For Coty Made By Baccarat Near Copy Not Rene LaliqueMuguet Perfume Bottle For Coty View From Above Of Showing Stopper Of Bottle Made By Baccarat Not Rene LaliqueThe Coty Muguet Perfume Bottle by Rene Lalique is one of the most often seen R. Lalique bottles. It has a clear undecorated container and a frosted and patinated rectangular stopper having two butterflies and berries. It was used by Coty for many of their fragrances. However, back in the day, Coty also contracted with Baccarat to make a bottle that closely resembles the R. Lalique Perfume Bottle. These Baccarat bottles are often thought to be R. Lalique and they often show up advertised just that way.

Muguet Perfume Bottle For Coty Labeled For The Fragrance L'Or Made By Baccarat Near Copy Not Rene LaliqueThe close calls have appeared labeled for many different fragrances including L'Or, L'Origan, and La Rose Jacqueminot. They can be distinguished by the greater slope to the shoulders of the bottle when compared to the authentic R. Lalique bottle.


Also the close calls were usually signed only "Coty France" or "Coty" at the time of manufacture, One example is shown here. But these signatures can be erased and spurious R. Lalique signatures are sometimes added.











Chien Ashtray

Chien Ashtray Showing Dog And Round Platform Are All On Piece Close Copy Fake of Rene Lalique DesignChien Ashtray Close Copy Fake of Rene Lalique DesignA single photo in profile of this ashtray could fool a lot of people. But close examination reveals 5 differences between this copy and an authentic piece. The color is wrong. 2. The matte (frosted) finish is wrong. 3. The copy is a one-piece mold, whereas the original had the Chien Seal separately affixed to the center of the shallow bowl. 4. The underside is hollow in the center to include the entire round platform that the dog sits on. The original has a slight concave center. 5. It's not signed. And there is a 6th possible difference that the detail for the tail of the dog is not there in the copy, but with the photos we have we cannot say for certain.


Chien Ashtray Showing Dog And Round Platform Are All On Piece Close Copy Fake of Rene Lalique DesignThis is the first one of these we've seen, but being a molded piece, there are likely others. And whoever made this model obviously had the ability to make copies of other of the "seal centered in a shallow bowl" style ashtrays created by Lalique.










Parfum "A" Perfume Bottle for Lucien Lelong

Gardenia Perfume Bottle For Lucien Lelong A Close Copy of The R. Lalique Bottle Made For Parums A, B, and CGardenia Perfume Bottle Stopper From Above Showing LL Molded Monogram For Lucien Lelong A Close Copy Bottle of The R. Lalique Perfume Bottle Made For Parums A, B, and CThe starfish shaped bottle that Lalique created in 1930 for Lucien Lelong was for the scents Parfum A, Parfum B, and and Parfum C. Later, Lelong had another glassworks make a very similar bottle for the scent Gardenia. This bottle is a close copy of Lalique's original, and often appears advertised as R. Lalique in auctions around the world. The differentiating factors are that the copy has a flat face in the center of the bottle for a label. It also does not have the molded R. Lalique signature on the underside, and instead has the molded signature for Lelong only as shown in the photos. And the copy's stopper has a deeply intaglio molded LL for Lucien Lelong.

Gardenia Perfume Bottle Underside And Signature For Lucien Lelong A Close Copy of The R. Lalique Bottle Made For Parums A, B, and CFinally, the protruding 8 ribs of the original are much more pronounced than the similar sections on the copy.

This bottle has also been seen labeled for the fragrance Marguerite and there may be other fragrance labels as well.











Gregoire Perfume Bottle
Flowers of Devonshire Perfume Bottle For Mary Dunhill

Flowers of Devonshire Perfume Bottles By Mary Dunhill That Are Close Copies of The R. Lalique Gregoire Perfume Bottle and also Close Copies of the Original R. Lalique Flowers of Devonshire Perfume Bottle that Lalique made for Mary DunhillFlowers of Devonshire Perfume Bottle By Mary Dunhill 1938 Ad Showing one of the 2 Close Copy Bottles of both the original R. Lalique Gregoire Perfume Bottle and the Original R. Lalique Flowers of Devonshire Perfume Bottle for Mary DunhillIn 1935 Rene Lalique created a near copy of the Maison Lalique Gregoire Perfume Bottle for Mary Dunhill's new fragrance Flowers of Devonshire. It's the same as Gregoire with the same matching design stopper on the outside, but the stopper has a long dauber not found on the original Gregoire. Mary Dunhill subsequently commissioned another glassworks to make the Flowers of Devonshire Perfume Bottle in 2 different sizes each with its own different stopper design than Gregoire. Obviously they both are then different from the dauber added stopper on the original R. Lalique Flowers of Devonshire Bottle. These two later bottles shown in the photo that are not R. Lalique bottles, often appear advertised today as Gregoire and/or R. Lalique, and were sold with the Flowers of Devonshire fragrance when new. They were not marked R. Lalique (though they may now have spurious signatures), and at least one of the two bottles has a molded signature for Mary Dunhill. Both are shown here, along with period ads documenting their sale by Dunhill.



Flowers of Devonshire Perfume Bottle By Mary Dunhill 1958 Advertisement Showing one of the 2 Close Copy Bottles of both the original R. Lalique Gregoire Perfume Bottle and the Original R. Lalique Flowers of Devonshire Perfume Bottle for Mary DunhillThe best measurements we have are a height 2 and 7/8 inches and a width of 2 inches for the one with the frosted flower bud like stopper that is also the one we know had the (sometimes faint) molded signature. And 2 and 3/8 inches high by 1 and 1/2 inches wide for the one with the clear round ball shaped stopper that has appeared unsigned. The original Gregoire and the original R. Lalique Flowers of Devonshire were both 9.8 cm tall, or just under 4 inches. We have not seen these 2 bottles labeled for other scents but it's possible Mary Dunhill used them for fragrances other than Flowers of Devonshire.

So to summarize: wrong stoppers, wrong heights, wrong or non-existent markings/signatures.







Tzigane Perfume Bottle For Corday

Close Copy of the Original R. Lalique Tzigane Perfume Bottle For CordayThe Corday Signature on the Close Copy of the Original R. Lalique Tzigane Perfume Bottle For CordayRene Lalique produced only 1 bottle for the Perfumer Corday. It was the 1938 cylindrical perfume bottle for the fragrance Tzigane and it was made in 4 sizes: 11.5 cm, 13.5 cm, 17.5 cm, and 21 cm.

Subsequently the bottle was close-copied by Corday using some other glassmaker(s).

The original R. Lalique bottle had as the main distinguishing feature a molded R. Lalique signature. We've seen two versions of this molded signature on the underside: Bottle Made In France R. Lalique and also French Bottle R. Lalique. The copies and close-calls have been seen with the molded mark Corday on the underside and also with just a sticker on the bottom for the fluid ounce capacity of the bottle and no mark of any kind.


The original R. Lalique bottle had Tzigane Corday Paris in the mold on the lower part of the outside of the bottle, originally highlighted with dark enamel. The copies have no such molded marks on the lower face of the bottle and instead were sold with various labels.



Close Copy of the Original R. Lalique Tzigane Perfume Bottle For Corday having the Gypsy Label, No Serrated Bottom Stopper Edge, and No Signature on the UndersideFinally, some of the copies don't have a serrated edge to the lower top of the stopper like the original version. The copy shown here on the right with the (GYPSY) label near the top of the bottle (tzigane is the French word for gypsy) is the one that we've seen with a non-serrated bottom stopper edge, and a sticker on the underside and no signature.

But your best defense is the molded R. Lalique signature. Not because that authenticates the bottle, but because if it's not there, it's not R. Lalique. If it is there, look for the other distinguishing signs, don't just buy the signature.
























Eau De Toilette For Coty

Coty Eau De Toilette Perfume Bottle Made By Coty Glassworks Copy Of Rene Lalique DesignCoty Eau De Toilette Perfume Bottle Signature On Underside Made By Coty Glassworks Copy Of Rene Lalique DesignRene Lalique created this design for Coty in 1911. The bottle was made in over half-a-dozen sizes and was used by Coty as the Eau De Toilette for most of their fragrances. But by 1920 Coty was making the bottle in his own glassworks. The Coty copies are nearly identical to and are often sold as authentic R. Lalique Perfume Bottles. The big difference is the signatures. The Coty copies don't have an R. Lalique signature. They are signed COTY and FRANCE or just COTY, or they have no signature at all.

Based on appearances there are many more Coty made bottles out there than authentic R. Lalique bottles.

Here you see two examples of copies and their signatures. Note the early R. Lalique originals had the great "long tail L" LALIQUE molded signature.

Keep in mind there are other varying degrees of "close" copies of the original Rene Lalique design by other perfume companies as well. What they all have in common is no authentic R. Lalique signature.


The Underside And Signature On A Coty Eau De Toilette Perfume Bottle Made By Coty Glassworks That Is A Copy Of The Rene Lalique DesignCoty Eau De Toilette Perfume Bottle Made By Coty Glassworks That Is A Copy Of The Rene Lalique Design



Psyka Perfume Bottle For Roger Et Gallet
Persana Perfume Bottle For Roger Et Gallet

Le Jade Perfume Bottle Made By An Unknown Glassworks For Roger Et Gallet That Is A Close Copy Of Two Rene Lalique DesignsPersona and Psyka are similar design bottles made by Rene Lalique for Roger &amp; Gallet. The immediate visible differences are that Persona has a long neck with a flame type stopper, and Psyka has a short neck with a leaf motif nose cone shaped stopper. The close call bottle here is 8.5 cm or about the height of the smaller Persona Bottle. And that would make it slightly smaller than Psyka. It has a stopper very similar to Persona and a shape very similar to Psyka. The close call is not signed unless a spurious signature is later added.


It also gets promoted as R. Lalique because it's often found labeled for Le Jade as shown here. But while Rene Lalique designed all the packaging for the original Le Jade presentation, the one thing that was not Lalique was the bottle! It wasn't until a few years later that he designed the jade green glass birds-in-foliage motif Le Jade Bottle for Roger & Gallet.

This bottle was used for other Roger Et Gallet fragrances including Nuit d'Extase - Night of Delight.

Because the close call is basically a fusion of two R. Lalique bottles (and it's obviously no great leap to guess that was the style point), it regularly appears represented as R. Lalique.











Lilas Pourpre Perfume Bottle For Coty
Oeillet Perfume Bottle For Louvre

Lilas Pourpre Perfume Bottle Made By Coty Glassworks That Is A Copy Of The Rene Lalique DesignIn 1910 Rene Lalique created the Lalique Pourpre Perfume Bottle for Francois Coty. That bottle has the early intaglio molded "long-tailed L" signature LALIQUE in the center of the underside.

Two subsequent events have created problems. First, sometime in the period 1914-1919 Coty sold the Lilas fragrance to Louvre. Lalique is reported to have continued to make bottles for Louvre, but without his signature on the underside. So they are totally unsigned except for any Louvre label that might still be stuck on the bottle.

Then around 1920, Coty opened his own glassworks and started making a virtual copy of the Lilas Pourpre / Louvre bottle. These copies are signed COTY and FRANCE to the underside.

Generally, because these bottles are reasonably common with the great early LALIQUE signature, we recommend only buying one of those. As always for typical collectors, buying an unsigned piece is extremely risky. You would be gambling that there are not other copies out there without signatures. And of course the Coty one is a Coty Bottle and not R. Lalique.

Pictured is the Coty close-call including the underside showing the Coty signature.Lilas Pourpre Perfume Bottle Siganture Made By Coty Glassworks That Is A Copy Of The Rene Lalique Design



Entrelacs Perfume Bottle For Volnay

Entrelacs Perfume Bottle Designed By Andre Jolivette In 1920 for Volnay And Labeled For Ambre De Siam Close Call To The Rene Lalique Entrelacs Perfume Bottle For Volnay Created One Year LaterEntrelacs Perfume Bottle Designed By Andre Jolivette In 1920 for Volnay And Labeled For Ambre Indien Close Call To The Rene Lalique Entrelacs Perfume Bottle For Volnay Created One Year LaterThe 1921 Entrelacs Perfume Bottle that Rene Lalique created for Volnay has a much more detailed but somewhat similar design than a bottle created for Volnay a year earlier by André Jollivet. Because of the close resemblance of the stoppers, the shape of both the bottles and stoppers, the labeling, the somewhat close design, and the fact that we have seen the Jollivet bottle offered as R. Lalique at auction, we decided to include it here. The R. Lalique bottle was used for many different fragrances, as apparently was the Jollivet bottle. Here you see the Jollivet bottle labeled for Ambre Indien and Ambre De Siam.










Clematite Box For Coty

Clematite Box Copied By Coty With Coty Molded SignatureClematite Box Molded Coty Signature On Copy Made By CotyThe 1911 Clematite Box was designed and produced by Lalique for Coty. The original R. Lalique Box bears the molded signature LALIQUE DEPOSE to the underside of the base. This box was later copied by Coty in his own glassworks. The Coty copies are either unsigned or molded Coty France. We have not had the Coty copy next to a Lalique original to make additional comparisons, but at the very least, you want the version with the correct Lalique signature and should avoid unsigned or Coty signed examples.




Heliotrope Perfume Bottle For Coty

Heliotrope Perfume Bottle Made By Coty Glassworks That Is A Copy Of The Rene Lalique DesignThis isn't just a close call. It's a tough call because it might just turn out that there are no copies! And also that there are no originals! It might be that all the Heliotrope bottles were made by Coty in his own glassworks and not by Rene Lalique. This possibility applies to both versions of Heliotrope. What follows applies to both the thistle motif stopper version you see here, and the version with the pointed stopper. Both versions have the same container.

The possibility that Coty made all the bottles would explain why to our knowledge this model has never been seen with an authentic R. Lalique signature. But it has been seen with a Coty signature. To be sure, there are other possible explanations. But no matter what the actual facts are, it's certain that Coty signed bottles have appeared. To think these Coty signed bottles were made by Lalique, you'd have to believe Lalique left his own name off a bottle AND put on someone else's name.

Shown here is a photo of a Heliotrope bottle that is signed on the underside for Coty.




Heliotrope Perfume Bottle COTy Signature Made By Coty Glassworks That Is A Copy Of The Rene Lalique DesignAnd while the signature is easily removable, on the chance it turns out Lalique made some of these and Coty later copied the bottle on his own, as an R. Lalique collector, if you have to own this bottle, at least avoid any with the Coty signature, or any that have evidence something has been polished off or removed from the underside.





Meudon Vase

Meudon Vase Close Copy of the Rene Lalique Original Shown From AboveMeudon Vase Close Copy of the Rene Lalique OriginalThis close call of the Meudon Vase is about the same size and look as the real thing. The main distinguishing feature of the close call is the bottom of the base that has the circles of beads all around the underside as shown in two photos here. The real vase base is finished as you would expect with no decoration on the bottom.

We have seen have seen photos of the close copy that appear to show a beaded design on the top rim. If you find an example with a decorated top rim or decorated base, it's not an original vase.


Unidentified And Unsigned Companion Bowl To The Meudon Vase Close Copy of the Rene Lalique OriginalMeudon Vase Close Copy of the Rene Lalique Original Showing The Underside Of The BaseTwo of these close calls have appeared recently and neither one was signed. One was listed for sale at an auctionhouse in Canada as the work of Rene Lalique, and the other was identified by an auctionhouse as R. Lalique before they talked to us. This 2nd example had a flat top rim, but the decoration is easily polished off to more mimic the authentic vase. We've also included a photo of a bowl that came into one of the auctionhouses with the vase. The bowl is obviously not R. Lalique, has the beads circles on the base and was not signed. But it may help identify the company that created this close call.


La Jacee Bottle For Coty

La Jacee Bottle Close Copy Made By Coty of the Rene Lalique Original Labeled For The Fragrance L'AimantLa Jacee Bottle Close Copy Made By Coty of the Rene Lalique Original Showing The Stopper From AboveThe original La Jacee Bottle for Coty is found in the box section of the catalogue. It was not originally made as a perfume bottle but as a jar or bottle for cream. One distinguishing feature of the original bottle is that the lid covers the entire top of the glass and fits neatly onto the glass all the way around out to the edges of the glass. So from the top side edge of the lid to the bottom of the bottle is one straight side once the top is in place. Also the 4 sides of the bottle are all clear vertical faced rectangles .




La Jacee Bottle Close Copy Made By Coty of the Rene Lalique Original Showing The Underside Decoration And Cristal Coty SignatureLa Jacee Bottle Close Copy Made By Coty of the Rene Lalique Original Showing The Feet And Underside DecorationThe close call shown here has a nearly identical lid design on the lid and a similar bottle shape. But it can be distinguished easily because the stopper does not cover the top of the bottle and fit neatly along the outer edges matching up with the glass. The underside has four feet not present in the original. The underside has a molded radiating design from the center of the bottom pointing to the edges whereas the original underside is not decorated. The top of each side of the close call slants inwards toward the center of the top of the bottle, almost like a beveled edge. In the original, the entire side is straight up and down. The close call has been seen labeled for many different Coty scents including Chypre, Le Nouveau Gardenia, and L'Aimant. It has also appeared in red boxed sets with the construction of the box seemlingly explaining the presence of the Coty feet to elevate the bottle above the lower front box frame. When the box is opened, the hinged front drops forward and reveals the bottles. If not for the feet, the bottles would be partly covered by the lower hinged frame. The wrap-up: This close call appears on this page because even though it can be easily distinguished it continues to appear advertised as R. Lalique.


Chypre Ambre For Volnay

Close Copy Of Chypre Ambre Perfume Bottle for Volnay Made By Andre Jollivet in 1928 For Volnay In Black GlassClose Copy Of Chypre Ambre Perfume Bottle for Volnay Made By Andre Jollivet in 1928 For Volnay In Clear GlassRene Lalique's great design for Chypre Amber dates to before 1914. 16 years later in 1928, Andre-Jollivet created a very similar bottle in both shape and decoration for Volnay. It almost looks like they tried to make just enough changes to not worry about Rene Lalique taking action on an intellectual property basis. The Jollivet bottle is what you see here in clear and frosted glass, as well as black glass. It can be differentiated in the following ways:

The stopper has the flower off-center, the molded words Volnay Paris are much shorter in length than the original, the shape of the sides of the base are different, the floral design is more compact with less open space, and the flowers themselves are slightly but distinguishably different. Finally, the original R. Lalique bottle has the great long-tail L Lalique signature intaglio molded in the underside. The Jollivet bottle is unsigned so any signature on it would be spurious.

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