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Rene Lalique Green Gui Vases: What Would The Great Winston Say?

Green Gui Possible Rene Lalique Unsigned VaseRene Lalique Vases – The Unsigned Green Gui: “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma;…” to borrow a phrase from Winston Churchill’s October 1939 Radio Broadcast about slightly more serious matters.

There have been many questions raised over the years about R Lalique Gui Vases and whether or not there is a copy or close call that should appear here in the appropriate place in the Rene Lalique Copies and Close Calls Section of this site. The issues center around low quality, feel and/or weight of the glass, color, and lack of signature.

And the immediate issue is the vase pictured here, which is Lot 2341 at Dumouchelles Auction House in Detroit on May 16th. This vase is cataloged as follows: ART GLASS VASE, CIRCA 1930, H 6 1/2″ Green bulbous glass with berry and leaf motif. Similar to Lalique. The reason for the cataloging in this manner, according to the auction house, was the lack of signature.

No one here at RLalique.com World Headquarters has ever had a Gui in hand that was adjudged a fake. But with recent events combining to raise multiple Gui Vase authenticity questions on several fronts, only one of which was the pictured vase, discussions were held among Oracles. Two different accounts in two different conversations about two different vases were given, both of which involved low quality Green Gui vases being marketed as the work of Rene Lalique. In each case, the reconnoiter had handled the vase they were describing and felt separately from knowing the other’s story or opinion on a separate Green Gui, that it was highly likely that they had a fake in their hand!

Green Gui Possible Rene Lalique Unsigned VaseAs most purchasers and collectors would rightfully be thrilled to have the consultation of either of these Oracles, we relay to you this caution: At least for Green Gui Vases that are unmarked, or that are marked with patently spurious signatures, proceed with care. There are obviously good legitimate Green Gui Vases, and the one pictured may very well be one of them. So each vase has to be checked out. But if you see the particular example in person, and have reasons to raise questions (the feel of glass, the weight, the mold quality, the color, the signature), then you might want to pass and leave the leap to others.

As further information becomes available, we will pass it on to you. If any of our readers in the Detroit area sees and handles this vase in person, we’d like to hear your observations. And if anyone out there has additional information on any Gui Vase that they consider questionable, or any other information that would be helpful in clearing the fog of Gui Vase history from the lenses of our reading glasses, please contact us, so we can spread the word.

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