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Rene Lalique Auctions: Rene Lalique Religious Design AND The Star Wars Vase Appears! Our Lalique Cup Runneth Over!

October 9th, 2009

Rene Lalique Vase Deux Cigales

Rene Lalique at Auction: Unique and Amazing Items are coming up at auction around the world in the next few weeks. There are enough really high-end lots appearing, that you might overlook some of the run of the mill great and rare (as opposed to unique and amazing) pieces. We thought we’d do a brief wrap-up of a few of the highlights and bright spots, all of which (and more) can be found in the Rene Lalique Auctions Worldwide Section here at the Worldwide Gathering Place!

Rene Lalique Vase Deux CigalesOn October 27th, at Sotheby’s London, it’s hard to get excited about the rare Oreilles Gravees Decanter or the Motif Decoratif Deux Perruches, both of which are standout lots in their own right, because of the great Deux Cigales Vase on offer. Thought to be unique (especially if you are the owner or the auction house), this 32 centimeter vase is likely the same one formerly owned by Glen and Mary Lou Utt. They even found a place in their seminal work Lalique Perfume Bottles to show a photo of the vase!

Rene Lalique Vase Deux CigalesAnd in case you didn’t notice the obvious, have you figured out yet where the design for the outfit for Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies came from? Heck talkies* weren’t even developed until the early 1920’s, and here, around 1912, the great Lalique already had the main costume design for a series of outer space high tech flicks that wouldn’t come along for more than half a century after that. Lalique was a true visionary that understood the future in ways scholars and scientists are just beginning to realize (and see Rene Lalique: Inventor of the Satellite Dish)! Maybe the fact of his costume design prowess is buried somewhere in the credits at the end of all the Star Wars movies?

Rene Lalique Religious ChaliceAnyway, if you’re serious about Rene Lalique vases, or if you just worship the work of the great Lalique, then this vase is nearly a religious experience. You might say Amazing Vase instead of Amazing Grace. Which brings us to Christie’s in New York on October 21st.

At Christies, amongst a few pieces of Lalique’s jewelry (trinkets really :), is the incredible religious motif “Art Nouveau Ivory, Gold And Enamel Chalice”! This chalice was exhibited both at the Musée des Art Décoratifs in the big retrospective exhibition in 1991-1992, and also in the fabulous US exhibition The Jewels of Lalique which was held in three locations in 1998, including the Cooper-Hewitt in New York, and the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. The chalice (as described by Christies) features white robed Apostles and seated robed worshipers. A jewel of a chalice to put it mildly. Not the top money lot in the sale by far, but an amazing example of the work of Lalique. And yes, there are also the 5 lots of Lalique’s jewelry, with estimates ranging from a low of $15,000, up to the $500,000 range. Great stuff. See more Rene Lalique Religious pieces, or more Rene Lalique Jewellery sales.

Rene Lalique Jewelry Set with Necklace, Brooch, and BraceletThe foregoing items might cause you to overlook some more typical rare and good looking pieces that we also thought to bring to your attention. In Florida on October 21st, what looks like a fantastic nearly white opalescent Thais statue is coming up at a local Florida auction house. Also on the 21st in East Sussex in the UK at Gorringes, the Veilleuse Brule-Parfums Perfume Burner Roses and the wood and glass box Chrysanthemes. In France on the 26th of October, the Perruches Bowl in mint green opalescent glass! And not big money, but as cool as anything R Lalique; at Christies London on October 20th, the pair of Libellule Knife rests, one of Lalique’s most creative tableware designs, and nearly impossible to find in good condition (check these and anything else out for yourself of course :).

Rene Lalique Jewelry Set with Necklace, Brooch, and BraceletAnd a few decorative arts auctions with good numbers of Rene Lalique auction items and several outstanding pieces: In Germany at Quittenbaum on the 19th of this month there are 30 scattered lots, many appearing to be of good quality, such as the Coral Rouge Perfume Bottle (with original box) for Forvil. In Bordeaux France on the 15th, a great selection of rare perfume bottles, and at Woolley and Wallis in the UK on the 14th, the vases Pensees with black enamel, and Papillons amongst others.

And to think we have not even reached the major December decorative arts sales. As of this writing, we have 56 auctions containing hundreds of R Lalique items from all over the globe listed in the Rene Lalique Auctions Section. Yes both literally and figuratively our cup doth runneth over!**

Rene Lalique Catalogue of 1991 Louvre ExhibitionA short note that the Rene Lalique Catalogue Books for both exhibitions mentioned above can be found in the R Lalique Books and Library Section here at RLalique.com. The Utt’s book Rene Lalique Perfume Bottles is also available in the Library. All three books are quite extensive and contain both scholarly analysis and historical information, along with tons of photos of wonderful Rene Lalique items.

* Talkies are movies with synchronized sound. The first feature length movie that was a true talkie was a classic: The Jazz Singer in 1927!

** “…… my cup runneth over” is from Psalms 23:5, The King James Version of the Bible.

Rene Lalique Jewelry: A Tale of Two Serpents

September 8th, 2009

Rene Lalique Jewelry: In the top tier of Lalique’s jewelry creations, made before his turn to mass production of glass, are the Rene Lalique unique Serpents motif objects. Two great variations of this striking R Lalique Jewelry design are in world-class museums and their survival provides a great chance to compare and contrast follow-on implementations by Lalique of one of his most amazing design ideas.

Rene Lalique Brooch Pectoral SerpentsThe piece most often appearing in exhibitions and photos around the world (including the accompanying photo from Wikipedia Commons) is the 9 Serpents pectoral* owned by the Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon. This amazing piece was acquired by Calouste Gulbenkian directly from Rene Lalique in 1908 and it resides in the museum specifically built to house the collections he amassed during his lifetime, including his collection of over 100 of the works of Rene Lalique. The Gulbenkian Serpents creation is classified as a pectoral instead of a brooch due to its amazing size of 21 cm, or over 8 inches long. A similar piece to the Gulbenkian’s was exhibited in 1900 with strings of pearls hanging from the mouths of the serpents.

Rene Lalique Pendant SerpentsBut another great Serpents motif jewelry piece also appears at exhibition from time to time, this one owned by the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg Russia. The Hermitage is housed in the former Winter Palace of the Czars, and contains over three million art objects in its collections including several works of Rene Lalique. The Hermitage Serpents design takes the form of a pendant, and features 6 Serpents, two of which retain the natural pearl in their mouths, so often used by Lalique in his jewelry. This pendant form Serpents design is roughly half the size of the Gulbenkian’s Serpents pectoral, measuring only 11 cm long. It recently was on loan to the Artistic Luxury Exhibition which appeared both in Cleveland and San Francisco and which ended in May.

Lalique would often make variations of his great jewelry designs, using and re-using similar implementations of the same motif to create unique objects. In this example, Lalique created objects with different uses and size, but both retain the look and feel so to speak, of the original artistic creation. A study of these two great objects shows not just the influence of Art Nouveau on Lalique’s jewelry, but also how the same basic design was adapted by Lalique to different purposes, not just of use, but also of effect.

Here are two short videos, one taken at the Gulbenkian showing some of the works of Lalique on exhibit there, and another taken at an exhibition of some of the Art Nouveau masterpieces of the Hermitage. Both videos show the Lalique Serpents Jewelry owned by the respective museum.

The Bible of Lalique’s Jewelry, Rene Lalique Schmuck und Objects d’art 1890-1910 by Sigrid Barten shows several variations of this great Serpents design. It’s of course available in our Rene Lalique Books and Library Section on modern books about Rene Lalique and his R Lalique works. In this Library section and others, you will also find various books and catalogues on Lalique’s jewelry, the hardback edition of the great Artistic Luxury Exhibition book, as well as several different publications documenting the Gulbenkian’s RLalique collection.

*Pectoral really means breast-plate, and is used to describe what in effect is a really big brooch. Think brooch on steroids!

Rene Lalique Vases For Sale: Lalique Glass at Great Prices on 20 Newly Listed R Lalique Sales Items

May 29th, 2009

Rene Lalique Vase Archers Signed R.LaliqueRene Lalique Vases and other great R Lalique Items have been added to the section on works of  Lalique For Sale here at RLalique.com at very attractive prices. Vases such as the Lalique Vase Archers in Gray Glass and Amber Glass priced at only $8000 each.

Or take a look at the great looking Electric Blue Rene Lalique Pendant Grenouilles shown here and priced at only $1500. These are three good examples of the kinds of pricing on the new Lalique For Sale items that have just been listed.

And don’t forget if you click on the photo of any item in the Lalique Sales Section, a much larger version of that same photo opens up for you to see. Keep an eye out for several more wonderful Lalique For Sale pieces over the next couple of weeks as we list more works of the great Rene Lalique.

Rene Lalique Pendant Grenouilles in Electric Blue GlassBut in the meantime, you’ll find at least 50 great R Lalique items posted for sale right now. There’s everything from R Lalique Vases to Lalique Cachets, Perfume Bottles, Menu Boards, Bowls, Glasses, Boxes and Decanters. And if you don’t see something you are actively searching for or looking to purchase, let us know. If we can’t find it for you, we’ll put it in our Lalique Wanted Section and get the word out to our worldwide readership to help you acquire that special Lalique item to add to your collection.

Rene Lalique Exhibition: Lalique News and Travelogue! RLalique.com Does San Francisco!

May 18th, 2009

Rene Lalique Jewelry Serpent BroochRene Lalique Jewelry and Unique R Lalique Objects from 1900 and earlier are the focus of the Lalique Exhibition (and a couple of other guys stuff as well) titled Artistic Luxury, which we have written about several times previously in this R Lalique Blog (Lalique Exhibitions). This great Lalique Exhibition started out in Cleveland at the world class Cleveland Museum of Art, and moved earlier this year to the Legion of Honor Museum near the Bay in San Francisco where it will remain on view until May 31st.

What a great opportunity on so many levels. First and foremost was the chance to see some amazing unique R.Lalique objects that we may never have a chance to see again. And conveniently, we have been promising the whole staff here at RLalique.com some well earned all expense paid travel, for the great work on the website. Even more conveniently, San Francisco is but a short flight from the Arizona desert, but a world away in too many ways to recount fully in this article. A great vibrant City with hustle and bustle, crowds, traffic, noise, high rise buildings, and a really big body of water close at hand. None of these things are associated too often with our usual surroundings; the Sonoran Desert. All things considered, we had a trifecta of great excuses to shut things down for a week, and head to the hills (literally and figuratively).

So, RLalique.com journeyed en masse and incognito (that’s right – incognito – so no press conferences, no scholarly lectures, no private tours, no autographs, no glad handing of Museum personnel, no local TV appearances, and no photos of our wonderful staff, 🙂 for a great tourist visit to the exhibition.

Rene Lalique World Headquarters West View

We encamped in toto at the first great hotel in the heart of the City that was able to set aside, in spite of our last minute request, the floor of view rooms we needed (see photo from the floor window). And in moments, RLalique.com World Headquarters West was rolling. With the flip of just one electronic switch, the mountain of Lalique information from thousands of places around the globe that daily pours into the desert oasis that we usually call home, was re-routed across hill and valley, freeway, lake, and mountain, and dumped onto the top floor of our new temporary lodgings. And of course, in between 10 miles a day of walking, 50 cable car rides, a highlight tour of San Francisco Steakhouses (well, the tour was one stop per day at the dinner hour and was self conducted), as well as Muir Woods, Napa, Sonoma, Fisherman’s Wharf, Knob Hill, Chinatown, Haight-Ashbury (yes, there is still the smell of marijuana in the street),

Haight - Ashbury Street Sign

Golden Gate Park (who says the homeless have no home… they are at home – in Golden Gate Park, and we spent a lot more time talking to the people in the park than to anyone else on the trip with the exception of a nice couple from Devon England discussed below), the Japanese Gardens (green tea with sweet and spicy treats in the finest outdoor garden atmosphere), Castro Street and Alcatraz (expected to see some people we know there, but turns out they closed the prison a while back and don’t have any criminals there anymore), and other activities that are but a San Francisco foggy memory in the blur of an insane tourist adventure, we managed to spend several hours at the exhibition. And yes, that is the longest run-on sentence we could construct.

Golden Gate Bridge From Alcatraz Ferry

Of course we didn’t forget that we walked the Golden Gate Bridge one end to the other and back, our group joined by a honeymooning couple from Devon England that we met while hanging out on the pier. Above is a photo of Mr. Incognito himself, contemplating the distant Golden Gate Bridge from his perch on the Alcatraz Ferry in San Francisco Bay while pondering the upcoming traverse!

Rene Lalique Seals at Fishermans Wharf

A small side note to the Fisherman’s Wharf visit. Our newest intern, a refugee from an east coast institution of higher learning (higher on what we have know idea), smarmily whispered to another staff member upon arrival at the Wharf: “Now I know why we’re here, those must be Lalique Seals!” Will Rogers famously remarked that it takes most people at least five years to get over a college education. NI (newest intern) might take a bit longer!

The view from Rene Lailque World Headquarters West in San Francisco Which brings us to the first mistake of trip. Landing in typical San Francisco bad weather on a Tuesday morning (see the accompanying photo of the Golden Gate Bridge – OH! You can’t see the bridge? That’s because it’s totally foggy, a rather persistent condition apparently in SF, and to be fair to the weather, maybe cold, wet and foggy is considered good weather up there, don’t really know), we headed over to the exhibition after a great lunch in a small neighborhood establishment in one of the run down areas of town where the locals are great and the food is better, AND we were the only tourists in sight. Of course, in a re-enactment of a longstanding San Francisco tradition, it took longer to find parking spaces for the RLalique.com convoy than to eat lunch. But it was worth it. The sun broke thru the clouds for 7 minutes and 46 seconds as we enjoyed sidewalk dining (well, technically we were eating off of tables and not the actual sidewalk) at its finest. Seriously, a few small tables, great food and great service. Sorry, but the restaurant is so small we cannot give out the name here, as with our extensive worldwide audience, the place would be over-run in days, all the locals and regulars would be crowded out, and when the excitement died down, the owners would have a bunch of mad locals that found somewhere else to hang out and our endorsement would be a curse instead of a blessing. And most importantly, when we make our way back up north for SF II, sequel to the movie, at some point in the next decade or two, the restaurant might not be there anymore for our encore appearance if all of the above occurred! So we promised the owners that we would not spill the beans.

Rene Lalique Exhabition Ticket

Anyway, off to the Legion of Honor Museum we go, the entire RLalique.com caravan sans police escort (think incognito), making only one detour along the way to peruse the lodgings at some upscale little housing development along the water. We arrive in the drizzle of course, only to find out that Tuesday is FREE admittance day to the museum. That is the good news. The bad news was a bit bigger. First, FREE museum does not mean FREE exhibition! Apparently, the basement of the museum is not part of the FREE area. OK, the $10 “Special Exhibition” charge was obviously no big deal and was half what we expected to spend on each ticket, BUT it turns out that to save the regular museum charge of $10, which would have been on top of the Special Exhibition charge of $10, a lot of San Francisco people go to the Exhibition on FREE Tuesday to pay half the normal total price of admission. So it was crowded. Which is a good thing in the big R Lalique picture, but which caused some minor inconvenience in viewing each of the great items close up and in the preferred casual and relaxed manner. And to think they had other people there! Hmmmmmm! At first, we thought the crowd was there because word of our visit had leaked, and the staff opinion is still split 50/50 about whether a leak occurred or not. It’s still one of the many great unknowns of the trip.

Rene Lalique Exhabition Ticket Notwithstanding the mob scene and the true reasons for the huge crowd, it was a great assemblage of amazing R.Lalique objects, which half the staff feels is probably why there was mob scene! And here is a photo of your humble correspondent in deep thought over this whole perplexing “Leak or Lalique” situation (as it came to be known by our security staff), while sitting in front of the Legion of Honor Entrance!

Ignoring those other guys whose stuff was on exhibit, the Rene Lalique items were GREAT! What can you say about the apparently unique black glass scarab vase with the rust red coating lent to the exhibition by the Musee des Art Decoratifs in Paris, which acquired it directly from Rene Lalique in 1911 for 1000 French Francs? Which was sitting right there next to the unique Grenouilles Et Nenuphars Vase recently acquired by the Cleveland Museum for it’s permanent collection (having sold at Christies New York in December 2006 on a very cold New York day)!

Rene Lalique Serpents Sugar Bowl Unique Silver and Glass Object

The coolest and most striking Rene Lalique object was the “sugar bowl” owned by the Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon. The body is constructed of writhing serpents, with glass blown inside the open serpent framework, and sporting an incorporated lid. The entire staff of RLalique.com unanimously voted this to be the one object most needed to compliment our World Headquarters Tea Set. No sugar, no tea you know. Of course we would purchase this great Lalique unique object in two seconds if it came up for sale, which is easy to say in the most braggadocio fashion because the Gulbenkian doesn’t sell it’s works of Rene Lalique! 🙂

Rene Lalique Jewlery The Lalique Jewelry (yes, and the Lalique jewellery) was fantastic as well, and there was a lot more Rene Lalique unique jewelry than unique objects. Amazing items, delicate in a way that Lalique’s contemporaries did not match, and stylish and refined in a way no one has ever equaled! Fabulous all ’round. And we all still want to meet a beautiful woman wearing a large and unique Rene Lalique ‘bodice ornament”.

Rene Lalique Hair Comb Muguet Lilly-of-the-Valley If you have time before the 31st, it’s a wonderful trip and a great opportunity to view some of the finest output of the great Rene Lalique. Where else do you see the lily of the valley at the museum and at the Japanese Garden on the same day?Japanese Garden Muguet Lilly-of-the-Valley

And of course, if you want to purchase the catalogue book of the Exhibition, the amazing 372 page complete hardback version with great color illustrations and some highly insightful commentary, just visit the Rene Lalique Books Library right here at RLalique.com and check it out, along with the other fabulous Rene Lalique exhibition books and catalogues we have assembled and made available to you from around the world.

Rene Lalique Jewelry Dragonfly Pendant Makes Near $70,000 at Woolley and Wallis

May 6th, 2009

Rene Lalique Pendant Dragonfly

Lalique Jewlery (and Lalique Jewellery 🙂 ) Sells Well: The Rene Lalique Dragonfly Pendant which was sold in the Salisbury Salesrooms of UK Auctioneer Woolley and Wallis in their Jewellery Sale on April 30th and which carried an estimate of £30,000 to £40,000 British Pounds, made a hammer price of £38,000. With the 19.5 percent Buyer’s Premium, and the current exchange rate of roughly 1.5 US Dollars to British Pounds, that works out to over $68,000 plus VAT. This great looking Lalique pendant, a picture of which had graced the Home Page of RLalique.com for nearly a month, was Lot No. 1386 and was catalogued as follows:

Rene Lalique Pendant Dragonfly Woolley and Wallis Catalogue CoverAn Art Nouveau gold dragonfly pendant by René Lalique. The four dragonflies grouped around a central cabochon blue stone and suspending a pear shaped blue stone. With plique-a-jour enamel and plain enamel decoration. The reverse realistically chased. Signed LALIQUE and with French control mark. On a gold bar link chain with enamel decoration and plain fine gold link extension. Partially obscured mark to the suspension ring, probably a cross between RL within a lozenge for René Lalique. 7cm wide. With a cream silk square box signed R. Lalique. 40 Cours – la – Reine. Paris to the lining.

Another nice solid result for Rene Lalique this auction season, in line with the wide (and therefore) spot on estimate, for a great looking R Lalique Jewelry Pendant, and a fine example of the work of Rene Lalique from the period.

Lalique Fake Jewelry At Auctions: Fake R.Lalique!

April 7th, 2009

Rene Lalique Fake Jewelry Hair CombRene Lalique Fake Jewelry Hair CombRene Lalique Fake Jewelry Hair CombRene Lalique Fake Jewelry PendantRene Lalique Fake Jewelry Appears With Increasing Frequency: There are currently several different jewelry auctions online  falsely claiming to be the work of Rene Lalique. This is beginning to look like the start of a trend, there having been a fourth fake R Lalique jewelry auction which just ended recently with a reported sale price of $2000! The jewelry of Rene Lalique is not as well documented as his glass works. So we thought we would highlight some of this fake R Lalique jewellery (a hat tip for our British readers) in the hopes that unsuspecting buyers may be spared an expensive education! Below are the auction listing links (3 current, one ended), and of course, the four photos in this post, all of which are being marketed as period R Lalique jewelry; all of which are fakes. You gotta love the seller of several of these items: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS AND PAYMENT IS DUE IMMEDIATELY”! Really? Or as an alert contributor to the R Lalique Police Section (where all four of these fake R Lalique items are listed) pointed out to us, the other seller says: “I Will Divide Up The Money Among My TREE Children!” Hmmmmmm. Those fans of Hill Street Blues know the old maxim well ……”Be Careful Out There!” Don’t want to fall out of your tree!

PS. Of course, over at the R Lalique Books Library, there are an amazing number of Rene Lalique reference books for R Lalique Jewelry, including the bible of R Lalique Jewelry: Rene Lalique Schmuck und Objects d’art 1890-1910 By Sigrid Barten which has over 1700 photos and is found in the Modern R Lalique Books Section, as well a good number of Rene Lalique jewelry exhibition books and catalogs, and R Lalique jewelry auction catalogues as well.





Rene Lalique Exhibition Video: L’Exposition Lalique At The Musee du Luxembourg In Paris with Yvonne Brunhammer

March 21st, 2009

Rene Lalique Museum Exhibition Video Tour: Here is a great Rene Lalique Exhibition Video Tour in French, of the works of the great Rene Lalique from Luxe TV. The video documents the fabulous L’Exposition Lalique held in 2007 in Paris at the Musee du Luxembourg and in Berlin at the Brohan Museum in late 2007 and early 2008. The Lalique Exhibition, titled Rene Lalique Exceptional Jewellery 1890-1912 contained not just great and unique Lalique jewelry, but also some unique and other early glass works and objects including a couple amazing unique Rene Lalique Vases. The total number of Rene Lalique objects in the Exhbition was over 300. The video features Olivier Mauny, who at the time was the President Director General of The Lalique Crystal Company, and Yvonne Brunhammer, author and editor of several books and catalogs on the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods including several on Rene Lalique. She is the editor of the Official Exhibition Catalogue Book: Rene Lalique Exceptional Jewellery 1890-1912, which is a profusely illustrated oversized reference book concerning the Lalique Exhibition, as well as a substantial commentary and history about Rene Lalique and his works. There are several versions of this book with different amounts of content. The largest and the complete version (in English) which is 286 pages, is available in the Lalique Library here at RLalique.com in the section on Rene Lalique Museum and Exhibition Books. You can find out a lot more about Rene Lalique and his works in the Rene Lalique Biography Section here at RLalique.com.

Christie’s New York Posts Strong R Lalique Results – Updated

December 18th, 2008

R Lalique Wood Glass and Gold Rail Car PanelChristies New York at Rockefeller Center had two great R Lalique items in their Important 20th Century Decorative Art & Design Sale on December 16th. Lot 232 was the large 50 cm diameter R Lalique Boule De Gui Frosted Glass Chandelier which made a premium inclusive $27,500 against an estimate of $15,000 to $20,000. Lot 233, was the very interesting 94 cm by 63 cm panel pictured here; the R Lalique Bouquet De Fleurs Molded Glass Gold Inclusions and Plane-Tree Wood Panel For the Compagne Internationale Des Wagons-Lits Rail Car. It sold for a premium inclusive $25,000 also against an estimate of $15,000 to $20,000. Also selling at Christies two days later on December 18th, was a wonderful enameled stickpin or hatpin at Christies Interiors Sale in New York. This hatpin sold for a premium inclusive $8750, roughly 8 times the estimate of $800 to $1200. All three of these wonderful R Lalique items were featured in our RLalique at Auction Section for the last several weeks, and represent three more strong sales results for the works of the great Rene Lalique.

R Lalique Butterfly Necklace Makes 248,000 Euros In Brussels

December 17th, 2008

Rene Lalique Butterfly Necklace

The unbelievable R Lalique Butterfly Necklace that came up for sale yesterday at Pierre Berge & Associes in Brussels, and which is pictured here, made a high bid of 200,000 Euros against an estimate of 60,000 to 80,000. With the 24% added charges for premium and tax, the total price is 248,000 Euros, or about $360,000 US at today’s exchange rates! A very strong price. The necklace has been listed in our RLalique at Auction Section for several weeks, and is also pictured in a post on this Blog from late November. This wonderful necklace, featured blue butterflies, amethysts, enamel work and colored gold. It came with the original R Lalique presentation box. An amazing example of the work of the great Rene Lalique and another good auction result for R Lalique as we head into the new year. Our French can use some help, but hopefully the buyer of this R Lalique treasure told the auction house something close to this: Je l’ai vu chez RLalique.com!

Cleveland Museum Exhibition with Fabulous R.Lalique – An Inside Look – Some Great Stuff!

October 6th, 2008

Rene Lalique Jewelry

Here is a link to the Blog of Stephen Harrison, the Curator of Decorative Art and Design at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The museum is putting on a great Exhibition which opens October 19th on the works of Rene Lalique, Tiffany, and Faberge. The Exhibit is titled: Artistic Luxury: Fabergé, Tiffany, Lalique. It focuses on the early 1900’s work of the three named artists. Steve has a blog which contains some great tidbits of info, lots of photos, and which also links to a series of short videos on the work involved in setting up the Exhibition. Some great RLalique stuff throughout. More information about the Exhibition is contained in an RLalique.Com Blog Post We Did The First Week of August when we were just getting started. This info is well worth checking out for all admirers of Rene Lalique (and those other two guys that are also represented at the Exhibition), though suffering thru the short intro ad to each of the videos is not pleasant :).

And for more information, you can find out about all the exhibition resources at RLalique.com by visiting the Lalique Exhibitions section of the Rene Lalique Biography.

Sothebys RLalique Brooch Makes $20,000

September 26th, 2008

Rene Lalique BroochThe small, totally cool gold, enamel, and pearl Rene Lalique brooch which has graced our home page for the past few weeks, sold yesterday as Lot No. 357 at Sothebys New York in their Important Jewels Sale for $16,000 plus a 25% buyer’s premium of $4000 for a total price of $20,000. The brooch features two sea nymphs on either side of a grotesque masque, pale green enamel and a pearl drop. An OK result for a great little item.

Visit the Rene Lalique Biography to learn more about Lalique Jewellery.

3 Rene Lalique Jewelry Drawings at Christie’s NY Total $14,000

September 4th, 2008

Rene Lalique Orchid Buckle DrawingAt Christie’s New York on September 3rd, 3 wonderful original Rene Lalique drawings appeared in Christie’s 3 Day Interiors Sale. The Rene Lalique original drawings were for a Grasshopper Necklace, an Orchid Buckle, and a Swallows Necklace. The drawings, selling as three separate lots, made a total of $14,000 including buyer’s premium, against combined estimates of $6,000 to $9,000. There are a decent number of these original drawings around, but they always sell well. And of course, the real jewel is when the owner of the original jewelry item obtains the original R Lalique drawing of that specific item and reunites the pair.

Rene Lalique Cicada Brooch makes $135,000 at Woolley and Wallis July 31st, 2008

August 9th, 2008

Rene Lalique Cicada Brooch circa 1900-1905A wonderful Rene Lalique Cicada Brooch, along with the original fitted box, circa 1900-1905, sold for a hammer price of 58,000 British Pounds plus a premium of 19.5% and VAT, for a total north of $135,000 U.S. dollars at the Woolly and Wallis’s jewelry sale on July 31st in Salisbury, England. An expensive 2 inch R.Lalique brooch, it well exceed it’s 5000-7000 British Pound estimate after 14 phone bidders competing against strong interest in the room were finished.

Lalique Jewelry Exhibition at Boston Museum of Fine Arts Showcasing Lalique’s Art Nouveau Designs

July 23rd, 2008

Rene Lalique Hair CombAn amazing exhibition of Art Nouveau jewelry, including more than 40 pieces of Rene Lalique Jewelry opened at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts on July 23rd this year, and will run thru November 9, 2008. The exhibit will later travel to the Cincinnati Art Museum and be on display there from November 1, 2009, until the end of February 2010. Though Rene Lalique is properly the star of the show and the most heavily represented jeweler, this exhibition features a total of over 100 pieces of fabulous period jewelry including works by Fouquet, Feuillatre, Gaillard, Louis Zorra, and American designers Frank Gardner Hale, F. Walter Lawrence and Tiffany. For added info, see the museum website at www.mfa.org and go to the exhibitions menu selection. Also, you can read at this link, an Article About The Exhibition in the Boston Globe.


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