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Lalique Jewelry Exhibited At The Cincinnati Art Museum: Rene Lalique Leads Art Nouveau Jewelry Exhibition!

December 3rd, 2009

Rene Lalique Brooch Cherries

Rene Lalique Jewelry is leading the Imperishable Beauty exhibition of art nouveau jewelry at the Cincinnati Art Museum on view thru January 17th, 2010.

The exhibition in Cincinnati Ohio contains over 100 pieces from a single private collection, of which the most significant numbers are the works of Rene Lalique. Other contemporaries from around the world that are represented include Louis Aucoc, who was an early employer of Rene Laiique, Boucheron, Descomps, Angenot, Edmond-Henri Becker, Paul-Emile Brandt, Charles Desrosiers, Faberge, Fouquet, Lucien Gaillard, F. Walter Lawrence, Paul and Henri Vever, Vladimir Soloviev, Philippe Wolfers, Victor Gerard, Frank Gardner Hale, Louis Zorra and others. The works of 34 art nouveau jewelers in total are on display.

Rene Lalique CombThis is the same art nouveau jewelry exhibition that was at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (MFA) that was the subject of a previous Lalique Jewellery Exhibition article in this Blog.

Here is a link to general exhibition information at the Cincinnati Art Museum where you can also find the hours and dates the great jewelry is on display.

One theme is evident throughout Lalique’s jewelry in the exhibition. His turn towards jewelry as art and not just a valuable setting for gemstones, freed him to create unique objects that only included gems for what they added to the art of the piece, and not because the gem by itself was of high value. Lalique’s innovation in valuing the entire object as artwork, allowed him to incorporate a large number of ancillary materials not commonly used in the day, and it elevated him beyond the 19th century jewelers that were basically building holders for valuable stones, and not attractive objects d’art in their own right.

If you want to learn more about the man that glassmaker Emile Galle referred to as “The Inventor of Modern Jewelry”, visit the Rene Lalique Biography page here at RLalique.com.

Rene Lalique Jewelry Brooch WaspsOf course, the hardbound catalog of the exhibition, conveniently titled “Imperishable Beauty”, is available here at RLalique.com in the Rene Lalique Books and Library Section containing Museum and Exhibition Books and Catalogues. The exhibition book is 176 pages and a total of over 100 great color photographs of Rene Lalique jewelry and other art nouveau jewelry in the exhibition. The three photos shown here are small samples of the Rene Lalique jewelry on display, and of the content of the great exhibition book, which is published and copyright by the MFA. The book also contains scholarly analysis of the motifs and the development of the art nouveau jewelry movement.

Imperishable Beauty Art Nouveau and Rene Lalique Jewelry Exhibition Book CoverAnd in case you need more of an incentive to visit the exhibition, the museum location is another reason to make the trip! Cincinnati is a lively and charming Midwestern town. Jerry Springer, yes, TV show Jerry Springer was the mayor of Cincinnati around 40 years ago! There is plenty to keep a tourist busy including the great waterfront and riverboats on the Ohio River, major league sports, a regional amusement park, and a pretty good night life. But just a few minutes outside of town, you will find yourself in a rich and rolling rural countryside with a quieter and slower Midwest family atmosphere, and just a stone’s throw from Kentucky bluegrass country.

This is a world-class exhibition in a great river city, and a wonderful chance to see a large number of unique works of Rene Lalique alongside the products of his contemporaries.

Lalique Jewelry: Rene Lalique Jewelry Makes For Great Lalique Auction Results at Christies

October 26th, 2009

Rene Lalique Hair CombThe Rene Lalique Jewelry at Christies New York on October 21st consisted of five lots of jewelry, (including the great hair comb shown here) and the Lalique Religious Chalice we discussed in an earlier report. All unique and original works of Rene Lalique, with mid-range estimates averaging nearly $250,000 for the six great pieces!

All six sold at the auction, for a total including premium of $1,778,750 or just a hair (comb) under an average price of $300,000!

Speaking of hair combs, the great looking Rene Lalique Hair Comb described as “Art Nouveau Horn and Enamel” was first on the auction block. Against an estimate of $18,000 to $20,000, it made a premium inclusive estimate crushing $92,500! This writer does not have enough hair to even need a comb, else the bidding likely would have continued even past that point 🙂

Rene Lalique BroochSecond up was the Rene Lalique Brooch featuring “two carved ivory bathers” in high relief”. The brooch made roughly double it’s $20,000 to $30,000 estimate, finding a home at a premium inclusive $56,250 total price.

As things would have it, these great Lalique pieces were just the appetizer, as the main course, high seller of the Rene Lalique pieces, and the piece that has graced the home page here at RLalique.com for the last several weeks, was next to sell.

Rene Lalique Pendant JewelryIt was ” AN ART NOUVEAU MULTI-GEM AND ENAMEL PENDANT NECKLACE, BY RENE LALIQUE The openwork oval-shaped enamel pendant, depicting Sarah Bernhardt as Mélissande in La Princesse Lointaine, walking through the woods with her dog, within a sculpted 18k gold leaf frame, set along one side with three old European-cut diamonds, suspending a drop-shaped amethyst, within a sculpted gold surround, to the gold fine link neckchain, mounted in 18k gold, circa 1898, 24 ins., with French assay mark, in a Lalique green leather fitted case”.

Quite a pendant it was; a tour de force of the techniques, talent and subject matter of Rene Lalique. To further entice buyers, it sold with a book that had some relevance to the entire story of Rene Lalique. The book was described as follows: ” … accompanied by a beige leather-bound copy of the script of La Princesse Lointaine, a gift to Sarah Bernhardt from Edmond Rostand, the front decorated with a gold and silver-topped gold lily stalk, the blossoms set with rose-cut diamonds and cabochon citrines, the sculpted gold foliate clasp set with garnets, peridots, tourmalines and amethyst, mounted in gold, 1895, 5½ x 8 ins., in an Edmond Rostand black leather case Pendant signed Lalique for René Lalique, script signed by Edmond Rostand.”

Sarah Benrhardt, Rene Lalique, Edmond Rostand, Paris 1895, art, art nouveau, jewelry, theatre; it was enough to entice any aficionado of the period and the subject. The pendant was the high seller of the Lalique pieces, outselling even the boxed suite to come, and making a premium inclusive total price of $554,500 against a spot-on estimate of $400,000 to $600,000.

Rene Lalique Dog Coller JewelryThe fourth Lalique lot to appear was a dog collar: “AN ART NOUVEAU ENAMEL AND DIAMOND DOG COLLAR, BY RENE LALIQUE Designed as a rectangular openwork panel depicting two light blue enamel revelers playing their pipes, with dark blue enamel tree branches and old mine and rose-cut diamond leaves, mounted in 18k gold, circa 1900”. Now who’s dog wouldn’t need a collar like this for those special occasions. Seriously, every dog has it’s day, and so apparently does every dog collar! This collar made $446,500 against a wide but conservative pre-sale estimate of $150,000 to $250,000.

Rene Lalique Jewelry SuiteNumber five on the R Lalique list, was the set of jewelry described as follows: “A SUITE OF ART NOUVEAU DIAMOND, STAR SAPPHIRE AND ENAMEL “THISTLE” JEWELRY, BY RENE LALIQUE Comprising a necklace, designed as a latticework of dark blue, lavender and pink textured enamel thistle motifs, enhanced by single and rose-cut diamond leaves and thorns, with geometric dark blue enamel detail, the center plaque and clasp set with an oval star sapphire; a bracelet and brooch en suite, mounted in 18k gold, circa 1900, necklace 14¾ ins., bracelet 6½ ins., with French assay marks and maker’s marks, (necklace may also be worn as two bracelets, 7¼ ins. each), in a R. Lalique blue leather fitted case”. What a great lot: an original set of matched jewelry from the great Rene Lalique! Against an estimate of $400,000 to $600,000, it sold for $482,500 including premium. A “sweet” set of jewelry it was!

Rene Lalique Religious ChaliceLast but not least of the works of Lalique was the great Rene Lalique Religious Chalice we previously wrote about: “AN ART NOUVEAU IVORY, GOLD AND ENAMEL CHALICE, BY RENE LALIQUE The white, brown and beige enamel and gold base, depicting scrolling vines and leaves, extending an ivory stem, the base set with nine seated sculpted ivory worshipers in painted black robes, to the gold cup decorated with a series of eight white enamel Apostles, with white enamel ferns and scrolling vine detail, circa 1903-1905, 12½ x 8¼ ins., in a Lalique black leather fitted case”. The chalice, having a much narrower appeal than the typical jewelry items, was the only one of the six items failing (barely) to make the low estimate, yet selling for a great price of $146,500 against the estimated $150,000 to $250,000.

See more Rene Lalique Religion related items, or more Rene Lalique Jewelry sales.

A jewel of a sale for the “inventor of modern jewelry”, whose great unique artwork in all mediums from glass to jewelry are in high demand over 100 years after their creation. You can read more about Lalique at our Rene Lalique Biography page, and of course, you will find many fabulously illustrated jewelry reference items including a great Rene Lalique Hair Comb Exhibition Book in our library section on Rene Lalique Books & Catalogues From Modern Exhibitions.

3 Rene Lalique Jewelry Drawings at Christie’s NY Total $14,000

September 4th, 2008

Rene Lalique Orchid Buckle DrawingAt Christie’s New York on September 3rd, 3 wonderful original Rene Lalique drawings appeared in Christie’s 3 Day Interiors Sale. The Rene Lalique original drawings were for a Grasshopper Necklace, an Orchid Buckle, and a Swallows Necklace. The drawings, selling as three separate lots, made a total of $14,000 including buyer’s premium, against combined estimates of $6,000 to $9,000. There are a decent number of these original drawings around, but they always sell well. And of course, the real jewel is when the owner of the original jewelry item obtains the original R Lalique drawing of that specific item and reunites the pair.

Lalique Jewelry Exhibition at Boston Museum of Fine Arts Showcasing Lalique’s Art Nouveau Designs

July 23rd, 2008

Rene Lalique Hair CombAn amazing exhibition of Art Nouveau jewelry, including more than 40 pieces of Rene Lalique Jewelry opened at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts on July 23rd this year, and will run thru November 9, 2008. The exhibit will later travel to the Cincinnati Art Museum and be on display there from November 1, 2009, until the end of February 2010. Though Rene Lalique is properly the star of the show and the most heavily represented jeweler, this exhibition features a total of over 100 pieces of fabulous period jewelry including works by Fouquet, Feuillatre, Gaillard, Louis Zorra, and American designers Frank Gardner Hale, F. Walter Lawrence and Tiffany. For added info, see the museum website at www.mfa.org and go to the exhibitions menu selection. Also, you can read at this link, an Article About The Exhibition in the Boston Globe.


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