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Suspicious R Lalique Online Auction And For Sale Listings News On This Page Is Generated From Website Visitors Reports Of Rene Lalique Fakes, Forgeries, Copies And Other Questionable Listings! Fake Lalique Antiques: Quick Link To Blog Thread To Post An Item Or Leave A Comment

Report Suspicious R. Lalique ActivityRemember, these kinds of problems are much less prevalent with R. Lalique than with many other collecting fields. R. Lalique is a well documented collecting field. Most R. Lalique fakes are easily identifiable by anyone familiar with the works of Rene Lalique and usually involve a fraudster just signing R Lalique to some random item. But as prices have increased so has the incentive for bad behavior. To learn more about R. Lalique fakes, copies, and forgeries, check out the R. Lalique Fakes Section of our site. And if you have an R. Lalique item you are concerned about, we offer a Free R. Lalique Authentication Service! Finally, these are reader reported items. We are not on patrol to catch every spurious listing that appears. So if you know of an obvious fake listing that does not appear here, it only means that it has not been reported to us, it is not some kind of default authentication! We welcome and rely on reader contributions, and we encourage everyone to participate in what we hope will be a worldwide community effort to provide a central source of information on suspicious R. Lalique listings.

What Items We Will List - We'll report and list anything that in our opinion is not R. Lalique but which is represented in any way as R. Lalique, including fraudulent listings where the item does not exist, and the stolen photo listings where the seller does not have the R. Lalique item shown in the auction photo. We also will list items where there is any inference in the auction listing that the item may be an authentic work of Rene Lalique or a period item related to Rene Lalique when it is not. And we'll list items where the seller makes a claim that an item is R. Lalique or is related to R. Lalique but does not in our opinion provide sufficient clear evidence to back up that claim. We also will list items where the overall advertisement might confuse a buyer. And we may include ads that make ridiculous or false claims even if the item is R. Lalique. For example, if the seller claims the advertised item is the only example known to exist and that statement is false. Finally, we will also list items that are classified as something they are not, even if they are R. Lalique. For example, if a seller claims a piece of stemware is a vase. Keep in mind that the seller of an item represented to be R Lalique does not always know it's not authentic. The knowledge or motive of the seller is not important, only the authenticity matters. Many sellers acquire items thinking they are authentic and are making representations they believe to be true. Also, we sometimes approve comments based on the condition of an item, but generally this is not the place to discuss the condition of actual R. Lalique items. If you want advice concerning real R. Lalique items (value, condition, quality, etc.), please check out our Rene Lalique Consulting Services.

Sellers Note: Take a look at the modern Lalique signatures page on the site. There are some hard and fast rules where an item cannot be a pre-war R. Lalique piece. For example, if the word CREATION is part of the signature on the underside of a perfume bottle, even if it is also signed R, Lalique, it's modern crystal (maybe not even made by the modern Lalique company) and not R. Lalique. If the word Cristal is part of the markings, it also is not R. Lalique.

To Submit A Suspicious Item - Go directly to the Suspicious R. Lalique Items Blog Thread in our Rene Lalique News & Blog Section, and leave a comment with your item info and your concerns. You have to register to comment, by clicking the Register link, accessible from the right hand sidebar on any Blog page. Your name and email will not appear in your comment. Also please review the Rules of the Comment Road accessible from any Blog page, before leaving a comment.

To Comment, Request a Correction, Or Ask A Question About An Item Already Listed Here Or In The Blog - Go to the Suspicious R. Lalique Items Blog Thread and leave a comment with your question, request, or your information.

The Suspicious "R Lalique" Listings - 59 Currently Active Items!

Ebay Item No. 175416744543 - Rene R LALIQUE FRANCE Perfume Bottle Nudes and Cherubs Mint Signed


Ebay Item No. 394006407613 - LALIQUE signed Cherub  Crystal Candy Basket, Vintage. Etched And Frosted

Ebay Item No. 115397901962 - Signed R Lalique?? Joseph Inwald Barolac France Frosted Crystal Flower Bowl #300

Ebay Item No. 234510312497 - Baccarat Perfume Bottle For YBRY w Box & R Lalique Ornament

Ebay Item No. 384785783645 - Lalique Alicante vase . 1927. Parrots. Famous Rene L. glass vases.

Ebay Item No. 144457430727 - Collection de flacons anciens 'JE REVIENS' WORTH LALIQUE Art déco circa 1930 TBE

Ebay Item No. 304348069719 - French Art Nouveau 18K Gold Enamel Cherries Eugene Feuillatre Lalique Stick Pin!

Ebay Item No. 373702132002 - Rare Lalique Grande boite satinée Chien Loulou De Poméranie Spitz


Ebay Item No. 384737087081 - Lalique famous Serpent Rose' vase.1920. Perfect Rare Limited.

Ebay Item No. 384737094919 - Lalique Biskra vase.1920.Perfect Rare Limited Famous.



Ebay Item No. 273809330892 - Early Lalique Ambre Antique Emeraude Coty Perfume Bottles Le Vertige Box Case

Ebay Item No. 254592308416 - Rare Leon Hatot ATO desk clock Lalique Art Deco

Ebay Item No. 255396849998 - ATO / Lalique / Leon Hatot ATO clock Lalique, art deco

Ebay Item No. 165095752770 - René Lalique Frosted Molded Glass Vase Nude Female Figures in Relief Signed

Ebay Item No. 143579719860 - Antique Rene R Lalique Art Deco crystal frosted perfume bottle Indian fawn deer

Ebay Item No. 363487128548 - ART DECO ERA R LALIQUE FROSTED CRYSTAL NUDES 8 3/4" VASE #5222

Ebay Item No. 373604461973 - Ashtray R. Lalique New Art Glass Pressed Moulded

Ebay Item No. 324702811682 - Parfum ancien Cristal L’aimant de Coty - Bouchon par Lalique

Ebay Item No. 372648949028 - Ashtray r. lalique art nouveau molded pressed glass

Ebay Item No. 373474981548 - Ashtray R. Lalique New Art Glass Pressed Moulded

Ebay Item No. 174591402583 - VINTAGE "COTY" - LALIQUE , "L'AIMANT",PERFUME BOTTLE, NUMBERED, #281, 1925,

Ebay Item No. 402674017965 - Rare French La Jacee Coty 1928 Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Empty

Ebay Item No. 372761775427 - Stunning One of a Kind Signed Electric Blue des abeilles Rene Lalique Pendant

Ebay Item No. 114332847851 - Rene Lalique jewels 1910 VERY RARE FOR MUSEUM signed for collectors reproduced

Ebay Item No. 153426770869 - R LALIQUE "DU BARRY" Glass Crystal Vase Signed Rene

Ebay Item No. 153441418783 - R. Lalique French Crystal Leaf Pattern Round Vase

Ebay Item No. 143514103482 - Rare Antique perfume atomizer bottle signed R Lalique France art glass

Ebay Item No. 133316933233 - Rare Antique trinket powder box signed R Lalique France art glass

Ebay Item No. 133316943852 - Rare Antique perfume colone bottle signed R Lalique France art glass

Ebay Item No. 133305517998 - Antique centerpiece bowl vase early Signed Rene Lalique France nudes and grapes

Ebay Item No. 173848031022 - 9 1/4" Lalique Bowl - "Swallows" - (R Lalique Mascot) - VGC


Ebay Item No. 302827769818 - RARE VTG. ''Je Reviens'' Worth Paris France R Lalique Sealed 8'' Perfume

Ebay Item No. 183687547386 - Signed R. Lalique CAMPANULES OUVERTE Bell Flower Bowl / Coupe, c. 1832

Ebay Item No. 253860543177 - Gorgeous Vintage Rene Lalique France Tang Horse Art Deco Crystal Glass Figurine

Ebay Item No. 173370681465 - Antique R. Lalique Dark Green Teal Poisson Fish Frosted Seal ~ Block Signed

Ebay Item No. 141748762825 - René Lalique Crystal Fish Figurine Sculpture New and Boxed in Various Colours

Ebay Item No. 291765926653 - Antique Rene Lalique Chemin De Table Festons Jardiniere 4 pcs Centerpiece c 1939

Ebay Item No. 331868088691 - R. LALIQUE - Antique Stopper - Clear Glass - Mushroom Shape - Early 20th Century

Ebay Item No. 142344478400 - RENE LALIQUE DAMPIERRE VASE- BIRD

Ebay Item No. 121773919798 - RARE Lalique "Deux A Deux" Daisy Flower Crystal Glass Big Box Circa 1938

Ebay Item No. 111423719746 - Antique Art Deco French Wall Lamp Daum Lalique

Etsy Item No. 455741862 - Coty, L’Origan, 25 ml. or 0.85 oz. Flacon, Essence, Pure Parfum Extrait, Lalique, 1905, Paris, France ..

Etsy Item No. 539589156 - Coty, Muse, 30 ml. or 1 oz. Flacon, Pure Parfum Extrait, Lalique, 1946, Paris, France ..

Etsy Item No. 824432910 - Coty, L'Origan, 120 ml. or 4 oz. Flacon, Eau de Toilette, Lalique, 1905, 1930, Paris, France ..

Etsy Item No. 699293131 - Early Lalique Ambre Antique Emeraude Coty Perfume Bottles & Slip Case Box, 1920s Lalique, Coty Le Vertige Box, Coty Lalique Perfume Bottles

Etsy Item No. 539593088 - Coty, Chypre, 50 ml. or 1.69 oz. Flacon, Pure Parfum Extrait, Lalique, 1917, Paris, France ..

Etsy Item No. 251928937 - Cheramy, Offrande, 30 ml. or 1 oz. Flacon, Parfum Extrait, Possibly Lalique, 1925, Paris, France ..

Chairish Item No. 2933396 - Antique 1930s Lalique Inspired Frosted Glass Platter

Etsy Item No. 508376222 - Coty, L'Origan, 'Oregano', 40 ml. or 1.35 oz. Flacon, Parfum Extrait, Lalique, 1905, 1928, Paris, France ..

Etsy Item No. 539590350 - Coty, L'Aimant, 30 ml. or 1 oz. Flacon, Pure Parfum Extrait, Lalique, 1927, Paris, France ..

Etsy Item No. 839524841 - Coty, L'Aimant, 30 ml. or 1 oz. Flacon, Parfum Extrait, Lalique, 1927, Paris, France ..

Chairish Item No. 1223623 - Antique French Frosted Glass Lamp

Etsy Item No. 504579593 - Coty, L’Origan, 'Oregano', 50 ml. or 1.76 oz. Flacon, Parfum Extrait, Lalique, 1925, Paris, France ..

Etsy Item No. 540206402 - Coty, L'Origan, 50 ml. or 1.69 oz. Flacon, Pure Parfume Extrait, Lalique, 1905, Paris, France ..

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