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R Lalique Glass Shines at Sothebys: Rene Lalique Art Continues Its Upward Price Trend

November 11th, 2010

Rene Lalique Poissons Table Lamps

Lalique Art Glass sold extremely well in Sotheby’s London Fine 20th Century Design Sale on November 9th. This continued a trend of strong Rene Lalique auction pricing which has been ongoing for the last several years.

Rene Lalique Bellecour VaseSotheby’s offered 18 attractive R Lalique pieces, with the majority being the iconic Lalique Vases, many of them colored glass. 16 of the lots sold, for a take up rate of 88%. All the lots that did sell went in or above the estimates, many times well above.

The sale totaled (including buyers premium for all prices discussed in this article) £305,625, or in dollars (at 1.68 dollars to the pound) $513.450. This works out to average sales prices of £19,102 or $32,091.

High seller was the attractive and rare Lalique Clock Le Jour et la Nuit: The Day and the Night Clock in very attractive blue glass. This clock is one of the artistic triumphs of Rene Lalique and it made a reasonable £91,250/$153,300 against an estimate of £60,000-£80,000.

Rene Lalique Day and Night Clock in Blue GlassThis one lot represented 30% of the total Lalique sales prices for all 16 sold lots. But this was by no means a runaway price as this model Lalique Clock in blue glass has previously sold in this price range.

Second high seller was the Lalique Vase Bellecour making £28,750/$48,300 against an estimate of £12,000 – £18,000.

A strong price indeed and a bit of a surprise as this vase outsold some strong colored vases to make its 2nd place showing. Several Bellecour vases have appeared in the past couple of years, but price wise, this one outshone them all by a substantial margin.

Rene Lalique Serpent VaseThird best lot was a rare pair of the 30 cm tall Rene Lalique Table Lamps in the Poissons model. These lamps sold for £25,000/$42,000 against a spot on estimate of £20,000 – £30,000.

Fourth place was taken up by the red glass Rene Lalique Vase Escargot. Escargot vases in colored glass are getting very hard to find at public auctions. Also very scarce are true red glass Lalique Vases. These two factors no doubt helped the bidding along to the final total of £22,500/$37,800 against the pre-sale estimate of £10,000 to £15,000.

Rene Lalique Archers VaseFifth high seller was the Lalique Poissons Vase in an attractive green color, one of the many varieties of green that this vase has been seen in. The Poissons made £20,000/$33,600 against its conservative estimate of £8,000 – £12,000.

Overall 10 of the 16 sold lots were vases, accounting for £146,875/$246,750, or just under half the Lalique sale total.

One other price worth mentioning was achieved by three different highly popular and attractive vases, all of which sold for £16,250/$27,300.

Rene Lalique Escargot VaseOne was a butterscotch colored (cased yellow amber and opalescent) Archers Vase, one was an opalescent Bacchantes Vase, and the third was a clear and frosted Rene Lalique Serpent Vase. While not representing a giant leap from previous sale prices, this may be the highest price ever paid at auction for a clear and frosted Serpent Vase.

The colorless Serpent Vase selling for the same price as the Butterscotch Archers and the Opalescent Bacchantes shows just how strong the demand is for rare Serpent Vases in today’s market, as even non-colored glass versions of this great Rene Lalique design can compete on price with highly popular opalescent and cased colored versions of other attractive but more plentiful Lalique Vase models.

Here are all the Rene Lalique Sales Results for this sale:

Lot 55 – ‘Anémones’ circular mirror – £8,750/$14,700
Lot 56 – ‘Bacchantes’ vase – £16,250/$27,300
Lot 57 – ‘Poissons’ pair of table lamps – £25,000/$42,000
Lot 58 – ‘Le Jour et la Nuit’ timepiece – £91,250/$153,300
Lot 112 – ‘Cigognes’ vase – £7,500/$12,600
Lot 113 – ‘Baies’ vase – £7,500/$12,600
Lot 123 – ‘Serpent’ vase – £16,250/$27,300
Lot 124 – ‘Perruches’ vase – £5,625/$9,450
Lot 124 – ‘Bellecour’ vase – £28,750/$48,300
Lot 126 – ‘Cardamine’ lamp – £12,500/$21,000
Lot 128 – ‘Escargot’ vase – £22,500/$37,800
Lot 129 – ‘Grande Nue Socle Lierre’ – £15,000/$25,200
Lot 130 – ‘Madagascar’ bowl – £6,250/$10,500
Lot 131 – ‘Poissons’ vase – £20,000/$33,600
Lot 133 – ‘Archers’ vase (amber) – £6,250/$10,500
Lot 134 – ‘Archers’ vase (butterscotch) – £16,250/$27,300

Lots 114 and 132, Antelopes and Poissons Vases respectively, did not sell

The period between November 1st and Christmas is traditionally the time of year when the highest volume of Rene Lalique works appear at auction, and this year is no exception. There are several auctions with large numbers of Lalique offerings coming up in the next several weeks. And there will be over 100 auctions with lesser numbers of R. Lalique lots as well. You can follow all the auction action and keep informed about all the upcoming Rene Lalique auction offerings in the Lalique Auctions Section at RLalique.com. And for research and information on thousands of previous Lalique auction sales, check out the Past Lalique Auctions pages as well.

Rene Lalique Auctions: 100 Rene Lalique Lots At Heritage Auction Sale on December 10th In New York City

November 25th, 2009

Rene Lalique Vase Perruches in Red Glass

Lalique Auctions are finishing the year on a strong note with a string of great Rene Lalique auctions results leading into the holiday period as we close out 2009.

As of this writing 82 different auction sales around the world featuring the work of Rene Lalique are listed in the Rene Lalique Auctions Worldwide Section of the site to occur between now and year-end. The largest of these upcoming sales is by far the sale of Rene Lalique glass and other objects put together by Lalique Expert Nicholas Dawes in his new role as a consignment director for Heritage Auctions of Dallas, which is now the third largest auction house in the world (measured by sales volume).

Rene Lalique Clock InseperablesHeritage and Mr. Dawes have put together a wide-ranging selection of Rene Lalique pieces represented by 100 RLalique lots to be auctioned in a New York City sale on December 10th.

Notable among the offerings are the famous Rene Lalique Vases that make up nearly half the lots. The Heritage sampling includes 3 colored Perruches Vases (the great looking red one is pictured here in case you missed it :), a Borromee Vase in the highly desirable “Borromee Blue” color, two colored Archers Vases, the stunning Amber Serpent Vase, and matched pair of the rare 1911 designed vase Frise Aigles. There is also a great selection of smaller colored vases including a teal Gui, a deep green Courlis, and two different colored Moissac vases.

Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle LezardsRene Lalique Statues is another strong section of the sale, featuring both yellow and opalescent Suzannes, an Opalescent Thais, an opalescent Moyenne Voilee, a Grand Nue Lierre and others.

Rene Lalique Perfume Bottles include a rare Lezards bottle, and Lalique’s Car Mascots include a good-looking pair of Longchamps (one of each version) and a Vitesse.

Rene Lalique Clocks are represented by the clock Inseparables, and there are also drawings, jewelry, tableware, boxes, seals, ashtrays, and an inkwell. There is something for just about every different collecting area of the works of the great Rene Lalique.

One notable tableware item is the rare Coupe Sirenes. This is great design that most collectors will not see in their lifetime. As always though, carefully check out the condition of any item, including this one, before bidding.

Rene Lalique Bowl Coupe SirenesAll told, a near tour de force of the commercial production works of Rene Lalique with a high percentage of rare colored pieces, highly desirable collector lots, some hard to find items, and a few unique drawings and a great mirror in the mix to complete a well rounded and high quality sale.

Contact information for the sale and a link to the Heritage website can be found in our Rene Lalique Auctions Section.

Goodbye Statue – Hello Clock! A Grande Nue Statue Is Sold – A Grand New Item Appears. R Lalique Auction News. Update – Clock makes $9375 including premium against the $1000 to $1500 estimate!

January 26th, 2009

Deux Figurines ClockA couple of R Lalique comings and goings to mention to our readers. First, the Rene Lalique Grande Nue Statue that appeared this past week in France, and which was listed in our R Lalique at Auction Worldwide Section, was reported by the auction house Marseille-Encheres, to have sold for 15,000 Euros, or around $20,000 US dollars. A nice result for what looked from the photo to be a great statue. One of Rene Lalique’s finest designs says the Oracle. As always, we hope the buyer (and other bidders) told them that they saw the great statue here, at RLalique.com.

Rene Lalique Grande Nue StatueAnd on a separate auction news note, appearing at Freemans in Philadelphia on Friday January 30th this week as lot Number 772, is an unsigned Rene Lalique Clock; the R Lalique Deux Figurines Clock on base estimated at only $1000 to $1500. The Rene Lalique Clock Deux Figurines was sold both before and after WWII and was discontinued in 1951 according to the Catalogue Raisonne. Freemans says it’s in the “Lalique Style”, which it definitely is:). Of course as always, check it out for yourself. They have a great set of photos we think they will be happy to email you. If you call Freemans, ask for Doug Girton and don’t forget to let him know we sent you

By telling auction houses that you saw their items here, it makes it a lot easier for us to get you information on upcoming Rene Lalique related pieces. As auction houses find that spreading the word here at RLalique.com results in serious R Lalique bidders, we discover a lot more information in our inbox that we didn’t have to go looking for! And that info goes directly to the benefit of anyone following these pages that is interested in buying R Lalique.


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