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Rene Lalique Vase Sauterelles on Ebay – $30 No Reserve – BEWARE! – UPDATE!

The Lalique Sauterelles Vase Listing discussed in this post was removed by Ebay as of the morning of March 2nd, and the seller is no longer a registered user!

Rene Lalique Sauterelles VaseA nice looking R Lalique Sauterelles Vase has appeared on ebay, $30 and no reserve! An alert reader of this Blog wrote us to point out that this listing contains photos which have appeared previously on Ebay in another Sauterelles listing which was sold months ago. In addition, there was a more recent listing of a Sauterelles vase in January with an apparently identical sticker on the bottom to the previously sold one and to the current listing. That would be apparently the same exact sticker, not a similar one. As our alert reader points out, that would be three times for the sticker! The link to Ebay Item Number 250381642106 no longer works since Ebay has removed the listing. However, the photo in this post showing the sticker on the bottom is the photo from that listing. Listing No. 200299463246 (since deleted by Ebay) has the apparently identical sticker. You can decide from reviewing the photos. And a big thank you to “Alert Reader”! We could not provide you with all the information we have on the site, without the help of a number of great members of the R Lalique community who share their time and information to help make this by far, the best source of information about R Lalique anywhere in the world, as well as THE Gathering Place for All R Lalique and Rene Lalique Enthusiasts and Collectors Worldwide. Thanks to all of you!

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One Response to “Rene Lalique Vase Sauterelles on Ebay – $30 No Reserve – BEWARE! – UPDATE!”

  1. 41 says:

    Always happy to be of assistance. Thank you for posting the information and links for comparison of the sticker. It just seamed too coincidental to me that there were now 3 Sauterelles vases, all within one year, all with the same sticker. One small advise to potential buyers. When in doubt ask the seller for photos with a different backgrounds, maybe a photo of the piece in a room. An honest seller will always be happy to respond.

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