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An Interesting Rene Lalique Ebay Lot – An R.Lalique Tiara Stopper

Ebay Tiara Stopper Item Number 170259681407.

Rene Lalique Tiara Perfume Bottle Stopper

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5 Responses to “An Interesting Rene Lalique Ebay Lot – An R.Lalique Tiara Stopper”

  1. 42 says:

    Hi No. 1, thanks for the info. No. 42

  2. 1 says:

    Both points are good observations. The etched number on the underside of the stem that usually appears on the bottom of RLalique stoppers was scratched on the bottom of the stopper with a matching number on the bottom of the bottle to make sure that once that stopper was fitted to the bottle that they didn’t stray too far from each other and or get mixed up with other stoppers and bottles. But the absence of a number does not mean that it’s an issue. Take it in the reverse of the presumed potential problem. If someone has messed with the stem on this stopper, and done some fancy polishing and repair, causing the number to be polished off, they could easily have scratched the number back on. So it seems OK from the photo, but unless you have a photo of another stopper to compare, no way to be a million percent certain. The second observation, that the stopper does not appear to be ground, assumedly refers to the heavier type frosting of the glass on the part of the stem that fits into the neck of the bottle which is typical of RLalique perfumes. If this is what you mean, (and if the question cannot be determined from the photo), then it’s likely (guessing) just that the photo does not show that detail. No one is faking these stoppers in the known world, so I would assume the photo illusion explanation unless contrary information appears. If it weren’t ground, it would be shiny and not frosted. And a fast question to the seller would get the answer and settle this. And if contacting the seller, you might ask her/him to get a magnifying glass and re-examine the underside of the stem for the scratched control number. Some of these are nearly impossible to see and read, and it might be there under magnification. If you have any other comments or observations, let us know, we’ll consult the Oracle 🙂 and rely promptly.

  3. 42 says:

    Hi Iam interested in the stopper my concern is that it has no number on base of stopper and that the stopper apears not to be ground.

  4. 1 says:

    Sure looks that way to the Oracle 🙂 …… Bouchon Fleurs De Pommier is a great RLalique bottle, and if someone has the bottle only, or a bottle with a broken stopper, this may be a wonderful opportunity to restore a special piece of RLalique back to the modern collecting world (Back to the Future ….. to borrow a phrase). Of course there are pitfalls; the stopper stem of the acquired stopper possibly being too narrow to fit snuggly into the opening of the bottle being the big one!

  5. 40 says:

    Is this number 493 from the Catalog Raisonne, the stopper for the Bouchon Fleurs De Pommier?

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