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What R Lalique Fact Do These 12 Countries Have in Common Today?

Rene Lalique Opalescent Sauterelles VaseJapan
United States

All 12 countries have R Lalique coming up at auction, and those R Lalique auction items are listed in the Worldwide R Lalique at Auction Section of RLalique.com! A new milestone for RLalique.com was reached this morning when auctions containing R Lalique items in 12 different countries were listed at the same time in the Worldwide Auction Section of the website. R Lalique vases from Japan, R Lalique bowls from Italy, a great R Lalique architectural Oviatt Building colored plaque in Texas (no, that’s not a country, notwithstanding what some Texans think:), great R Lalique stuff from France (such as the good looking R Lalique Sauterelles Opalescent Vase shown here) and England, and what the heck… R Lalique items in half dozen more countries to boot! We bring the world of R Lalique to you in one location, here at RLalique.com. Auction houses are getting calls from all over the world from R Lalique bidders and buyers in countries they’ve never heard from before! And those R Lalique buyers are letting them know they saw the R Lalique item here, at RLalique.com. This is making our job easier of obtaining this worldwide Rene Lalique at auction info, and bringing it to you. Regular readers of this website know that the auction listings are updated daily, sometimes with only short notice due to the vagaries of auction house cataloging. So check daily to be sure you don’t miss that item you’ve been waiting for. And thanks to all of you for supporting the site, and spreading the word.

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