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A Grand Start For RLalique.com

A collector asked me today how the first week of RLalique.com has gone. I told him it’s both hectic and unbelievably great at the same time. We’ve come a long way in a short time, and I’ve been so much busier than I’m used to, I would have guessed we were only up for a few days. Here’s a brief review. We’ve put the site up without fanfare or announcements, and just a few emails to old friends and fellow RLalique collectors. Yet things have gone better than we could ever have expected. First, there have been no serious programming issues with the site. Considering this is the first site we ever developed, that was a bit of a concern as you might imagine. Also, the For Sale Section went great guns the first week, with 16 sales of wonderful Rene Lalique items. We would have thought it would be months before we got to that kind of number. As you might have noticed, the SOLD items were clogging up the For Sale Section, so we made a separate page for the SOLD items and moved them off the For Sale page onto their own “Missed Opportunities” page. Also, the first Library sale was made, and as a result, I got to send my first email from the address Info@rlalique.com. And, we have gotten our RLalique at Auction section going with a good number of upcoming item reports, in spite of the fact that this is the slowest time of year for RLalique to be appearing at auctions. Things should pick up after Labor Day in the US, as auction houses launch their Fall schedules with mid and late September sales, and in France as August turns to September, vacations end, and business there picks up. We’re getting a lot of visitors, emails, and traffic, and I hope that as word spreads, the number of visitors will continue to increase over the coming months. We have gotten great input concerning the site, and have already implemented many suggestions from our fellow RLalique enthusiasts concerning features or bugs. If you didn’t notice, one suggestion we put into place was to link the header photo of the great Wasps Cire Perdue Vase to the Home Page as a quick and large link to get back to the Home Page from any other page on the site. We also linked the entire header of every Blog page to the Home Page as well. Hopefully once the initial burst of activity associated with a new website dissipates, you’ll see a few new features added to the site, and we’ll report on them from time to time here in the Blog to draw your attention to them. If you have any comments, suggestions for improvements, or bug reports, please let us know. We take your input seriously, since our site is devoted to you, the RLalique enthusiast. We know your time is valuable, and we are working hard to make sure that the time you put aside to spend with us is time well spent.

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  1. 40 says:

    Congratulations on your excellent website and blog. This is a much needed source of information and news and I will be a regular visitor.

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