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Rene Lalique Chardonneret Moqueur Paperweight information and photos at RLalique.com are tied together on this main Chardonneret Moqueur Paperweights page. Past and future auctions, historical details, sales, copies, reproductions, articles and more are all accessible from here. This page grows as more info is added to the website.

Note: There are 9 small bird paperweights created by Rene Lalique that are in the same size range and that have small incorporated flat bottom bases. 6 are classified as Moineaux (Sparrows) and 3 as Chardonneret (Goldfinches). In the real and academic worlds you would expect the Sparrows to usually be small finch-like birds with bland plumage like brown or gray, whereas the Goldfinches would be brightly colored. But in general use of those words today, either would almost certainly cover many, if not most of the others. And in any event, all of these paperweights are clear and frosted glass. So for identification purposes we've cross-linked all 9 birds. If the bird you have doesn't match what's on this page, then check these links to the other eight birds: Moineau Coquet, Moineau Fier, Moineau Hardi, Moineau Moqueur, Moineau Sournois, Moineau Timide, Chardonneret Hardi, Chardonneret Timide. You can also check the paperweights link below where you will find the Birds from the Bellecour Vase that sometimes appear separately as well as 3 models of small birds on clear glass block bases. In Decorations you will find other generally larger birds, pigeons, etc., as well as the Groupe De Six Moineaux Decoration.

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Rene Lalique Chardonneret Moqueur Paperweight
2019-02-26  Lalique Chardonneret Moqueur Paperweight

Rene Lalique Chardonneret Moqueur Paperweight
2013-12-05  Lalique Chardonneret Moqueur Paperweight

Rene Lalique Chardonneret Moqueur Paperweight
2010-07-12  Lalique Chardonneret Moqueur Paperweight

Model No. 1211  Circa 1931
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