R Lalique Cire Perdue Wasp Vase by Rene Lalique


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Rising From The Ashes and Creative Assemblies

Two kinds of "R. Lalique" items are shown here. The first is where a piece is broken and something entirely new is created from the ashes. The 2nd is where something that didn't exist before is created either with a combination of existing pieces, or by altering or adding to an existing piece.

Both are great ways to save some history and/or to be able to continue to get good use out of part or all of a valued object or objects. But from a buyer's standpoint, you have to be aware that a possible convincing piece (obviously undocumented) such as the first two items below, will likely never have the kind of value that an original piece has. And the market for undocumented and put-together pieces is a lot narrower than for original as-made items. You may want to buy something like this, but the point is to know what you are getting is not an original R. Lalique piece or design so that you approach it with your eyes open and with a very tight grip on your wallet.

Your ideas, comments, added photos of objects that might be appropriate for this page, and suggestions for future examples are welcome and appreciated. Please email any and all observations to Info@RLalique.com. Please review the Photo Submissions Guidelines when emailing us any photos.


R. Lalique Rescue Pieces & Assemblies

Rene Lalique Barr Glass Bell Made From An R. Lalique Barr Glass Upside Down Remove Stem And Base And Add Clapper: Brilliant!
Barr Glass Barr Bell
Rene Lalique Vezelay Ashtray Vezelay Pendant Cleverly Cut From The Corner Of An R. Lalique Vezelay Ashtray To Include The Original Molded Signature: Brilliant!
Vezelay Ashtray Vezelay Pendant
Perles Perfume Bottle and Perles Bowl From The Garniture De Toilette By Rene Lalique Perles Lamp Later Made-Up From a Perles Perfume Bottle and Perles Bowl From The Garniture De Toilette By Rene Lalique. Not Bad Looking!
Perles Perfume Bottle and Bowl Voila! - Perles Lamp


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