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Ashtrays to Seals - A common R Lalique alteration. The figures in the center of these R Lalique ring dish ashtrays, are nothing more than R Lalique seals that are stuck to the dish. The dish is signed on the underside, unlike seals which are usually, but not always, signed on the side of the seal. The ashtray gets chipped, a clever polisher trims off the entire dish, or most of it, and poof, you have an R Lalique seal! The problem with this approach is that by leaving the center section of the ashtray underneath the base of the seal, usually to keep the R Lalique signature (which many times has the model number after it indicating it's an ashtray), the seal now has a double thick base that looks like two pieces stuck together. The line is usually quite obvious showing where the seal is joined to the "base". We see this with the underside polished to the same diameter of the seal, and also sometimes left a little wider, leaving a bigger diameter base under the seal. So you do have a legitimate R Lalique Seal, but it is stuck to another piece of glass. The Oracle thinks a better approach would be to eliminate the entire ashtray including the part underneath the seal that almost always has the signature. What you would end up with is an unsigned R Lalique Seal, which is exactly what it started out life as!

Your ideas, comments, added photos of existing alterations you see here, and suggestions for future alterations are welcome and appreciated. Please email any and all observations to Info@RLalique.com. Please review the Photo Submissions Guidelines when emailing us any photos.

Alaska Fox R.Lalique Ashtray by Rene Lalique Alaska Seal by Rene Lalique From an R Lalique ashtray R Lalique Opalescent Alaska Seal by Rene Lalique
The Ashtray The Ashtray "Seal" The Real Seal
Statuette De La Fontaine Ashtray By Rene Lalique Statuette De La Fontaine Figure Cut From Ashtray By Rene Lalique There Is No Record The Statuette De La Fontaine Was Ever Sold As a Seal
The Ashtray The Ashtray "Seal" Never Sold As A Seal
Chien (dog) R Lalique Seal Chien by Rene Lalique From An Ashtray Dindon R Lalique Green Opalescent Seal by Rene Lalique Made From An Ashtray Moineau Bird Seal by Rene Lalique From An R Lalique Ashtray
Another Ashtray "Seal" Another Ashtray "Seal" Another Ashtray "Seal"


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