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Normandie ATO Commissioned Clock information and photos at RLalique.com are tied together on this main Normandie ATO Commissioned Clocks page. Past and future auctions, historical details, sales, copies, reproductions, articles and more are all accessible from here. This page grows as more info is added to the website.

Note: About That Often Repeated Claim By Various Auction Houses And Their Experts Of Documentation In The ATO Archives Connecting René Lalique to the Normandie Clock: That ridiculous fact free, document free, made-up claim has been proven false and totally de-bunked. See the February 2024 update below.

Update Feb 28, 2024: The Swatch Watch company is based in Japan. Swatch is in possession of the ATO Archives. We requested that Swatch research the ATO archives to see if there is any document connecting René Lalique to the ATO Normandie Clock. Swatch confirmed to us in writing that there is no document in the ATO archives linking René Lalique to the Normandie Clock. Therefore all claims by auction houses* that such a document is in the ATO Archives are false. See the full announcement HERE!

*In reality auction houses do not make false claims. If there is a false claim, yes the auction house as a company is responsible. But there is a person or people involved in some way with the auction house that is/are responsible as well for putting forth the false claim. These false claims do not appear out of thin air. In America, we have a Latin expression which collectors should be mindful of: Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. Our laymen level understanding of this expression in common law in the U.S. is that if a person makes a knowingly false statement in one matter or subject (uno), you can rightfully conclude that other statements they make on other subjects or matters (omnibus) are likely to be false as well. Deceitful in one, deceitful in all! is the best short version of our understanding. Collectors should apply this standard to all auction house employees and "experts" and "consultants" and by whatever other title they give themselves. Most people are honestly going along trying to do the right thing. But some are not. Your best defense is to get as educated as possible. The more you know about the collecting field, the less likely you are to be fooled by false claims of supposed "experts". For the record, we have seen a well known auction house expert make a knowingly false claim for a benefit of less than $200.

Also Note: This clock was created by ATO under a commission from the owner of the ocean liner Normandie (Compagnie Générale Transatlantique aka CGT) for the maiden voyage of the ship. It has the name NORMANDIE on the front in lieu of 9 of the expected numbers, and it has the prominently molded full name of CGT on the reverse in addition to ATO MADE IN FRANCE. There is also a later loose-copy of this clock made by ATO that in addition to other differences from this commissioned clock has the name NORMANDIE removed from the front and the boat owner's name removed from the reverse. Nearly 90 years after these clocks were made, we are aware of zero evidence that Rene Lalique had anything to do with either this commissioned clock, or the later ATO loose-copy. But many modern day sellers continue to make various ridiculous undocumented and unsupported vague claims of Lalique involvement. They never say specifically what his involvement was, only that he was somehow involved. The favorite catch-all word sellers use is collaboration. Of course if you ask the seller what exactly was Lalique's contribution to the collaboration, they cannot answer you because they have no evidence of any collaboration. We have listed both the commissioned clock and the later loose-copy clock properly identified on the main R. Lalique Clocks page only so that interested persons looking for information on "Normandie Clocks" can find them and read this statement and review our information. See our detailed Normandie Loose-Copy Clocks page for further details on both this Normandie Clock and the Loose-Copy Clock.

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R. Lalique Normandie ATO Commissioned  Clock
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There is a later loose-copy of this commissioned clock by ATO. In addition to other distinguishable differences, it appears that starting with this clock, ATO removed the name Normandie from the front of the clock and then removed the prominently molded full name of the owner of the Normandie from the back of the clock. That later loose-copy is linked above.
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Rene Lalique Normandie ATO Commissioned  Clock

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