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Note: Caravelle is the French word for the English caravel and the Portuguese caravela. It was a small, fast, and highly maneuverable 1 to 3 mast sailing ship with a shallow keel that was used extensively by the Portuguese and Spanish during the worldwide explorations of the 1400's through about the mid-1600's. It was the vessel of choice for Bartolomeu Dias and Christopher Columbus among countless others.

Also Note: This decoration was created in the spring of 1938. It is a near copy with engraved seagulls and rigging added, of the original 1930 Caravelle Decoration. This version, (with the original having a dedication engraved in the metal base), was created to accompany the Mouettes themed tableware (plates, glasses, and candleholders) that was presented to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth as a gift from the City of Paris on the occasion of their official visit in the summer of 1938. Three photos of the Mouettes Tableware appear on pages 151 and 152 of the 2011 Edition of the R. Lalique Catalogue Raisonne, one of which shows the King and Queen and the tableware in the same shot. There is also a Caravelle Ashtray and Caravelle Seal that were created in late 1930, both having a simpler but similar design to the original Caravelle Decoration.

Finally: The addition of the Caravelle as a centerpiece for the Mouettes Tableware was a logical choice for Lalique for two reasons. First because it was another way to incorporate the mouettes theme. And second, because on all the known Coats of Arms of the City of Paris dating back to the 1300's, there was always a sailing ship in the center. And that remains true today. The ship reflects the City of Paris Latin motto, which is "Fluctuat nec mergitur". The motto is an abbreviated version of a slightly longer Latin expression roughly meaning "this vessel rocks but is never submerged", or "rocked by waves but does not sink". Additional City of Paris Coats of Arms info, City of Paris motto info, and relevant photos can be found HERE!

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R. Lalique Caravelle-2 Decoration
2022-10-27  R. Lalique Caravelle-2 Decoration

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R. Lalique Caravelle-2 Decoration
2019-11-19  Rene Lalique Caravelle-2 Decoration

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Model No. 1169bis  Circa 1938
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