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Note: Je Reviens is French for I will return. The somewhat less romantic Terminator translation is I'll be back.

Also Note: This is the same bottle as Je Reviens-11 with a fluted neck top instead of a smooth round neck top.

Also Note: The modern reproduction of this bottle has a ribbed cylinder shaped stopper. If it has a ribbed cylinder shaped stopper it's post-war no matter what the signature underneath says. See the further comment on this subject below.

Also Note: You want a bottle you first determine is authentic, with the pre-war dome shaped stopper shown in the listings below, with the block capital letters etched R. LALIQUE WORTH MADE IN FRANCE signature to the underside, without the word CREATION and without a Lalique France engraved signature or any other engraved signature. Finally, noting that many Worth bottles have the fluid ounces they contain marked on the bottom, typically in the form 1 FL OZ, if the underside of the bottle has ANY out-of-place, unexpected, or unexplained molded letters, numbers, or words such as (these are just examples) HP, VN, NA, CHIBO, or ANY others, that will be the mark of another glassmaker or an indication the bottle was made by another glassmaker. So even if your bottle has the expected molded R. Lalique signature to the underside, if it has ANY unexpected unknown out-of-place molded letters, numbers or words, you should avoid the bottle as it was not produced with Rene Lalique et Cie molds.

Also Note: You want a bottle without any condition issues. There are relatively a lot of these bottles out there and there's no reason to acquire one with issues. And of course you want a bottle and stopper that are all glass. If there is any plastic, cork, or metal, forget about it.

Finally: In the extensive 2001 addendum to their 1990 seminal work Lalique Perfume Bottles, the Utts state unequivocally that the dome shaped stopper for Worth bottles was not replaced with the ribbed cylinder version by Marc Lalique until 1952. Other authoritative information explicitly says after 1945. We are aware that the ribbed cylinder stopper has appeared on bottles that have the molded R. Lalique signature. However those bottles were made after the war from old molds having the pre-war signature until the molds wore-out and had to be replaced.

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NOTE: There are other different R. Lalique perfume bottles labeled Je Reviens! If you are looking for a Je Reviens labeled bottle that does not match this one, go to the catalogue's main Perfume Bottle page at the link above and find your bottle! It may have a different model name as many bottles were used for more than one fragrance. For bottles made for perfumeries (as opposed to Maison Lalique Bottles sold empty), typically but not always, we call the bottle by the first fragrance it was used for. Also different perfumeries sometimes used the same fragrance name.

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R. Lalique Je Reviens Flacon
2023-03-25  R. Lalique Je Reviens Flacon

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R. Lalique Je Reviens Perfume Bottle
2013-09-12  Rene Lalique Je Reviens Perfume Bottle

Model No. Worth-Perfume-10  Circa 1928
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