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Rene Lalique Cactus Plate information and photos at RLalique.com are tied together on this main Cactus Plates page. Past and future auctions, historical details, sales, copies, reproductions, articles and more are all accessible from here. This page grows as more info is added to the website.

Note: Cactus is the same word in French and English.

Also Note: All Cactus Plates have the same design but that design covers the plates in 3 different ways. The first listed model in the list below has a small undecorated center. The next 5 listed models are covered all-over. The last 2 listed models have a large undecorated center.

Also Note: The post-war reproduction box below says there are no modern reproductions. However, the Cactus-2 Plates and Cactus-3 Plates linked below with the large undecorated centers that are Model Nos. 10-3019 and 10-3020 were reproduced in crystal after the war. Those modern repros can be accessed from those Cactus-2 and Cactus-3 Plate links.

Finally: Compare the design on these plates to the cactus skin design on the items in the 1942 Cactus Garniture De Toilette and also to the design on the Cactus Vase.

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Further down the left column are other size and model number plates of this design, including different shapes if applicable to this model.

All Lalique Cactus Plates
R. Lalique Cactus Plate
2023-11-16  R. Lalique Cactus Plate

Signature Photo
R. Lalique Cactus Plate
2022-09-22  R. Lalique Cactus Plate

R. Lalique Cactus Plate
2010-10-18  Lalique Cactus Plate

Sales Results
Other Sizes And Model Nos.
Cactus Plates
Rene Lalique Cactus Assiette
2021-02-24  R. Lalique Cactus Assiette

Model 10-3016
Rene Lalique Cactus Plate
2020-02-02  Lalique Cactus Plate

Model 10-3014
Rene Lalique Cactus Plate
2019-06-13  Rene Lalique Cactus Plate

Model 10-3014
Rene Lalique Cactus Plate
2017-05-13  Rene Lalique Cactus Plate

Model 10-3014
Rene Lalique Cactus Plate
2011-07-19  Lalique Cactus Plate

Model 10-3014
Sales Results
Model No. 10-3015  Circa 1933
Other names for this Cactus:
Other types for this Plate:
Plate Models Of This Design
Shapes Index & Notes
Size Diameter/Length Approx Cm
     Model     Shape        Size
     3907    Standard       13
     10-3014    Standard       33
     10-3015    Standard       29
     10-3016    Standard       25
     10-3017    Standard       21
     10-3018    Standard       16
     10-3019    Standard       21
     10-3020    Standard       16
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Cactus and Plate
Rene Lalique Cactus Plate

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