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Report Suspicious R. Lalique ActivityRemember, these kinds of problems are much less prevalent with RLalique than with many other collecting fields. RLalique is a well documented collecting field. Most RLalique fakes are easily identifiable by anyone familiar with the works of Rene Lalique and usually involve a fraudster just signing R Lalique to some random item. But as prices have increased so has the incentive for bad behavior. To learn more about RLalique fakes, copies, and forgeries, check out the RLalique Fakes Section of our site. And if you have an RLalique item you are concerned about, we offer a Free RLalique Authentication Service! Finally, these are reader reported items. We are not on patrol to catch every spurious listing that appears. So if you know of an obvious fake listing that does not appear here, it only means that it has not been reported to us. it is not some kind of default authentication! We welcome and rely on reader contributions, and we encourage everyone to participate in what we hope will be a worldwide community effort to provide a central source of information on suspicious RLalique listings.

What Items We Will List - We'll report and list anything that in our opinion is not RLalique but which is represented in any way as RLalique, including fraudulent listings where the item does not exist, and the stolen photo listings where the seller does not have the RLalique item shown in the auction photo. We also will list items where there is any inference in the auction listing that the item may be an authentic work of Rene Lalique or a period item related to Rene Lalique when it is not. And we'll list items where the seller makes a claim that an item is RLalique but does not in our opinion provide sufficient clear evidence to back up that claim. Finally, we will also list items that are classified as something they are not, even if they are RLalique. For example, if a seller claims a piece of stemware is a vase. Keep in mind that the seller of an item represented to be R Lalique does not always know it's not authentic. The knowledge or motive of the seller is not important, only the authenticity matters. Many sellers acquire items thinking they are authentic and are making representations they believe to be true. Also, we sometimes approve comments based on the condition of an item, but generally this is not the place to discuss the condition of actual RLalique items. If you want advice concerning real RLalique items (value, condition, quality, etc.), please check out our Rene Lalique Consulting Services.

Sellers Note: Take a look at the modern Lalique signatures page on the site. There are some hard and fast rules where an item cannot be a pre-war R. Lalique piece. For example, if the word CREATION is part of the signature on the underside of a perfume bottle, even if it is also signed R, Lalique, it's modern crystal (maybe not even made by the modern Lalique company) and not R. Lalique. If the word Cristal is part of the markings, it also is not R. Lalique.

To Submit A Suspicious Item - Go directly to the Suspicious RLalique Items Blog Thread in our Rene Lalique News & Blog Section, and leave a comment with your item info and your concerns. You have to register to comment, by clicking the Register link, accessible from the right hand sidebar on any Blog page. Your name and email will not appear in your comment. Also please review the Rules of the Comment Road accessible from any Blog page, before leaving a comment.

To Comment, Request a Correction, Or Ask A Question About An Item Already Listed Here Or In The Blog - Go to the Suspicious RLalique Items Blog Thread and leave a comment with your question, request, or your information.

The Suspicious "R Lalique" Listings!

Ebay Item No. 281426166697 - Flacon Parfum Ancien 25 cm " Coty France " Chypre Perfume Bottle 1917 Lalique

Ebay Item No. 321502810194 - Glas Flakon • Frankreich • Lalique Sabino Etling • Opal Glas

Ebay Item No. 191303381868 - R Lalique Paperweight

Ebay Item No. 161404205066 - Vintage R Lalique Huge 250ml 8 5floz Full Bottle Dans La Nuit Eau D T by Worth

Ebay Item No. 151391293907 - Vintage 1922 Jonchee de Pois de Senteur Volnay Paris Unopened Perfume

Ebay Item No. 361030349796 - Art Deco R Lalique Origan D'Argy French Commercial Perfume Bottle w Original Box

Ebay Item No. 371128122743 - René Lalique 1931 Pin Dish "Rapace" Falcon This One from 1960's Signed

Ebay Item No. 371127449581 - René Lalique 1906 " Violette Pourpre" for Coty Original Bottle Break at Neck

Ebay Item No. 161399144856 - C1920 RARE Antique Rene R Lalique Lady Figural Crystal Frosted Perfume Bottle

Ebay Item No. 121414726028 - RARE Callot Soeurs Antique Bow Arrow Stopper Glass Perfume Bottle R Lalique

Ebay Item No. 111439316285 - Blue Lalique "Les Poissons" Double Fish Vase Dimensional CLEARANCE REDUCED

Ebay Item No. 221525212052 - Collection Decoration Boite Bonbonniere A Decor de Naiades Verre Depoli Blanc

Ebay Item No. 151384945835 - C1920 RARE Vintage French Lady Figural Crystal Frosted Glass Vase

Ebay Item No. 221525212048 - Collection Decoration Boite Bonbonniere A Decor Nu Bain Verre Depoli Blanc

Ebay Item No. 151383812127 - 2 Vintage Art Deco French Glass Bottle Coasters Verlys 1920 1930 France

Ebay Item No. 151383811986 - 4 Vintage Art Deco French Glass Bottle Coasters Verlys 1920 1930 France

Ebay Item No. 111435813019 - Gorgeous RARE R Lalique C 1910 Antique French Pair of 9" Dancing Nudes Lamps

Ebay Item No. 361019921499 - RARE R Lalique A Violette Pourpre for Coty French Commercial Perfume Bottle

Ebay Item No. 111450338078 - Vase René Lalique de 1934 " Modèle Gérardmer "

Ebay Item No. 301298072780 - René Lalique Flaconcino Ambre Antique per Coty Anno 1910 Opera Pubblicata

Ebay Item No. 221536202364 - Magnificent C 1925 Very Large R Lalique "Dahlia" Perfume Bottle

Ebay Item No. 281425894380 - RARE Authentic Lalique Rene France Large Art Glass Tortue Turtle Vase

Ebay Item No. 141377420890 - Vase Verre Moulé Art Déco Roses En Relief France

Ebay Item No. 311069858896 - Rene Lalique France Clear Frosted ART Glass COQ Nain Rooster Figurin

Ebay Item No. 371132931166 - Rene Lalique France Clear Crystal ART Glass Elisabeth Vase Sparrow Bow

Ebay Item No. 371132593342 - René Lalique 1932 RARE Catalogue Des Verreries En Français Avec Tarif TB Etat

Ebay Item No. 371132931158 - Rene Lalique France Clear Frosted ART Glass Iris Mantel Clock Signe

Ebay Item No. 281427043828 - Ancien Authentique Flacon A Parfum Rene Lalique Cactus Complet Art Deco 1930'S

Ebay Item No. 311069821178 - Boxed Rene Lalique France Crystal ART Glass 1967 Annual Plate Fish Balle

Ebay Item No. 171438368701 - R Lalique 16 Crystal Cristal Lalique 034 Phalsbourg 034 Pattern Wine and Water Glasses

Ebay Item No. 161410146282 - Rene Lalique Crystal Oceanide Figure Limited Edition Sculpture 862 999 France

Ebay Item No. 161410108578 - Rene Lalique Crystal France Glass Pinsons Birds Bowl Signed Beautiful

Ebay Item No. 371131126311 - Vintage 1930s Rene Lalique Signed Royat Art Deco Crystal Art Glass Vase France

Ebay Item No. 331305519679 - Rene Lalique Glass Sparrow in great condition

Ebay Item No. 291211678517 - Lalique Horned Owl on Black Base

Ebay Item No. 361037195471 - RARE Deco Original Waldorf Astoria Large Carved Glass Panel New York City

Ebay Item No. 371133830189 - Rene Lalique 1931 RARE Documented "Mocking Goldfinch" Paperweight 4" Fair

Ebay Item No. 251628215912 - Art Deco Pressed Satinized Glass Vase No Signed Geometrique 1920 1930

Ebay Item No. 281405295039 - Antique French Mignot Boucher Chypre Botlle Lalique

Ebay Item No. 281425805927 - RARE Coupe Verre Dentellee Authentique Et Ancienne Non Signe Laliq

Ebay Item No. 221515654303 - Art Deco Opalescent Glass Vase bfs Czechoslovakia Style of Sabino or Lalique

Ebay Item No. 161404207730 - Vintage Worth Je Reviens Perfume Circa 1932 in Authentic Lalique Bottle

Ebay Item No. 161406045649 - Lalique Boite Corfu Lidded Cigarette Box and Ashtray Set Retired Circa 1944

Ebay Item No. 261576545648 - Lalique Champs Elysees Bowl Mint Condition Signed Lalique France

Ebay Item No. 261573230091 - Beautiful C 1930s Frosted Cherry Art Glass 9" Vase Nice

Ebay Item No. 151394861389 - Signed Rene Lalique Cuba Pattern Crystal Cigar Ashtray 1928 RARE

Ebay Item No. 171411592866 - Rene Lalique "Saint Tropez" St Tropez Opalescent Glass Vase France Signed

Ebay Item No. 271589184820 - Authentic Rene Lalique Paris Dolphin Designed Crystal Vase Excellent Condition

Ebay Item No. 181507381541 - Belle Coupe À Pans Coupés René Lalique Signé À La Pointe

Ebay Item No. 351156297328 - Vintage Worth Cobalt Blue Lalique Designed Perfume Bottle "Dans La Nuit" TM 1920

Ebay Item No. 291230214915 - Rene Lalique Sculptured Glass Vase Heavy

Ebay Item No. 111445779410 - Antique Prism Crystal Pump Vanity Perfume Bottle Lalique Brass Bronze Flower

Ebay Item No. 351156303427 - Vintage Coty Perfume Bottle Large Size Numbered Stopper and Base

Ebay Item No. 321503089543 - RARE R Lalique French Opalescent Statue of Woman in Dress

Ebay Item No. 351156302684 - Vintage Coty Christmas Sleigh with 2 Perfume "Emeraude Paris" in Box CIR 1935

Ebay Item No. 251627645479 - R Lalique Style Nude Isadora Perfume Bottle Stopper

Ebay Item No. 121421527404 - RARE Glass Ball Vase with Parakeets Amp Tropical Trees Art Deco 20IES

Ebay Item No. 251631463351 - Signed R Lalique Style Finial Paperweight

Ebay Item No. 121419890997 - 1920's French Oreor Vase Signed Lalique

Ebay Item No. 231316520376 - 1920s R Lalique Chypre de Coty Mini Perfume Bottle Frosted Stopper RARE

Ebay Item No. 251627648032 - R Lalique Style Grapes Perfume Bottle or Decanter Stopper

Ebay Item No. 251627651779 - R Lalique Style Vase

Ebay Item No. 251631608871 - Rene Lalique Glass Bird RARE Piece Hard to Find 1001

Ebay Item No. 231313325687 - Rene Lalique France Claer Frosted Art Glass Poisson Perch Fish Collectible

Ebay Item No. 251631461894 - Signed R Lalique Style Polar Bear Figure

Ebay Item No. 221536019535 - Rene Lalique 1928 Art Deco Cuba Cigar Tray Great Condition Frosted Shell 5 7 8"

Ebay Item No. 191309445052 - R Lalique French Frosted Art Glass Plaque Figure of Lady Smelling A Rose France

Ebay Item No. 141389922082 - Vintage 1979 Isadora Paris Crystal Perfume Bottle 1 2oz Size R Lalique Design

Ebay Item No. 221531415890 - 1930's Art Deco Frosted Glass Lady Based Lamp Shade Lalique Sohne Perfect

Ebay Item No. 251617207919 - Old Vintage Nina Ricci Lalique Perfume Bottle from France 1930

Ebay Item No. 261526714558 - Antique Signed R Lalique Czech Smoke Gray Glass Vase w Frosted Leaf Border

Ebay Item No. 201124368821 - Pretty Mauve Glass Small Dish in Style of Etling or Lalique Birds Tree Fruit

Ebay Item No. 281301998116 - 1940 Lalique Perfume Bottle Flacon of Nina Ricci “Coeur Joie ” SEALED

Ebay Item No. 191173272311 - Vintage Signed R Lalique Frosted Butterfly Glass Salt

Ebay Item No. 161326444643 - Orig R Lalique RARE R Lalique Mossi Bubble Vase

Ebay Item No. 321375588166 - Deco Lalique Bacchantes Nude Erotic Frosted Alexandrite Neodymium Crystal Vase

Ebay Item No. 400702923185 - Vtg Antique 1920's French Lalique Frosted Satin Glass Sterling Silver Necklace

Ebay Item No. 141274335649 - Boite À Poudre Ancienne Parfumerie Roger Gallet Le Jade Étiquette R Lalique

Ebay Item No. 141278233872 - Lalique Large Bowl Oak 11" by 6" Used

Ebay Item No. 221368829875 - Lalique for Coty Inc Glass Stopper with Patina Original Box

Ebay Item No. 191087941471 - Coty Flacon Parfum Dit Ceinture de Perles 15 cm L'Origan de Coty 1905

Ebay Item No. 321327029897 - Ancien Flacon de Parfum A Bouchon Forme Boule Signe R Lalique Art Deco H 10cm

Ebay Item No. 201015235942 - Orig Art Deco Sign Lalique France 1929

Ebay Item No. 400643320765 - Renee R Lalique Molinard Calendal Perfume Nudes Glass Bottle

Ebay Item No. 181231360734 - R Lalique Signed Crystal Vase 'Grasshoppers' 10 3 4" H

Ebay Item No. 281229462865 - Rene Lalique Opalescent Duck Paper Weight

Ebay Item No. 301047842668 - Lalique Style Grande Nude Socle Lierre Statue Frosted Glass Woman

Ebay Item No. 400642598970 - R Lalique "Ispahan" Glass Vase France Crystal 9 5" Roses

Ebay Item No. 261104203195 - C1912 R Lalique Original Poisson Fish Cachet Letter Seal No 182 Lt Green Rene

Ebay Item No. 290980629073 - Art Glass Blue Vase Art Deco Sauterelles Locusts Grasshopper

Ebay Item No. 370784786011 - 5 Verres A Deguster A Liqueur EN Cristal DE Lalique Modele Tokyo Collection Deco

Ebay Item No. 161099953752 - Plat Vide Poche Décor Rayonnant D'Épis de BLÉ Signé R Lalique Art Nouveau DÉB XX

Ebay Item No. 321183802008 - Rene Lalique France Heliotrope Bottle for Coty Ca1910

Ebay Item No. 111016482972 - RARE and Beautiful Factice Chevrefeuille Perfume Bottle Rene Lalique France

Ebay Item No. 200670468788 - Glass Vase American Rene Lalique Style Perruches Art Deco Atributed French

Ebay Item No. 271024104956 - RARE Lalique Bacchantes Vase 1930's 40's Signed Crystal Ten Nudes Frosted Glass

Ebay Item No. 140931908094 - Old Art Deco French Green Glass Ashtray Lalique Les Huiles Chantecler Oil Co

Ebay Item No. 150759812658 - 2 French R Lalique Lalique Crystal Bowls

Ebay Item No. 230953842545 - RARE R Lalique Chantily Crystal Art Deco Octagonal Sahped Bowl

Ebay Item No. 390397899269 - Lalique Boulouris Vase Frosted Art Deco Vase Designed Rene Lalique 1933 France

Ebay Item No. 290581461026 - Amazing Antique Large Art Glass Bowl with Lovley Birds

Ebay Item No. 270767495306 - Guaranteed Antique Pair French Lalique Life Size Quails

Ebay Item No. 290737771273 - RARE French Art Deco Perfume Bottle Cameo Etched Patinated Stopper Lalique

Ebay Item No. 200656287374 - Antique Coty Perfume Lalique Bottle 1 6 oz RARE

Ebay Item No. 290717092594 - R Lalique France Green Glass Sauterelles Grasshoppers Vase 11" Electrified Lamp

Ebay Item No. 380278446033 - Large Lalique 1909 Coty Perfume Bottle "Eau de Coty"

Ebay Item No. 300600237817 - Lalique Marquerites Bowl Small An Original Rene Lalique Design 1933

Ebay Item No. 360413436536 - Lalique Pink Floral Mirror and Brush Set 1920's 1930'S

Ebay Item No. 200575011934 - Beautiful Vintage Art Deco Lalique Bird Ashtray C1930

Ebay Item No. 140454607834 - Rene Lalique 18K Gold Glass Pendant Art Nouveau Woman

Ebay Item No. 400756465575 - Art Deco Rarität Glas Lalique Tischuhr Geschliffene Goldverzierungen

Ebay Item No. 131167894301 - Vintage Worth Perfume R Lalique Bottle Dans La Nuit EDT 125 ml 5 1 2" x 3 1 2"

Ebay Item No. 201100118273 - Rene Lalique "Osmonde Vase" C 1980 Crystal COA See Live Buy Sell

Ebay Item No. 201076173734 - L´origan by Coty Huge Bottle Pure Perfume Parfum 200ml 7fl oz Year 1905

Ebay Item No. 321475739552 - Figure En Verre Pressé Suivant Modeles de Lalique Années 20

Ebay Item No. 390920131441 - Art Deco Signed Petitot Chandelier Ezan Lalique Glass Bronze Arms 1920

Ebay Item No. 161379361960 - Atlas Plaque En Verre Taillé Et Dépoli Art Deco Attr Lalique Jean Dunand

Ebay Item No. 271507565739 - Rene Lalique France Opalescent Vaso Bacchantes 1927 Verre Glass Vase Artgallery

Ebay Item No. 251562829669 - Rene Lalique Coty "La Jacee" Flacon de Parfum 1928 Vintage Perfume Bottle

Ebay Item No. 251405213412 - RARE Vtg Antique 1942 Coty Emeraude L'Aimant Lalique Perfume Dutch Wooden Shoes

Ebay Item No. 390763686077 - C1912 R Lalique Original Poisson Fish Cachet Letter Seal No 182 Blue RARE Rene

Ebay Item No. 221515718698 - Unique 1920's Coty Lalique Big Perfume Bottle 3 Stoppers SEALED Full Boxed

Ebay Item No. 321489118196 - Assiette En Verre Artisanal Rene Lalique Signée 35 cm Glass Plate

Ebay Item No. 131254632755 - Lalique Vase Archers 893 M Silbermontierung Beumers Düsseldorf 1921 Besch

Ebay Item No. 151202481856 - R Lalique "Lalique Deux Aigles Presse Papier" Rene Deep Amber Glass Eagles

Ebay Item No. 251497769067 - Lallique Antique Lovebirds for Valentine's Day

Ebay Item No. 161228354364 - A Vintage Lalique French Art Glass St Tropez Design Vase C 1940

Ebay Item No. 251562929196 - Rene Lalique Coty Flacon de Parfum 1910 Vintage Perfume Bottle

Ebay Item No. 111447340718 - La Fougeraie AU Crepuscule by Coty Francis Coty Last Masterpiece

Ebay Item No. 271483247502 - Bronze Art Deco Bust Victoire R Lalique

Ebay Item No. 251421130394 - Vintage Coty Vanity Case Bag Purse Compact Lipstick Perfume Paris 1940s Art De

Ebay Item No. 111423719746 - Antique Art Deco French Wall Lamp Daum Lalique

RubyLane Item No. 699336-A4203 - Signed Rene Lalique Frosted Glass Chrysis Nude Book End (Rolls Royce Hood Ornament)

RubyLane Item No. 336326-RL-586 - Art Deco LALIQUE CHANTILLY Console Bowl and Candle Holders 1942

RubyLane Item No. 320674-GL-9239 - Early 1900's Lalique Oval Dresser Tray

Recently Dodged Bullets!

Ebay Item No. 231302231337 - C 1930s R Lalique Primeveres Opalescent Bowl M 77 1927 Design Primroses

Ebay Item No. 121401628809 - Lalique Rene Crystal Kissing Doves Flower Vase with Stopper

Ebay Item No. 121401156885 - RARE Callot Soeurs Antique Bow Arrow Stopper Glass Perfume Bottle R Lalique

Ebay Item No. 251627634661 - Signed R Lalique Style Polar Bear Figure

Ebay Item No. 231316397332 - Large Antique Rose Vase Frosted Glass Filigree Rim Foot Lalique

Ebay Item No. 251627638182 - Signed R Lalique Style Finial Paperweight

Ebay Item No. 121416293803 - Französische Jugendstil Art Déco Vase Aus Mattglas Glasvase Glas Lalique Daum

Ebay Item No. 361028451288 - Rene Lalique France Glass Art Large 10 5" Grape Leaves Motif Perfume Bottle

Ebay Item No. 251625949317 - 1929 R Lalique Sanglier Boar Hood Ornament Car Mascot

Ebay Item No. 331297473491 - Rene Lalique Coty Muguet Perfume Bottle c 1910 Excellent Condition..

Ebay Item No. 221512088754 - Very RARE Original R Lalique's Type Fish Design Powder Box Jewelry Box

Ebay Item No. 390917412781 - Authentic Rene Lalique Kneeling Nude 'Diane The Fawn' Frosted Crystal Figurine

Ebay Item No. 361010640338 - RARE D'Argy 1924 French Commercial Perfume Bottle Origan Type 1924 R Lalique

Ebay Item No. 171441919303 - RARE R Lalique Art Deco Pendant

Ebay Item No. 201141033770 - R Lalique Old Dome Paper Weight

Ebay Item No. 251622915262 - Art Deco Opalescent Bowl Coupe Opalescent 1930 Arrers Ou Lalique

Ebay Item No. 380982059165 - Authentic Rene Lalique Frosted Crystal Sparrow Figurine

Ebay Item No. 390916868455 - Authentic Rene Lalique Frosted Crystal RAM 3 25" Figurine

Ebay Item No. 380982059155 - Authentic Rene Lalique Paris Frosted Deer Figurine

Ebay Item No. 181504644484 - Authentic Rene Lalique Frosted Leaping Fish Figurine

Ebay Item No. 181504644478 - Authentic Rene Lalique Frosted Crystal Bird Figurine

Ebay Item No. 181506806423 - Beautiful Crystal Trinket Box Frosted Flowers Flute Child

Ebay Item No. 331295854954 - Rene Lalique Glass Bird in Great Condition

Ebay Item No. 181504644487 - Authentic Rene Lalique France Frosted Crystal Chinese Dragon Bowl Vase RARE

Ebay Item No. 331295856432 - Rene Lalique Glass Bird in Great Condition

Ebay Item No. 221522356481 - Frost Glass Statutte from Rene Lalique French Artist One of 4 Season

Ebay Item No. 251623611009 - RARE Ancienne Grande Coupe Verre Verrerie Opalescent Art Nouveau Lalique

Ebay Item No. 191296202364 - Vase Lalique Trois Femme Avec Raisin

Ebay Item No. 261566516731 - Lalique Rene Grande Coupe Cup Aux Marguerites Cristal Art Deco France 5 Kilos

Ebay Item No. 181503843964 - R Lalique Dans La Nuit Worth Bottle and Glass Advertisement

Ebay Item No. 161397581973 - Rene Lalique Crystal Oceanside Figure Limited Edition Sculpture 862 999 France

Ebay Item No. 221530399845 - Bijou Ancien Art Nouveau En Corne Epoque 1900 Papillon Ecole de Nancy R Lalique

Ebay Item No. 151384834234 - Lalique Pigeon "Vèrviers" Sculpture by Rene Lalique Retired 8 lbs 4 6oz 11"L

Ebay Item No. 261542597182 - Rene Lalique France for Nina Ricci L 039 Air Du Temps Scent Bottle c1950 039 S

Ebay Item No. 111437222727 - Französische Jugendstil Bacchantes Nude Rene Lalique Vase 24 Cm

Ebay Item No. 111416208876 - Tänzerin Jugendstil Opalisierendes Glas UM 1920 30 Lalique Etling Sabino

Ebay Item No. 251617220910 - Ancien Vase Verre Verrerie Lalique Femme À La Source Art Nouveau Déco

Ebay Item No. 291197342288 - RARE Rene Lalique Meudon Pattern Circular Powder Box

Ebay Item No. 191295935490 - Opalin Opalisierend Figur Figürlich Glas Paperweight Jugendstil "Lalique"

Ebay Item No. 201133064085 - Pair of Early 1900’s French Nut Dishes Possibly Lalique

Ebay Item No. 251617241757 - RARE Ancienne Vase Verre Verrerie Opalescent Art Nouveau Déco Lalique

Ebay Item No. 141375395779 - R Lalique Vase Nude Cherubs 6" H

Ebay Item No. 251619362656 - R Lalique Daisy Flowered Vase

Ebay Item No. 161392832004 - Lalique Floreal Erotic Glass Crouching Nude Lady

Ebay Item No. 281408387662 - Lalique Fabulous C 1940s Table Lamp Art Nouveau Dancing Nude Girls Motif RARE

Ebay Item No. 161392979492 - Amazing French R Lalique Lion Head Ashtray

Ebay Item No. 191292945303 - Antique Lalique Large Pair 039 Pigeon Verviere 039 Amp 039 Pigeon Gand 039 Signed Figurines

Ebay Item No. 380978409605 - Lalique France Art Deco Glas Deckeldose ° Boite Enfants ° Frankreich 1931

LiveAuctioneers Item No. 29133802 - Lalique Opalescent Bowl.

Ebay Item No. 261562685939 - C1924 R Lalique Fakhry Pacha or Khedive Box Bottom

Ebay Item No. 351142455704 - R Lalique Clear Frosted Glass Sitting Cat Chat Assis 3 75" Paperweight Figure

Ebay Item No. 281409389720 - 1920 Eau de Coty Perfume Bottle Lalique Design Vintage Perfume

Ebay Item No. 311046529817 - Rene Lalique France Clear Crystal Art Glass Elisabeth Vase Sparrow Bowl

Ebay Item No. 311046529800 - Rene Lalique France Clear Frosted Art Glass Iris Mantel Clock Signed

Ebay Item No. 171416504532 - Gorgeous C 1940 Lalique Sylvie Vase No Box

Ebay Item No. 380975410506 - Vintage Mid 20c Cristal R Lalique France Art Glass Chrysis Car Hood Ornament

Ebay Item No. 161386893948 - Flacon René Lalique 1910 Coty"L'Aimant" 9 5cm Cristal Numéroté Emeri

Ebay Item No. 181494260704 - Glass Chrysanthemum Design Flower Bracelet Lalique Verlys Style Glass

Ebay Item No. 231303077184 - Lalique Versailles Vase Mint Condition Rene Lalique

Ebay Item No. 331284068448 - Ancien Vaporisateur En Verre Art Deco Lalique Glass

Ebay Item No. 171411067701 - Belle Coupe En Verre Opalescent Verlys Lalique Sabino

Ebay Item No. 380966823223 - René Lalique RARE Et Ancien Flacon Parfum Art Déco Verrerie Parfumerie

Ebay Item No. 261551293891 - Lalique Rene Pair of Crystal Candlesticks in The Chandelier Carré Paqurettes

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